Long Nights’ Full Moon 2014


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This full moon is commonly known as the Long Nights full moon because it is the time of the year in which the nights are the longest. As we grow closer to the Winter solstice and the the night will once again grow shorter. During this time of darkness it is a good time to evaluate the past year and leave the dark times behind you. There is a very simple ritual that you can perform to ofcu on purification and trust of what is to come. I found it in the Witches’ Datebook 2014 and it is by James Kambos and it goes as follows:

“Cover your altar with a white cloth, representing a future shrouded in mystery. Honor the Moon by lighting one white candle. Before the candle, lay one pine branch. Meditate about this past year and what your hopes are for the next year. In an act of purification, brush yourself with the pine branch from head to toe and say:

During this, the darkest time of the year,

Long Nights Moon keep me safe and free from fear.

I trust in the future, I trust fate,

I trust in the Divine Spirit and whatever awaits.”

candle cover corrected

Picture by Katherine Bernitt GypsyMoons.com

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer of the celestial bodies. Chiron is having a big impact during this full moon and so it brings with it great energy that we can use to do works to release emotional and address outstanding healing issues. This full moon is in Gemini which means that generally works that are related to communication, self -expression, the way we connect to the community, Throat Chakra balancing and travel are good to do during this time. You can also focus this moon for physical healing ritual for ailments of the shoulder, arms, hands or lungs.

As for me and my works, since Gemini is influenced by Chiron I think I will focus my intentions on healing my emotional self, maybe I will do a shamanic journey to get a ritual that I can perform to better my relationship with the community I am part of and to seek healing for any emotional hurts that I have been burying deep down below that involves others within my community. Our world is changing and it is at a fragile crucial state. We need to be agents of change and we need to bring tolerance, love and compassion into our works and our communities. The better the emotional, mental and physical state we are personally in, the better we can serve and support our community.

Many blessings to you and happy magical workings!



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  • Community Conscious Magazine December 2014 Issue

Honoring Those Who Came Before Us on Samhain Night

Samhain is here!!! The weather is not very nice today so I won’t be taking my children trick or treating this year but they will still dress up and pass out candy to those who will venture the ugly weather.

How have you gotten your Ancestor altar ready? Here is a picture of mine.

October 2013 067

On my Ancestor altar I honor those members of our family that have passed. I also place items that may have been belonged to them. Below is a picture of my maternal grandmother Carmen and grandfather Portalatin. I am still working on getting pictures of my paternal ones Senencia and Herminio. It is hard to get them because I never got to meet them in his lifetime and I am just now establishing a relationship with my biological father.

October 2013 068

On this frame there are more pictures because in my husband’s side of the family more members have passed. There is a picture of his mother Jeannine, her sister Bonnie and their parents Blanche and Joe. I was fortunate enough to meet Aunt Bonnie and Grandpa Joe, they were lovely people that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

October 2013 051

These pair of grandparents were inherited by my husband from Grandpa Joe and have become the focal point.

October 2013 070

On Samhain the family sits down and we (my husband and I) share some of our fondest memories of them with our children. We light candles throughout the month of October and even a few days after Samhain to honor them and we let them know that they are always welcomed in our home. Once I set up their memorial over the hearth the candles , the frames and the hearth are anointed with my own blend of Ancestor Oil.

Ancestor Oil Recipe

  • 4ml Almond Base Oil – to call forth their ancestral wisdom
  • 1ml Sesame Base Oil – to open the channels of communications
  • 1 drop Chamomile EO – to call forth love, protection, peace and purification
  • 2 drops Tahitian Gardenia – to call forth peace, love, protection and to attract the good spirits
  • 2 drops Rose EO  – to call forth love, peace, harmony
  • 3 drops Rosemary EO – to call forth peace, protection and remembrance for those who have passed
  • 1 drop Wormwood EO – to call forth protection, love and call out to their spirits
  • 3 Needles of Yew (herb) –  to call forth love, compassion and it is used for death rituals
  • 5 Needles of Rosemary (herb) – to call forth peace, protection and remembrance for those who have passed

***Please always research the materials used in this recipe for possible allergies and/or health risks***

How do you honor your ancestors? What little niche in your home do you dedicate to them?

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