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Root Chakra Guardian Journey

As I enter non-ordinary reality the first thing I see in the distance was the Acropolis. I started walking toward it and I see myself sitting at it steps and she motions for me to come closer. I am wearing a white tunic dress with my hair just as long and bare footed. As I get close to her she embraces me and says “Welcome to your Inner Temple”. We sit on the step and now we are looking out in the distance. The warm breeze caressing our bodies and the sun was shinning brilliantly. As I look back at the distance I see this beautiful forest before me. I start walking towards it and right by the path is my guardian, His name is Enrod and he is a satyr. He takes me by the hand and leads me in deeper into the forest. As we walk, he points to the left side to which I look over and see a dryad which when she notices that I have seen her she quickly turns into the tree hiding once again. We continue to walk and we come to a pond. We sit and enjoy some of the refreshing water and he starts playing the flute. As he does so I lay against a tree and see him prancing around playing this joyful song. He comes and grabs me and we start dancing. Then he gives me the flute and said “If you ever shall need me just play it and I will be there.” He takes the flute and hangs it around my neck. He gives me the biggest grin and says it is time for us to go back. I thank him for his gift and gave him a big hug. Feeling his fur against my skin and smelling his musky smell earthy but very enticing. Enrod just smelled wonderfully. He walks back with me to the Acropolis and there he returns to the forest. Before he disappeared in to the brush he waves good-bye and I let him know that I will come back and visit him soon.


Basic Information and Insights

The root Chakra, Muladhara is ruled by the element of earth and represented as the color red. Its affirmation is “I am connected to the earth” and its mantra is OM SHANECHRAYA NAMAHA, which you have to say 108 times (I know! I got tired too!) The root Chakra deals with survival, vitality, security, stability, sexuality and grounding. For me the Sumerian deities connected to this Chakra is Ki, the Mother Earth who is also known by 2 others names: Ninhursag and Ninmah The Great Mother Goddess.  Other lesser Sumerian deities that are connected to the earth are:

  • Enkimdu – Farmer God
  • Ashnan – Grain Goddess
  • Lahar – God of Cattle
  • Uttu – Goddess of Vegetation
  • Enten – Shepherd God
  • Emesh – Framer God

But the workshop had given us the deities Ereshkigal and Dumuzi which I find interesting because they both reside in the Underworld, ok Dumuzi only lives there 1/2 the time.

At the beginning of my spiritual journey I had trouble connecting to this Chakra. I found it hard to feel grounded and be grounded. I have a passion for dance and sex which are related to this Chakra. In retrospect I thin k that was my natural way of connecting and grounding. Since the age 14 I worked to supply my needs and wants since I came from a household in which my mother made $7000 a year and she had to maintain 3 children by herself. She worked as a laborer in a manufacturing company of clothing and when their contracts would be fulfilled their employees were laid-off until further notice. My poor mother had to deal with this uncertainty everyday of her adult life, I can only imagine the stress that she must have lived with while we were growing up. Knowing that she had work today but not sure if next month she would. So at a young age I learned to rely on myself.

As expected growing up in that kind of environment was very hard, for we didn’t know if we would have our physical needs met, there was much financial instability. I am just thankful and grateful, that she loved us as much as she did and that she was a very good steward so she was able to buy a home in which we all grew up in and my mother still lives in today. As a young adult I worked very hard and provided myself with everything I needed or wanted. Now I am a mother of 4 children and I struggle with the fear that now my husband is the sole provider for the family and knowing that I am, once again relying on someone else to provide that stability. As I mentioned before I grew up in the same house and that kind of stability caused me to feel “stuck” in one place. Thinking back the one thing that I found solace in, the one thing that would make everything good was to dance. I grew up dancing every week of my life. It was needed and now I know why. That was the way that I helped myself open the root Chakra and the way my soul instinctively knew what to do to compensate. As soon as I could I spread my wings and flew away from my childhood home in the island of Puerto Rico and since then I like to move from place to place with regularity. I really dislike being in one place longer than 4 years, or I start feeling “stuck”. Once that occurs I get the urge to “unstuck myself” and move on to a new environment.


Now that I have been working a few years with grounding myself and getting this Chakra open and balanced, I can see changes within me on how I approach and feel about survival and stability. I don’t get that gut wrenching feel at the mere thought of my husband having to find new employment. I somehow know that things will be ok. I am a very passionate woman and I have great vitality so those aspects of my root Chakra I didn’t find myself struggling with. Thanks to working with the root Chakra, it forced me take time to really think about my position, emotions and problems that are related to it.

We had a few assignments this week one was too color our own Chakra mandala and to go on a journey to meet your Root Chakra Guardian. Here is the mandala I colored. It has greens in it because when I went on my journey there was a lot of green. Actually I didn’t see anything that was colored red at all!

My Root Chakra


The Card of the Day is Solar Plexus Chakra!

Today it is a nice gray day out which is influencing me to be a little lazy! I have been working so hard in getting everything ready for the new school year that I have had very little time for myself. Today I have a list of errands that I need to run however I am feeling the desire of letting them wait just one more day! 🙂 So I sat at my desk with psychic deck at hand and asked my guides, guardians and the Universe to share with me a message that I should keep in mind. My intent was to draw one card and the card that I drew was the Solar Plexus Chakra card.


For those who are not familiar with this Chakra it is located between the sternum and naval (I usually identify it where I feel my butterflies). It’s color is yellow in color and its Sanskrit name is “Manipura” which means “Lustrous Gem”. It is ruled by the element of fire and it’s ruling planets are Mercury, Mars and the Sun. The signs related are Leo, Aries and Gemini. Some stones that you can use to invigorate this Chakra are Rhodocrosite, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Calcite. The key words to this card is “I CAN” this Chakra rules your personal power and wisdom.

I know exactly why this card was my message of the day. As of September 1st  I am embarking on my journey of helping others and as a good air sign that I am, I tend to over think things. I always can come up with a reason on why I am not ready, though I feel a great urge (and push from my higher self)  to  help others. Many people have found my help useful and many have encourage me to go down this path but why, oh why do I keep questioning how capable I am? The reason is because I over think things. I keep thinking one more workshop, one more book… But the truth is that I am ready, I am ready to start getting the experience of helping others. After all what value does it have for me to acquire so much knowledge if I am not going to share it with others or allow others to benefit for it as well.

So this is what I have to say to the Universe! Watch out here I come! I am going to roll up my sleeves and help those that want or need my help. I am going to start acquiring the practical knowledge. I be honest, I am scared to embark on something so important to me. I am scared to put myself out there but how can I live my life and not do so? One of my first official steps was to get the support of my husband and family which was not difficult at all. My husband was the one who I attribute of re directing me back to my path. I remember him encouraging me to take a basic psychic class at Kindred Spirits. When he picked me up he said that I was glowing of happiness! and I was. It felt as if I had found once again something that I had lost. From there on I have just been growing more and more. The next big important step was to notify my Aunt Anna about my decision to walk this path. In my family in every generation there has been one that has been called to do the work and no one of my generation had claimed the path. So when I called her on the phone (she lives in NYC) and told her what my intentions were and the path which I have committed myself to walk, she was so very happy! I was beside myself to receive her blessing and acceptance. It meant the world to me to hear my aunt be so happy that of my generation, I was the lucky one to hold torch. She has always been an inspiration to me and others, and I am blessed to have her support. Now if my mom could only be so happy and open! She is a devote 7th Day Adventist and though she is accepting of the craft she has difficulty with accepting my different views and believes.

So what is this card telling me? It is telling me to be strong and to know that I CAN be of service to others! So what does message mean to you? In what aspect of your life does the I CAN attitude be applied to? What and how have you been doubting yourself? Are you judging yourself too harshly? Are you limiting yourself? I Say go forth! Follow your passion! Live the life you want and may you find happiness and fulfillment in it. If you want to share some of your “I CAN” moments with me, feel free to leave a comment!


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