Animal Messages Spread 12-03-2014

Since I will be traveling as of tomorrow I will not be able to do the Goddess Guidance Spread this Friday. So I figure I will do a spread today before I leave for NYC! Come and see what message the animals have for you today. All you have to do to participate is to select a card or cards from the Animal Messages deck by Susie Green that are pictured below and then scroll below to reveal the message the animal holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


Animal Message Spread 12-03-2014

Card # 1 Frog “Adapt and survive by accepting the inevitable and seizing potential”

The message frog brings is that of adaptability! Be flexible and adapt to the changes that may arise. Not only adapt but use this new found path to seek the new opportunities that it brings to you. This will ensure your success no matter what obstacles or course correction you may encounter in your journey.

Card #2 Porcupine “You may defend yourself honorably without hurting those close to you”

The message porcupine brings is that if you feel that you need to defend yourself from others it is ok to do so. However there is no need to always be in defensive. Act more like a porcupine, it shares his den with others and it walks around perfectly at ease and content it doesn’t walk around with his quills on the defensive. He only perks them up when it finds itself in peril. You can do the same, trust those around you and only when necessary do you need to take a defensive stance. Allow people in and you will reap the benefits, do not shut them out of fear of getting hurt.

Card #3 Tortoise “When changes are made for the sake of change itself, resist”

This card is telling to really think things through. Don’t make changes just because that is what someone else wants to do. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. When we make changes in our lives they need to be done for the right reasons and to help you further in your own journey. You don’t ever change for the benefit of others. You change because it is what is best for you and it is what propels you forward. Tortoise reminds you, that you have the power and to not give your power away. It is ok to stand your ground, just follow your own path, be truthful to yourself and listen to what your intuition is telling you.


Animal Message Spread 12-03-14


Animal Messages Card Spread 08/07/14

This is the midweek spread it was drawn with the intent to receive a spiritual message that will provide us with insight. I decided this week to do it with the Animal Messages cards let’s see what the message is! Center yourself and pick the card/cards that you are most attracted to and comment below if you like! If you would like participate in the readings when they occur you can Like and Follow us in Facebook and you will see the posts live as they occur.


Card #1 Rhinoceros “Still the chatter within to see your true path in life.”

The Rhinoceros is closely associated with the element of earth. Therefore it is calling to once again connect with this element. Take time to ground and stabilize yourself. The energy of this card is specifically calling you to take time for yourself and regroup. To meditate and connect with your higher-self so you can have a clear picture of your path. At times we are so busy with our everyday lives that we lose sight of the things that are important and the direction and the goal we are walking towards. This is the time to sit down for a moment and reassess where you are and where you want to be.


Card #2 Mountain Goat “Fighting for love or ardent declarations may hide unfaithfulness.”

The Mountain Goat or Ibex is here to bring attention to the matters of the heart. It is letting you know that you need to take a closer look at your relationship. Make sure that this person is being true. Just because he/she professes his/her love it doesn’t mean that he/she is being faithful. So keep a watchful eye for those signs and follow your own intuition. If you are single this card heralds a message that your dating life will become a bit more active. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you will definitely be having some fun with a few Mr. or Mrs. Right Now. 😉


Card #3 Wolf “Listen to your inner wisdom and enjoy the gift of freedom.”

The Wolf comes forward to tell you to trust yourself and your intuition. For you to have a peace of mind that you are connected to the Universe and that you know what it is best for you. You need to be confident and assured when making important decisions, and the only way of achieving this, is by strengthening your connection to your higher-self and to really be in tuned with your intuition, which will never lead you astray. When you know in your heart and in your soul that you can trust yourself and your intuition it bring a sense of freedom. You are free to make choices and live your life to the fullest because you know that you have the spirit guided wisdom to be able to make the right choices for your highest good.


Animal Message for Today 07-09-14

This is my midweek spread. This week I decided to draw guidance from the Animal Messages Oracle Cards by Susie Green. In order to participate all you have to do is choose a card from the picture below then scroll down to see which card it is and the message it contained for you. Enjoy!



Card # 1 Frog

The message it brings is that of adaptability! Be flexible and adapt to the changes that may arise. This will ensure your success no matter what obstacles or delays may appear in your way. The frog is an amphibian it is as comfortable on land as in water, so no matter what Mother Earth throws its way it will adapt and survive. Like the saying, live to fight another day.

Card #2  Mouse

The message it brings is to be relentless! If you want something don’t let it go. If you have a goal, continue and persist on it until you have attained it. This is not the time to give up or procrastinate. You need to be decisive and go after what you desire no matter the cost. Because the taller the giant the harder it falls. So when you are faced with an obstacle rise above it, continue on and you will prevail.

Card #3 Parrot

The message it brings is to be open to change and positive influences from our surroundings! At times we want to feel the sunshine on our face and before we go out we cover all up put on hat and sunglasses to shield ourselves. This message comes for you to allow for the environment to influence you in a positive manner and let it support your inner wants and desires. Let the wondrous rays of the sun re-energize and revitalize your physical body. Let the rays of the moon fill your soul with all of her peace, wisdom and beauty. Let them inspire you to make the changes you have wanted to make in a long time. Work with colors this week. Mediate while creating beautiful works of art. Take this opportunity to see how they influence and manifest in your life.


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