Goddess Guidance 09-26-2014

What a beautiful weekend is here by where I live. Today was just absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see which Goddesses have stepped forward today! All you have to do to participate is to select a card or cards from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue that are pictured below and then scroll below to reveal the message the Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


Goddess Guidance 09-26-14 http://www.GypsyMoons.com

I find it so fascinating that this time around again the messages are very similar. Let go of the worry, pray, set positive intentions and attitudes and seek spiritual healing. These are difficult times in which we live in but as long as we live our lives the best way possible and with a positive outlook the Divine will certainly take care of us. The Divine is also urging us to pay attention to spiritual healing, to learn how to move on from our material concerns, from past hurts and to forgive ourselves and others so that we can truly transform ourselves in to more enlightened beings.

Card # 1 Mother Mary, Expect a Miracle – “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

Mother Mary is a Christian goddess. She is the goddess of faith, healing and children. She is the mother of Christ. She works closely with child advocates, teachers, care givers or healers. Her symbol is the Rosary and she is associated with the Sun. The message that she brings, is the message of keeping the faith alive. She is telling you that something miraculous is going to happen soon if you have faith that it is so. This is the time to be open to divine guidance and to seek spiritual healing. Let go of negative thought patterns that arise from worry.  A way that you can honor her is by doing a random act of kindness this week. You can wear yellow or gold items to bring her energy to you. If you like, this might a good time make your own prayers beads.

Card #2 Kuan Yin , Compassion – “Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone”

Kuan Yin is an Asian Goddess who hears all prayers and is the essence of purity, nurturing love and gentle power. She is also known to bring fertility, health and magical insight to anyone who asks. It is her sacred duty to encourage enlightenment and ease our suffering. She facilitates us to feel compassion towards ourselves and others. She is also the protector of women and children. Her symbols are the lotus, rice, black tea and the rainbow. Kuan Yin brings the message that you need to release the shame and guilt that you may have so that spiritual healing can occur. That this is the time to forgive yourself and others and to truly understand that we are not perfect and that we need to be compassionate in all matters. This is the time for emotional, mental and spiritual healing. This is a great time to work on soul retrieval or to receive energetic healing. Give the forgiveness you have been denying for so long so that in that way you may truly be able to be free and move on. To honor her you can burn some lotus incense, you can place some sweet cakes, fresh fruits, flowers, rice or black tea on your scared space.

Card #3 Eireen, Peace – “There is no need to worry, as everything is working out beautifully.”

Eireen, is a Grecian goddess who brings peacefulness to all who call upon her. She helps you replace your worries with faith that everything is as it should. She calls us to retain our childlike wonder and enthusiasm for life. Her message is that there is no need to worry as Eireen, brings forth that peace of mind, the peace that fills your heart and soul. She is the mental and emotional stress reliever. She is here to let you know that everything is going to be ok, you just have to have faith. Take the time this week to do works to increase peace and harmony into your life. Take salt bath to purify yourself, do yoga, meditate partake in activities that not only brings you peace but it also brings you happiness and relaxation. To honor Eireen you can light a blue or white candle on her honor. You can wear white and do a simple rite. Light a white candle and say “Eireen, let peace reign my heart, let all hatred depart. May there be peace between me and those who I meet.” You can place symbol of peace in your scared space or you can craft some peace oil or herbal blends in her honor. Take the time this week to bring peace in to your home and community.


Goddess Guidance 09-26-2014 http://www.GypsyMoons.com


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