Call Upon the Seahorse!



The Seahorse stands for strength, guidance, transformation and feminine energy. It is connected to the element of water and water deities like Poseidon and Neptune.

There a many reasons why the Seahorse may appear in your journey-work. One of them might be to bring you the message that now is the time to do things differently and to try different gender roles than those that you are accustomed to. It may also be calling you to volunteer and help others in your community.


Call upon the Seahorse….

…. if you are a male and you want to take a more active role in your family.

… if you are pregnant and you want your partner to become more involved in the process and help ease him into a nurturing role.

… if you need help in finding a healthy balance between the female and male energies.

… ¬†when you need strength and the ability to navigate safely the rough seas.


The Seahorse aids in the healing of asthma, high cholesterol, impotency, thyroid or heart dysfunctions and arteriosclerosis.



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