Midsummer Blessings!

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Today we celebrate the longest day of the year and the start of a new cycle in nature. As of tomorrow the days will once again grow shorter and eventually lead us in to winter. When nature goes through its cycles and changes so do we. In order for us to bring in the harvest in the fall, from all those seeds filled with intentions that we planted in the spring we must rid the weeds and pests that might damage our crop.


So I think today is a great day to use the transformative and cleansing fires of the Midsummer Sun to burn away all those things that no longer serve you so that you have space to bring in what does. A simple Midsummer ritual that you can perform today is to step outside barefooted connect with Mother earth and raise your face to the sun. Let the sun bathe you in his rays. Feel the warmth, the energy that he brings into your being. Visualize every cell in your body re-energizing and filling with its glow. See and feel how you are now glowing with a golden light. Then sit down under a tree and ask your higher self, the Universe, teacher or guides to help you meditate and identify a feeling, resentment or obstacle that is keeping you from being able to move forward and reach your goal. Once you have identified this ready yourself to do journey-work. Travel in to the Underworld and state the reason for your visit. Ask for a spirit to step forward on your behalf to help you do what you came here to do. As you are there you can take a walk and when you come upon a block on your path. I want you to light a torch with the golden rays of the sun and burn the brush down. See the brush turn into ashes and you can dispose of the ashes however you see fit. Now see the goal that you want to accomplish clear before you on your now clear path. Take a deep breath filled with gratitude as now you will be able to walk the path with more ease. Ask your journey teacher if they have a message for you. Once it is delivered, make your way back into this reality. Show your gratitude by giving an offering to the land where you work was done.

Mediate Under sun

After you have completed your spiritual work this day, have fun and enjoy the day with your family and love ones. My wish for you is, for you to have a powerful day and one that propels you forward in your own spiritual journey. Many blessings to you!


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