Mixed Spread 07/14/2014

This is the midweek spread it was drawn with the intent to receive a spiritual message that we will provide us with insight for the rest of this week. I decided this week to do a mix with the Animal Messages cards, Psychic Tarot and Oracle Deck and the Crystal Ally Cards Pick a card and let’s see what the message is! Center yourself and pick the card/cards that you are most attracted to and comment below if you like! If you would like participate in the readings when they occur you can Like and Follow us in Facebook and you will see the posts live as they occur.




Once again even though I used different decks the message of transformation, change and new beginnings was present in all of the cards in one way or another. This doesn’t surprise me as this week our dear Mother Earth is transitioning from her period of growth to a period of reaping. The first harvest holiday will be on the Lady’s day (Friday), this week. For those who are not familiar, the first harvest holiday of the year that we celebrate is called Lammas also known as Lughnasadh.


Card #1 Butterfly

The Butterfly is associated with the element of Air which facilitates the escape of mundane worries. It helps you soar above material cares and worries. It brings the message to let go of the cares of this world, leave the past behind and live the present fully so that you can create the future that you want. Specifically the Butterfly teaches that you can achieve this freedom and transformation through delighting us in life, taking the time to taking in all the wondrous beauty this world has to offer, to love yourself and everything in creation. She brings changes with her that will be used as a source so you can use it creatively to manifest your transformation. Times of positive changes will be coming your way if you embrace them with love, kindness and tenderness you will achieve your heart’s desire.


Card #2 The Element of Storm

Though the card is inverted in this oracle deck you do not read reverse. The element of Storm is the most transformational of the elemental forces. This force is a direct result of the combination of the energies of Earth, Water, Air and Fire and together they create and energy more powerful than the sum of their parts. Storm holds within itself the power of creation and destruction. For me it embodies the Goddess Kali. The energy of storm clears the air and drench and renews the earth. Its lightning charges the atmosphere and refreshes the mind. Storm carries the energy of rebirth which is not an easy process but it is very well needed in the cycles of life and nature. When you are at a standstill in your life it seems as you are experiencing a period of death. However with every death there is a new beginning, there is the rebirth of a new direction which you can explore your life once again. This new direction will influence every level of your being, the physical, emotional and spiritual. It will create a profound and drastic change that if you are to learn what has brought forth you will become stronger and wiser. Storm comes to destroy those aspects in our life that are not strong and stable. It uproots those creations that no longer serve and enable new experiences and creations to take root. It is cleansing forcibly your path so that you are now able to build a strong and stable foundation and make way in a new path that will be much more rewarding and fulfilling that the one you have been on. This storm force charges your energy and life once again so that you find yourself in a new unexpected place full of growth, learning and renewal. If you need stone ally to aid you through time I would suggest to get a Turquoise for its ability to help us see us a whole, Herderite to help you channel these changes into your personal evolution, as well Moldavite to assist you in your transformation and a Clear Quartz to bring clarity during these challenging times. Blue Lace Agate will bring peaceful, calming energies to help you cope.


Card #3 Passion Ignited

This card brings a message of new beginning towards you. It calls for you to let your soul soar. Explore new ideas, pay attention to revelations because exciting new adventures wait for you in your personal as well as business life. This is the perfect time to give yourself opportunities in which you can find new creative endeavors which can lead to you finding your life’s purpose. Be all that you can be, reach deep inside and tap into all that force that is within you. Creative endeavors, positive energies and a renewed spiritual strength are at an all-time high in your life right now. Work in invigoration your Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakra for they all affect and work directly with the energies of this card. Once you light up this spark within you everyone around will benefit and see the change in you. You will raise everyone’s energy and vibration, so that they may also be inspired and maybe ignite their own renewed spiritual journey.




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