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Sacral Guardian Journey

This journey was very scattered.  There was a lot of just images popping in and out. It was not like my normal journeys. I think I was a bit tired when I was working on it. As I entered non-ordinary reality the first thing I see if the face of a bull and then it disappears and I notice that I am walking towards a river which is meeting the sea. The sun was shinning however it was not high in the sky. Again an image of tuna just pops in and fades out again. Then as I draw near the beach I see a manatee in the water waiting to greet me. Once I get to the edge of the water my teacher appears next to me and holds me by the hand and we start to walk into the water together. My teacher is Enki, and for those who are not familiar with him he is the God of water along many other things in the Sumerian pantheon. So it was really not surprising at all that he showed up while exploring this Chakra. We all swam together enjoying the freedom and happiness that swimming in the water gives. As you may know if you read my About Me page I grew up in the island of Puerto Rico and I spent much of my life frolicking in the warm Caribbean ocean. So being in the water is like coming home to me. It feels so good to feel the warm water around my body. It makes me feel safe, refreshed and loved.  My connection to nature as well as the element becomes really strong when I am able to be enveloped by it.  As we swam next to each other manatee didn’t miss a beat. He was right there ever-present. I floated on my back and then Manatee just floated right below me making me more buoyant and I came to rest and relax on him. This guardian did not speak to me at all but he was very involved. He made me feel relax and made me know that I can take the time to enjoy life a little and that he would be there to give me support when needed. My call back was heard and before I left he gave me a conch shell that I could use to call on him whenever I needed him.

Sacral Chakra

Basic Information and Insights

The Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana is ruled by the element of water and represented by the color orange. Its affirmation is “I am open to creativity” and its mantra is OM GURAVE NAMAHA. The Scaral Chakra deals with pleasure, feelings, emotions, intimacy, procreation, polarity, sensuality, sexuality, confidence, sociability, freedom and movement. For me the Sumerian deities connected to this Chakra are Nammu the Ancient Primeval Sea Goddess (other Mesopotamian civilizations may know her as Tiamat) and Enki the God of Wisdom. Other lesser gods of the Sumerian pantheon that we could connect with might be Enbilulu, the God of Rivers or Ninki the Goddess of Fresh Water.


This was a very interesting Chakra for me to work with because before this workshop, this Chakra was always associated with sexuality for me personally. I do consider myself having a pretty well-balanced Chakra so for me it was about exploring, expanding my knowledge and understanding better what the Sacral Chakra was all about. So what I decided to do was choose several of the aspects that are ruled by the Sacral Chakra, center myself, connect to its energy and stay in that place… letting my body and mind be flooded with what it feels and the memories or thoughts it evoked within me and that is what I decided to share with you.

I decided to start with the word Pleasure which evokes in me a wonderful and enjoyable physical reaction. Just closing my eyes and saying the word pleasure, it pleases me. It makes my heart beat a little faster, it makes me feel a little warmer and it makes me feel very sexy and desirable. Now what does my brain think of when I say the word Pleasure… I think of the greatest physical gift you can have, the orgasm. I think of my husband’s body, his eyes and his touch. I think of wonderful and beautiful places in nature that I have visited in the past (which coincidentally all contain in one form or another a body of water). I can taste the sweet delights of wonderful desserts that I have had the pleasure of eating. All these wonderful thoughts, feelings and memories have a backdrop of wonderful music that just make my body vibrate.  Just thinking and remembering it brings me complete pleasure. A pleasure that is my own, one that I do not have to share and that I can totally find total satisfaction in. I am so happy that I am able to experience pleasure in so many different ways and all of them satisfying within me all sorts of unique desires.


The second word I chose was Intimacy. What was intimacy for me? I must have revised my definition quite a bit but this is what ended up resonating true to me. Intimacy is when I share a deep, private part of myself with another being whether they are family, friend, animal or energetic being. It extends to the sharing of my body, the sharing of personal and deep thoughts and the sharing of inner feelings which I keep close to my heart. In many ways intimacy really does define my relationships with others. There are certain people who I have never met physically but I have shared with them intimate moments and for that they will always be close to my heart. Then there are those people with whom I have regular contact with however I have never been or had intimate moments with, which then it becomes a realization to me, that at the end of the day we are not close at all. So intimacy becomes really a great way for me to measure and evaluate my inter personal relationships. While doing all this soul-searching I saw how my body would react to certain thoughts. At times I felt exhilarated, my heart skipped a beat or two when I thought about when I had been physically intimate with others. When I thought about some of my friends and family members I felt a warmth that was related to the feeling of safety, security and the feel of being loved and understood. When I thought of some other people I felt my stomach churn at the thought of them betraying my trust. This word or concept really evoked in me many thoughts and feelings.


The last word I chose was Confidence. My body quickly adjusted itself its posture. I noticed the I held my chin just a bit higher. Just saying the word to myself, Confidence, brought me confidence. It made me acknowledge myself that I was an intelligent, wise, beautiful, sexy woman… and then I felt bad because I didn’t want to be judged. That feeling got me thinking… at times when we do have a healthy confidence, others might feel that you are unattainable, self-centered and a know-it-all. As positive as it is to have confidence, it is a slippery slope. If you have it and you assert it, others might feel envious or jealous. To be honest in my experience most people don’t really want you to feel confident because if you do then they have no control over you. Some see it or they take it as a call to competition and to some even war! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I am a bit competitive myself but there is a healthy line that should not be crossed. Most men when presented with a confident woman they will be likely to remove you from their radar and you are cataloged as unattainable and not worth the effort. Thinking and looking back at it for me having or displaying confidence has brought negative judgements from some of my peers. I do have to say that the confident people who I know don’t have these kind of reactions but I am sad to say that the majority of people don’t fall on that category. If we really want to empower people and we really want them to feel confident we need to start learning to react positively when confronted by it, because unfortunately not many people are ready to encounter such a beautiful and yet so misunderstood trait.



Chakralicious! Introduction Week


If you are like me, you probably have a basic knowledge of the most common Chakras in our body. I was introduced to them in a workshop I attended a while ago. In that particular workshop we learned basic facts about them. We learned how to activate them and see when they need our attention. Since then, I felt confident enough to be able to work with them in my craft and for self-improvement. I would use Chakra’s energy to infuse amulets with whatever energy I wanted. I have used them in spell work to charge mojo bags as well as candles however I have never done shamanic work with them until now!

I always strive for self-improvement and I love learning new things. So when I saw a 9 week Chakra workshop that used each meeting day to solely focus on one of the Chakras, it absolutely peaked my interest! I had been able to accomplish enough with the little knowledge I had of them, so gaining a better understanding of them I was very certain that it would open new doors for me.


During our first meeting we covered basic information on the system as well as discussed the different goals we were going to have in each session and homework for the next session was assigned. This is the start my Chakralicious journey through my Chakras! I started by taking a self-assessment quiz on how our Chakras were doing. The results were that they were all very strong, except one, my heart Chakra (it was average) and it did not come as a surprise. It is one of those things that I do struggle with. I have seen and experienced the ugly side of people and I have been hurt many times by those who I have trusted and therefore I tend to be guarded. I sometimes lack compassion towards those who by their own actions have negative repercussions. I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow and if you keep choosing time and  time again the wrong thing, well you can’t expect a positive outcome. So I do struggle with being compassionate to all, regardless of their conditions. But everyone have their own struggles and this is mine. If you would like to take a quiz to see how yours are working you can do so here.

Our next assignment was to journey to discover our Chakra Guardians and to receive a gift from them. This concept was new to me and I was delighted to have found it. Now I can use, shamanic practices to learn and connect with myself in another way. I find that shamanic practices are truly invaluable in your spiritual journey.  I will be sharing with you all, those journeys in separate blogs or this blog would be incredibly long! So if you are interested in seeing how this particular journey unfolds, keep an eye out for those blogs that have Chakaralicious titles.


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