Serenity, Card of the Day – 1/25/16


Serenity  Witchilings Deck by Paulina Cassidy

Today I used the Witchling Oracle Card Deck by Paulina Cassidy and the card of the day is Serenity!

What a great card to get on a Monday. Usually our Mondays are hectic, full of things that we need to complete by the end of day. We are a bit slow since we just came back from hopefully our wonderfully relaxed weekend (though some of us might work harder during the weekends). This card is coming forward to let us know that things will get done. Just focus on the task at hand and before you know it, all of your tasks will be completed. When you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel your body relax. Once your body is relaxed continue on with whatever you are working on.
Once you get home you can take a Stress Be Gone Sacred Bath or shower!
  • You will need:
  • A Black Candle (use white, if you don’t have one)
  • A Blue Candle (use white, if you don’t have one)
  • A Clear Quartz
  • A Blue Stone (like blue lace agate, angelite, blue tiger’s eye, blue kyanite)
  • Lavender Essential Oil
Light the black candle and focus on all of the stresses you want to release on to it while holding the quartz in your left hand (or on your none dominant hand). Place the candle and the quartz away from you in a safe area. As this candle burns it will release those stresses away.
Then anoint the blue candle and with the lavender from the wick to bottom towards you with the intent to bring in serenity, peace and relaxation. Once you feel serene light the blue candle, and as this candle burns you will be bringing those energy to you. Place this candle and blue colored stone close to you in a safe manner while you enjoy your serene bath or shower.

Allow the candles to burn out in a safe place that they don’t become a fire hazard, you can leave the releasing candle away from you but if you like you can bring the Serene candle with you while you read a book, watch a TV show or just lay down and relax.


Honoring our Ancestors

This Friday night October 31st 2014, I will be doing a simple ceremony to send love, peace and light to those who have come before me. Those who have helped me become who I am today. Those who have passed down many virtues, gifts and sometimes pain. No matter what they have given me I receive wisdom from them, each and every day. For all the good and the bad, I shall honor them.

If you would like your ancestors to be added to the Cauldron of Light please comment below with the name of the person or family line you would like to send blessings to.

Many Blessings!

Love and Light to our Ancestors

Goddess Guidance 09-05-14

It’s Venus Day! If you would like to know which Goddess has stepped forward and the message she has for you this week all you have to do to participate is to select a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck pictured below and then read below for the message that Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


Goddess Guidance

This week 2 goddesses with very similar energies have come forward, Eireen and Laskhmi. Kali is destroying to propel you towards a new direction while Eireen and Lakshmi are here to make you feel about the changes that Kali have brought forth.

Card #1 Kali, Endings and Beginnings – “The old must be released so that the new can enter.”

Kali is a very appropriate Goddess to show up during this time as in the cycles of nature we are at the end of the growing period and starting the harvest season. Mabon is just around the corner and with it the Autumnal Equinox will be upon us. Kali is a very well-known Hindu goddess of birth and death. She is the embodiment of Mother Nature with her creative as well as destructive forces. She forces forward movement by destroying the current structure so that we may build a better one. She will push you beyond your comfort zone but it is for your highest-good. She is stepping forward to facilitate change and progression in your life. You must now leave those things that no longer serve you behind so that there is room for growth. You must cut and clear, to start anew. This is the perfect time to perform a cord cutting ceremony or a purification bath. Take the time to connect with her transformative energies.

Card #2 Eireen, Peace – “There is no need to worry, as everything is working out beautifully.”

Eireen,is a Grecian goddess who brings peacefulness to all who call upon her. She helps you replace your worries with faith that everything is as it should. She calls us to retain our childlike wonder and enthusiasm for life. Her message is very similar to Lakshmi’s however the difference is that this no need to worry is of a more mental and emotional aspect of things while Lakshmi’s energy is more focused in the material and abundance aspects of life. Eireen, bring forth that peace of mind, the peace that fills your heart and soul. It is the mental and emotional stress reliever. She is here to let you know that everything is going to be ok, you just have to have faith. Take the time this week to do works to increase peace and harmony into your life. To honor Eireen you can light a blue or white candle on her honor. Take the time this week to be in nature and seek peace in the mists of the daily chaos.

Card #3 Lakshmi, Bright Future – “Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.”

Lakshmi is a beautiful and benevolent Hindu goddess who brings abundance. She is connected to the element of water, the Lotus flower and elephants. Her connection to water represents her absolute faith in fertility and abundance that is available to all. She works directly with Ganesh which is a Hindu god known to be the remover of obstacles. Unlike Eireen her focus is in the material plane the basic needs that we all have in order to survive this physical experience. She comes to let you know that everything is going to be fine and that your needs will always be met and you should not fear the next step in your journey. This is the time to set your intentions to create an abundant future for yourself. If you like to connect with her in a deeper level you can visit a body of water and release a lotus flower and call upon her gifts. You can acquire a lotus flower or an elephant and place it in water and keep in your altar.


Guidance Goddess

Honoring Those Who Came Before Us on Samhain Night

Samhain is here!!! The weather is not very nice today so I won’t be taking my children trick or treating this year but they will still dress up and pass out candy to those who will venture the ugly weather.

How have you gotten your Ancestor altar ready? Here is a picture of mine.

October 2013 067

On my Ancestor altar I honor those members of our family that have passed. I also place items that may have been belonged to them. Below is a picture of my maternal grandmother Carmen and grandfather Portalatin. I am still working on getting pictures of my paternal ones Senencia and Herminio. It is hard to get them because I never got to meet them in his lifetime and I am just now establishing a relationship with my biological father.

October 2013 068

On this frame there are more pictures because in my husband’s side of the family more members have passed. There is a picture of his mother Jeannine, her sister Bonnie and their parents Blanche and Joe. I was fortunate enough to meet Aunt Bonnie and Grandpa Joe, they were lovely people that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

October 2013 051

These pair of grandparents were inherited by my husband from Grandpa Joe and have become the focal point.

October 2013 070

On Samhain the family sits down and we (my husband and I) share some of our fondest memories of them with our children. We light candles throughout the month of October and even a few days after Samhain to honor them and we let them know that they are always welcomed in our home. Once I set up their memorial over the hearth the candles , the frames and the hearth are anointed with my own blend of Ancestor Oil.

Ancestor Oil Recipe

  • 4ml Almond Base Oil – to call forth their ancestral wisdom
  • 1ml Sesame Base Oil – to open the channels of communications
  • 1 drop Chamomile EO – to call forth love, protection, peace and purification
  • 2 drops Tahitian Gardenia – to call forth peace, love, protection and to attract the good spirits
  • 2 drops Rose EO  – to call forth love, peace, harmony
  • 3 drops Rosemary EO – to call forth peace, protection and remembrance for those who have passed
  • 1 drop Wormwood EO – to call forth protection, love and call out to their spirits
  • 3 Needles of Yew (herb) –  to call forth love, compassion and it is used for death rituals
  • 5 Needles of Rosemary (herb) – to call forth peace, protection and remembrance for those who have passed

***Please always research the materials used in this recipe for possible allergies and/or health risks***

How do you honor your ancestors? What little niche in your home do you dedicate to them?

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