February 2016 New Moon


This new moon on Monday February 8th is going void of course at 9:39 am MT and it will remain there until 1:32 pm MT on Tuesday. With this happening I wouldn’t recommend using the evening of Monday to set intentions but maybe take the time to meditate and go within to really figure out what your intentions are for the lunar cycle and see what things may be keeping you from being able to achieve them. Then with a clear mind and a clear path you are ready to set your intentions on Tuesday evening. Another thing to keep in mind is that the new moon will enter Pisces at 2:31 am MT on Tuesday which lends itself to do works that are related to dream-work, clairvoyance, telepathy, music and the creative arts. If you are looking to do some healing work this time is great to work on feet and the lymph glands.

On Monday night I would do a sacred bath ritual for clarity so that while I am soaking I can see very clearly my intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. First, I would smudge the bathroom with some sage or my favorite, Palo Santo. Then I would burn a citrus smelling candle or just a white candle anointed towards me to bring me clarity and truth. I will draw my water, give it a blessing, then add the bath salts that I have created.


Clarity Bath Recipe

  • 1/2 cup Epsom Salt – it helps to clear and ground you.
  • 1/2 cup Sea Salt – it helps to purify and cleanse your aura.
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda – helps disperse the essential oils and it is good for the skin.
  • 1/4 cup of Coconut Milk (added directly to the bath) or use Coconut Milk powder and add it to the mix. It is associated with the feminine, the moon and water it brings purification, and protection. Coconut Milk powder is very fragrant and it is great for the skin.
  • 20 drops of Lemon Sweet EO – it brings clarity, cleansing and uplifting.
  • 1 tsp of Solomon’s Seal herbs – helps you with decision making.

After the bath I am in a good energetic and spiritual position to do a shamanic journey to visit with one of my spiritual allies. I can discuss with him/her my intentions and together we can discovering if there are any hidden energies that may work against me in bringing my intentions into manifestation.

On Tuesday the energy is favorable for setting those intentions. Since the energies of the evening are conducive for creative work I will probably create a sigil for said intentions and place it somewhere in my healing room or office. This evening also provide energies that will support dream-work so this is a good time to do so. This is the perfect time to do some crafting, like making a Dream-Work Oil and/or a Dream-Work medicine bag. If you like working with crystals this is a great opportunity to create a crystal grid to support you this evening in your dream-work.

Before going to bed this evening you can drink some Brigid Divination Tea and set your intention to do dream-work. Place your dream-work medicine bag under your pillow , mattress or on your night table and anoint yourself with some of the Dream-work Oil and go off to an adventure in dreamland. Don’t forget to write down all of your dreams and information you get the next morning. I hope you enjoy some of the ideas provided. If you do craft any of the suggested items feel free to comment on how it worked for you.


Dream-Work Oil

  • 5 ml of Grapeseed carrier oil  – it is known to have moon energies and increase mental power.
  • 2 drops Cassia Bark – it helps to support astral projection
  • 2 drops of Jasmine – it helps to induce prophetic dreams
  • 4 drops of Lavender – it helps to induce prophetic dreams and
  • 1 drop of Rosemary – to drive away nightmares and protection
  • 1 drop of Wormwood – for protection, to increase psychic powers and to call forth spirits.
  • pinch of Angelica (herb) – for protection and to support dream prophecy
  • pinch of Mugwort (herb) – for protection, to increase psychic powers, support astral projection and induce prophetic dream


Dream-Work Medicine Bag

  • Purple cloth – or one that you feel that goes with the theme of dream work (stars, moons, clouds)
  • Blue Lace Agate – for protection and support of good dreams
  • Amethyst – for protection, supports Dream- work, it dispels nightmares
  • Blue Obsidian – for protection, increases psychic abilities, supports astral travel, promotes having good dreams and supports shamanic journeys
  • A star of Anise – for protection from evil spirits, supports meditation and calls forth spirits
  • Angelica (herb) – for protection and to support dream prophecy
  • Mugwort (herb) – for protection, to increase psychic powers, support astral
  • Vervain (herb) – for protection, peace and support sleep
  • Anoint the bag with some Dream-Work Oil

Like always use the ingredients that you have at home and do your own personal research to ensure you do not have any adverse reaction when working with any of the ingredients listed in the recipes. The recipes are of my creation and are suggestions, feel free to personalize them to best suit your needs. There are many different crystals, oils, herbs that have similar attributes and energies feel free to exchange them. Many blessings to you and enjoy your New Moon!


Cosmic Daily Weather by Kaye Berjot


February Wondrous New Moon in Pisces


This moon is following the Quickening Full Moon. Which is a moon that is known for it signaling the new life that is about to spring froward. We know that the warmth will be returning soon and we are in the Earth’s cycle of readying ourselves to plant the seeds. As we attune our spiritual life with the Earth’s energy we too are now in the planning stage, this new moon’s energy will be very helpful in plotting our course.

With Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac it can see the whole picture.  Pisces lives in the underwater world of the dream-time which lends it’s energy to accomplish wonderful dream-work. This is place and the time to use our imagination to help create  and imagine how we want our desires and plans to take root and come into fruition. It is in the hidden places of our psyche where we come face to face with our own shadow self and come know and accept it. Pisces is a water sign and it means that all these things go closely connected with emotions, which support works that are to accomplish emotional healing.

This new moon is full of possibilities for personal as well as spiritual self-improvement. You can choose to experiment with dream work this evening. This is a perfect time to work with our higher-self to do reprogramming and goal setting for the upcoming season. Some like to create vision boards as part of their spiritual works. You can let your imagination loose and imagine a better world for you and your loved ones or you can just simply use this time to heal from emotional wounds.

As a person that applies shamanic practices to her spiritual life I have a couple of shamanic journeys that I can suggest for to do during this time:

  • You can journey to your spirit allies to retrieve a ritual to help you heal and move on from a particular emotional wound.
  • You can journey to your spirit allies to ask if they can reveal to you what self-limiting belief is keeping you from attaining a particular goal.
  • You can journey to your spirit allies to ask how you can bring into manifestation one of your goals.
  • You can journey to a water deity and ask how you can honor and show your appreciation for all the gifts and healing it brings into your life.

If you decide to go work in the dream-time and you feel a little crafty you can make a sacred bath to set the mood and get your body, mind and spirit  ready for the intentions of the evening. You can also craft an eye pillow that facilitate your transition smoother into the dream world. If you have a Selenite candle holder or just a piece of it keep by your night stand this evening as it helps you to recall the dreams had.


Bath Recipe

  • 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup of Sea Salt
  • 1/4 cup of Baking soda
  • 1 tbs of lavender flowers
  • 1 tbs of Mugwort
  • 1 tbs of chamomile flowers
  • 5 d Lavender EO
  • 5 d Ylang Ylang EO
  • 3 d Jasmine EO
  • 10 Frankincense EO
  • 10 Sandalwood EO


Eye Pillow Stuffing 

  • 1 1/2 cup of rice
  • 1/4 cup of lavender flowers
  • 1 tbs of Mugwort
  • 3 d of Lavender (on rice)
  • 1 d of Sandalwood (on rice)
  • 1 tsp of amethyst chips or one tumbled stone
  • 1 tsp of crystal quartz chips or one tumbled stone

Eye pillows

May’s 2014 New Moon in Gemini

moon over ocean

My zodiac sign is Gemini and I have truly had a wonderful month! Usually it is not so. I usually dread the days leading up to my birthday because they are usually filled with stresses and not so many fun events. I am happy that this year was quite different.

In this post I wanted to share with you how I write my blogs on what can I focus my magickal works on. I usually prepare myself by reading the astrological forecasts of various astrologers and then letting it all sit and I figure out what will work best for me. Today seems to be a night to just try to enjoy the illusionary nature of Neptune. This it is a time to dream about what we want our future to be like and leave the planning of how to bring it into manifestation for tomorrow, when Venus enters Taurus, her earthly realm. This new moon call us to have a good time and relieve the stress of the past 2 weeks. What is your preferred method of relieving your stress? Is it by taking a bubble bath? having a glass of wine? or is it by reading a good book? cuddling with your loved ones? Whatever way you choose this is the perfect time to do so. Because we are in a square with Neptune and it will play with our perceptions of people and situations. So we may not see things for what they really are. So instead of fighting our way through the web of illusion we can just coast through it and enjoy it! Take advantage of it and fantasize, envision your dreams. Just make sure that you don’t get too carried away! This is also a good time for creative endeavors, set your imagination free of limiting thoughts.


As always, during the New Moons is a good time to just sit down and take inventory of where we are and where we want to go (but because of Neptune’s fog that may be a little harder to do).  It is also a good time to plant the seeds of something that we may want to see fulfilled in this upcoming full moon (but I think tomorrow would be a better day to do this).  Between a full moon that was in void of course and now a new moon being influenced by illusions it is best to just sit it out and just relax. I have to say that I have spiritually enjoyed this month very much, I have been able to experience some well deserved R&R . As for me, this month was good to let go a little of the structured spiritual hard work (if there is such thing) and just go with the flow!

I personally will be spending this new moon relaxing soaking in a hot bath, dreaming of the things to come. Dreaming on how I want my life to be and envisioning where I will be when I am 70 years old! I will also take the time to connect with my teacher and seek his wisdom in how I can more fully live my life’s purpose. It is nice to know that I can dream and relax tonight and that tomorrow the Goddess will help me plan and reveal to me how to properly bring my dreams into manifestation.

Given the fact that tonight is a good night for creative endeavors and many of us find relaxation while being crafty, I figured it could be a good night to make some oil blends and make your own bath salt. Here are a couple of recipes you can follow of your can create your own, here is how:


Bath Salt Base

  • 1/4 Baking Soda (to help distribute the oil)
  • 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup of Seas Salt
  • 10-20 drops of Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend (Dark Moon or Gemini Oil or your own personal creation!)
  • A few drops of food coloring if you like (optional)
  • Dried herbs of your choosing (optional)

Magickal Oils

Dark Moon Oil

  • 7 drops of Jasmine
  • 2 drops of Chamomile
  • 3 drops of Patchouli
  • 1 drop of Sandalwood

Gemini Oil

  • 4 drops of Lavender
  • 1 drop of Peppermint
  • 1 drop of Lemongrass
  • 1 drop of Sweet Pea Bouquet

These oil blends are not my original recipes. They are very well-known within the community. I posted them here in case being crafty is one of your ways to find relaxation. If making bath salts is not your cup of tea you can always bring a mix of some crystals to the bath with you, here are a few combinations.


For Relaxation

  • Aventurine
  • MAgnasite
  • Prase
  • Serpentine
  • Turquoise

For Stress-Relieving

  • Chrysocolla
  • Dumortierite
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline


May you relax and dream of a beautiful life during this new moon! Many blessings!

Super New Moon, New Year, What a Way to Start the Year!


This new year is very special, not only because it marks the beginning of a new revolution around the Sun but because it is also our first new moon of 2014! This moon, as well as the new moon on January 30th, are considered to be supermoons due to their proximity to Earth.

As Anne Ortelee says “Today, this morning, has one of the most powerful New Moons of the upcoming year.  Five planets in Capricorn square Uranus and Mars and oppose Jupiter.  Take time today or over the next few days to dedicate yourself and your life toward your dream. Juno enters Pisces today until March 3, pushing the partnership energy into the land of dreams and inspiration.  Focus on the dream in your heart. Juno’s trine to super Jupiter, Apollon, encourages you to think big, aim for the stars, shoot for the passion and vision. Venus quintile to Uranus encourages you NOT to worry about how.  Focus instead on the passion inspiring the dream.  Animate it, dance with it, envision it, taste it.  Sun’s conjunction to Pluto starts a new one year cycle around ego transformation and evolution. Mercury’s cooperative action with Pallas encourages you to ground the dream and energize it to make it real.” http://www.astroanne.com/

We can not squander this great opportunity the Universe has given us! We need to dream big and let it be! The Universe will  make it happen. Maybe this evening you should sit down for a few minutes and really think what it is that you desire most this year? Spiritual growth? Spiritual gifts? Is it a new house? A better job? A healthy relationship? Business and personal success?

This midnight when you ring in the new year take a moment to do a simple spell but a very powerful one at that. If you go out to a party make sure you do it as soon as you get home because the moon will go void at 6:30am. This is a great opportunity to do self improvement spells. Don’t forget to feed that special little mojo bag, charge you meditation stones and any other magical tools used to aid in bringing new beginnings, filled of positive probabilities and great potential.

If you are not partying like the rest of the world you might enjoy doing a little crafting. This is a good time to make some new herbal and oil blends and charge them with the New Moon energy. I will share with you 2 of my personal recipes that I will be charging this evening (New Year’s Eve). Like always, use whatever herbs you have at hand and make sure you keep clear the intent of the blend as you are mixing it.


Prosperity Blend

  • Alfafa – prosperity, money, good luck in money matters
  • Allspice – good luck, money and business success
  • Five Finger Grass – luck, money and abundance
  • High John – success, money
  • Jezebel Root – attracts money, luck and success
  • Nutmeg – luck, attracts money
  • Patchouli – attracts money
  • Two small green lodestones
  • You can add a silver coin or gold coin

Dark Moon Oil

  • 7d Jasmine
  • 3d Sandalwood
  • 3d Gardenia
  • Pinch of Mugwort
  • 2ml Grapeseed Oil Base

May this new year and new noon bring you countless blessings and may your heart’s desire come true!


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