Call Upon the Polar Bear!


The Inuit people considered the Nanuk (polar bear) to be powerful and wise. They have a legend called the  which tells the story of a ten legged polar bear which renounced his old ways of violence and created a community based on peace and love.


When a Polar Bear shows up during your Journey-work it means that you should treat yourself with respect and be assertive in your communications and your actions however remaining flexible to make adjustments along the way. Always remember to be cautious before you act. Take your time to observe and assess the situation, then create an action plan and put into effect with your utmost commitment.

It can also be a herald of a new spiritual adventure that you are about to embark, which will awaken within you innate gifts and qualities that have been latent until now. This is the time to nourish your body, mind and spirit and you will see that it will flourish.

Polar Bear

Call upon Polar Bear when…

  • You are faced with making important change in your life but you are meeting it with resistance.
  • You need safety, strength and protection from any and all harm.
  • You are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and at a standstill, he will aid you in releasing their hold on you in small doses so you can better deal with them easier and better.
  • You want to manage your energy more effectively.
  • You are working between the worlds; he will be the prefect guide.



If the Polar Bear is your Totem Animal you are a skilled survivor and incredibly strong physically and emotionally. You are confident yet cautious when dealing with situations. You command respect wherever you go and from whomever you meet. You a pure and you know who you are. You have unquestioning faith in the Power that is within us all.


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