Call Upon the Snake!


Rattle Snake by Christy Freeman

The snake is one of the most well-known animal allies. There are so many people that work with the snake and there are countless myths that surround it. In some cultures they are seen as a positive ally and in some they are known to be negative. In my tradition and in my believe system the snake is one of the most noblest animal allies to work with. I love snake and I hold it in high honor.

Enki Seal

Enki, Sumerian Water God

In my own experience my first spiritual teacher was Enki. He is the Sumerian god of water, he is known for his wisdom, creation, sexuality and fertility. His symbol is two serpents intertwined on a staff. He created man along with Ninmah. He invented writing and he is the keeper of the divine laws. He is the son of An and Nammu. He knows the very heart of the gods. The first time he came and showed himself to me for the first time it was during a journey in which I was to meet a deity and who I met, was myself as half woman, half snake. We danced and share a very spiritual moment. This journey puzzled me for a few years. Then when I was initiated in to shamanic practice I went and meet my teacher and he came to me in his humanoid form. For many other journeys he showed himself as a man coming forth from water. In other journeys he would come to me as a winged serpent. He is a great teacher and I have learned so much from him. His love and guidance are invaluable to my spiritual growth and path.


Snake Animal Ally by Trina Brammah

In this case the first time I encountered the snake animal ally not tied to my teacher was during a few journeys that I did while I was out in the desert. He came to me at at time in which I needed wisdom and guidance. The snake is generally associated with transformation, healing , sexuality and rebirth. Which I had a need for during my time spent in the desert. So snake came to me at the exact time I needed him the most. If you are in a journey and you see snake it means that you are going to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic that an old self will metaphorically dies as a new self emerges (very much true in my experience). It can also mean that you are going to go through a change in which you will sharpen your mental capacities and open up new channels of awareness. You will be able to resolve a long standing issue by seeing things from a new perspective. You will experience dramatic and unexpected physical or emotional healing very soon coming from an unexpected source.

Call upon the snake when…

… you are going through a major life or developmental transition which requires for you to shed a lot of attachments and especially to your old identity.

… you are moving into unknown territory, a passage through darkness and you are feeling afraid of not being able to overcome it.

… you need healing.

… you need to rid yourself of all self-destructive and self-limiting and self-defeating tendencies or habits.

…you want to increase your vitality, energy and libido.


Rainbow Serpent by Pablo Amaringo


  • My own personal experiences
  • Sumerian Mythology, Samuel Noah Kramer
  • Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer

Call Upon the Salmon!

Salmon (1)


Salmon are an extremely important animal to both the lifestyle and the spirituality of many Native American cultures, especially the tribes of the Northwest Coast and the Columbia River. The salmon holds a special position of honor and respect among these native tribes. There are many taboos and tribal rules regarding salmon, to avoid offending their spirit a special Salmon Dances and First Salmon Ceremonies are celebrated at the beginning of salmon fishing season throughout the Pacific Northwest region. In Native American tradition salmon are a symbol of determination, renewal, and prosperity. Some tribes have Salmon as their clan animal and it is often used as a totem pole crest. Some of the tribes with Salmon Clans include the Tlingit and Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) tribes.


A Scottish tale is woven around salmon. While out hunting, the king saw a man (the Queen’s lover) wearing a ring that he had given the Queen of Cadzow. He stealthily removed it while the man was asleep and threw it into the River Clyde. Later he demanded the ring from his wife. The king imprisoned her, promising to release her only if she could produce the ring. In desperation the Queen asked St Kentigern (a.k.a. St Mungo), for help. He called upon one of his monks to catch a salmon in the river. The fish’s belly was slit open, and there was the ring! Kentigern is the patron saint of Glasgow, and a salmon appears in the city’s coat-of-arms.

The Celts associated the salmon with wisdom. In Irish myth the salmon of knowledge swam in the Well of Segais, and ate the magical hazel nuts that fell into the water. There was a prophecy that Finegas would catch and eat it, thereby gaining all knowledge. However his apprentice Fionn roasted the salmon and burnt his thumb while turning it. Fionn put his thumb in his mouth to cool it, and so received the salmon’s power. From that point on he only had to chew his thumb to gain knowledge of the future.


If you would like to read more salmon related mythologies and folklore please visit this site.

When you are in the realms and you see or encounter a salmon it means that in spite of any challenges or discouragement, persevere toward your goal and you will reach it. This is the time for you to trust your own intuition and inner knowing because it will lead you in the right direction. Avoid the influence of anyone who might have their own agendas for you. It may also bring the message that you may experience some sort of loss such as  a relationship or a move, yet this will precede a new beginning. Salmon lets you know that through self-willing sacrifices, you will experience a rebirth onto a new you.


Call upon the salmon when…

… You feel lost and unsure of what your direction your life is taking and need someone to help you navigate through it.

… You are seeking to find a sense of purpose and meaning in your life, particularly at the beginning of a new stage of life.

… You are uncertain as to whether or not you can trust someone’s outside influence in determining major any decisions you are undertaking.

… You are trying to understand the life lessons you have to gain from any particular experiences, whether those experience seem positive or negative.

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