Call Upon the Peacock!


This beautiful bird is associated with visions, wisdom and immortality. In their native lands of India, Babylonia and Persia, they were seen as guardians of royalty. In Hinduism the peacock was the mount of Murugan/Kartikeya the god of war, victory, wisdom and love. The ancient Greeks believed that their meat did not decay after death and so they became a symbol for immortality. Hera’s chariot was pulled by peacocks and they guarded her temples. For the Muslims of Java it guards the gate to Paradise.

If you were on a shamanic journey and you saw or interacted with a peacock is because you are about to have a vision which will greatly affect your life and it’s direction, so be ever watchful and vigilant about what goes on inside of you and what are the outside influences. However there is no need for concern as you are well protected. Due to it’s coloring (blue) and nature (bird, of the air, communication) make sure that you speak your truth and don’t hold back.


Call upon the Peacock when…

  • You are going to make a decision and you need to all of consequences.
  • Your integrity comes into question.
  • You are discerning whether the information someone gave you in truthful.
  • You are entering into unfamiliar territories and you need a guardian which will warn you with enough time about dangers ahead.
  • You are feeling low and you need a good pick me up (nothing makes you feel more beautiful than a peacock)




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