February Wondrous New Moon in Pisces


This moon is following the Quickening Full Moon. Which is a moon that is known for it signaling the new life that is about to spring froward. We know that the warmth will be returning soon and we are in the Earth’s cycle of readying ourselves to plant the seeds. As we attune our spiritual life with the Earth’s energy we too are now in the planning stage, this new moon’s energy will be very helpful in plotting our course.

With Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac it can see the whole picture.  Pisces lives in the underwater world of the dream-time which lends it’s energy to accomplish wonderful dream-work. This is place and the time to use our imagination to help create  and imagine how we want our desires and plans to take root and come into fruition. It is in the hidden places of our psyche where we come face to face with our own shadow self and come know and accept it. Pisces is a water sign and it means that all these things go closely connected with emotions, which support works that are to accomplish emotional healing.

This new moon is full of possibilities for personal as well as spiritual self-improvement. You can choose to experiment with dream work this evening. This is a perfect time to work with our higher-self to do reprogramming and goal setting for the upcoming season. Some like to create vision boards as part of their spiritual works. You can let your imagination loose and imagine a better world for you and your loved ones or you can just simply use this time to heal from emotional wounds.

As a person that applies shamanic practices to her spiritual life I have a couple of shamanic journeys that I can suggest for to do during this time:

  • You can journey to your spirit allies to retrieve a ritual to help you heal and move on from a particular emotional wound.
  • You can journey to your spirit allies to ask if they can reveal to you what self-limiting belief is keeping you from attaining a particular goal.
  • You can journey to your spirit allies to ask how you can bring into manifestation one of your goals.
  • You can journey to a water deity and ask how you can honor and show your appreciation for all the gifts and healing it brings into your life.

If you decide to go work in the dream-time and you feel a little crafty you can make a sacred bath to set the mood and get your body, mind and spirit  ready for the intentions of the evening. You can also craft an eye pillow that facilitate your transition smoother into the dream world. If you have a Selenite candle holder or just a piece of it keep by your night stand this evening as it helps you to recall the dreams had.


Bath Recipe

  • 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup of Sea Salt
  • 1/4 cup of Baking soda
  • 1 tbs of lavender flowers
  • 1 tbs of Mugwort
  • 1 tbs of chamomile flowers
  • 5 d Lavender EO
  • 5 d Ylang Ylang EO
  • 3 d Jasmine EO
  • 10 Frankincense EO
  • 10 Sandalwood EO


Eye Pillow Stuffing 

  • 1 1/2 cup of rice
  • 1/4 cup of lavender flowers
  • 1 tbs of Mugwort
  • 3 d of Lavender (on rice)
  • 1 d of Sandalwood (on rice)
  • 1 tsp of amethyst chips or one tumbled stone
  • 1 tsp of crystal quartz chips or one tumbled stone

Eye pillows


Chakralicious! Naval Warrior


Naval Guardian Journey

As I drifted back in to the journey to find my Solar Plexus Chakra Guardian. I started to see lots of green swirls of color. I immediately recognize who the spirit was, she was Cheetah. As the realization washed over me, all of a sudden found myself standing in an African  savannah and she was standing to my right however she was about 10 feet ahead of me and her back was towards me. As I approach she turned her head to acknowledge my presence she then beckoned me to come closer telepathically. Which I did, as soon as I was at her side we both just stared out in to the savannah and took in the beautiful setting. The Sun was hanging low on the horizon washing the savannah in its beautiful golden glow. We saw a sea of yellowish tall grass that was being caressed by a gentle breeze and in the distance we saw some green and mountains. I started to walk and so did she. This spirit I know, I have worked with her before and with her showing up as my guardian of this Chakra, it even makes more sense why she has become an integral part of my life.

She then began telling me that she was here to help me come in to my own power, she says I have come a long way but there is still much to be done. She said that she is here to help me understand and accept my own power. She said that I have to completely accept this fact, which she was quick to point out NOT to understand it, but to ACT and FEEL accordingly to the fact that I am a co-creator of this reality (and as she said this the scenery changed from the African savannah to the dewy emerald forest setting that I always find solace and that I prefer). As it was time for me to return she gave me this beautiful necklace with a glowing green gem like the one she wears on her head. I was happy, thankful and excited to see and share with her yet again. I am so happy that she has taken an interest in helping me be everything that I can be.

One interesting tidbit is that she had always worn a green gem on her forehead and I never thought twice about it. Which I find now interesting since Manipura means Lustrous Gem. I also found interesting that as I was writing this blog she was guiding me to find images to use for it. As I was looking for images I found this picture that an artist named Iza Pug drew which made me feel as if she had posed for this and that it was her portrait!


The other picture that she liked was this one. She says granted that is not a cheetah but to me it does embody our relationship. When I see her, I see you! Now you can see yourself through my eyes. A warrior woman who is assertive and full of power. She knows what she wants and she makes it happen. She then says very sweetly, I am always by your side. The feeling of love and acceptance that I felt from her were quite overwhelming.


Basic Information and Insights

The Naval Chakra also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra is ruled by the element of Fire. Its affirmation is “I use my warrior energy to help myself and others in a just manner” and its mantra is OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA. The naval Chakra deals with will, power and assertiveness. For me the Sumerian deities that are connected to this Chakra is Utu, the God of Sun and Justice and Gibil the God of Fire.


This was an amazing Chakra to delve in. For starters, we do our journeys before any actual Chakra information is studied or discussed in class. I found absolutely fascinating, that she used words that define this Chakra. I am not going to pretend that I had no knowledge of the Chakras prior to this workshop. I did, but I always associated this Chakra with the word confidence and not power (which I found out thanks to this workshop that confidence is more tied to the Sacral Chakra). This was a new perspective that she brought up to me. She made me shift from the word confidence to personal power and assertiveness. As a shaman this is a concept that we work a lot with and I still find myself working hard at it. When doing spiritual work at times, I wonder am I really fulfilling my role as a healer and at times, this self-doubt comes over my mind and brings with it the clouds. I am happy I have Cheetah to help me chase them away!

When I think about it, I still have certain fears that I am still working through. I am just happy that I have such an ally by my side. With us just having that simple conversation about the picture that she liked and why she liked it. It has helped me to shift my mindset when tackling certain situations and thought patterns. It also showed me how much further I must go and the importance of having a Can Do Attitude! She believes in me and therefore I believe in myself that much more. I truly want to be that woman in that picture!

Another thing that I find interesting is the presence of the green color which brings to my attention the aspects ruled by Heart Chakra. In all of my dealings with her I have felt loved and warmth and she has always worn a green gem on her forehead. Her gem, serves me as a reminder that though we become powerful in our own nature, and when we are faced with those times that we must exert that power, we have to do so from a place of love. The love regulates our will and power, it is a great way to keep checks and balances. The fact that it is on her forehead it is difficult to miss that reminder, that above all we need to come from a place of love!


How Journeywork Helped me Connect With my Ancestors

The first journey I had contact with an ancestor was one that I took about 2 months ago. My intent for the journey was an exploratory one and so I had asked my teacher to take me to a place I had never been to and so he did.  The journey started the usual way. I got on my horse and I rode him down in to the earth. I came out in a beautiful dark forest scenery which was a place in the underworld where I normally start out my adventures. To my right was a slow-moving river, black as the blackest night. There were no stars or moon out however it felt warm and balmy.  He held me by the hand and pulled me in to the river and so we swam. We started to swim deep down, the water felt very comfortable and I was enjoying myself very much. As we continued to swim down I saw that we were swimming towards a cave. We approached it and came out of the water to a dry and empty cave which was well-lit. Once there I saw only a rocker and a beautiful old lady working on something that I couldn’t see very well. She was quite, focusing on what she was doing. Her small hands busy, her hair was long and silvery. She was thin and petite. She saw me and my teacher approaching her and she looked up, acknowledge our presence but went back to whatever she was working on. I had an overwhelming feeling that it was family. So I asked my teacher if she was family to which he replied yes. Then I asked from which family tree she was and he said she was my maternal grandmother’s grandmother. I heard the call and so we started to journey back home. Once back in this ordinary world I had many questions that I wanted answers to.


In my ordinary life I was in the planning stages of making a rattle. As I mentally worked on this project, I would hear instructions on how to make it and the things that this rattle should and shouldn’t have. I kept hearing to add a pink quartz bead in it and I kept resisting doing so. I didn’t quite understand the importance of it but I had made up my mind that this item didn’t really needed to be part of it. Later that month I participated in a guided meditation in which the goal was to connect and with an ancestor. At that moment I obviously knew exactly where I was going. Once the drums started I knew that I had to go back to that cave and so there I was and there she was. Patiently she was still working on whatever she was working on which I was not yet able to quite see. I tried talking to her but she would just ignore me and then I asked my teacher why wouldn’t she talk to me. He replied why don’t you just sit down next to her. All of a sudden a second rocker appears and so I sit. Then I realized that now my hands are also busy doing something. I look at her and I asked what are we working on since I was still unable to see clearly what it was. She then replies, we are working on your rattle. She then tells me that the reason I need to add the rose quartz bead, is that it is to stand as a symbol and connection to her. She said that she is helping make this rattle. She explained the reason she was so adamant about adding the rose quartz bead is because she wants the love she has for me to be present and represented that way in the rattle. I told her that I was very thankful for all her help in making this rattle and that I will certainly add the rose quartz bead. I felt the warmth of her heart and mind blend together with mine in what felt like an embraced though we were still sitting down working. I heard the call and it was time for me to return. Once I started to actually work on the rattle I kept hearing her guiding me through the process. She was amused at the fact at how weird sewing with hide felt to me. I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet and work with my ancestor. This is a picture of my grandmother on her rocking chair. As I shared with her grandmother it made me remember her as well.


On this third journey my intent was to visit my grandfather which I was not very close to but I had sensed his presence in an area of the underworld that I had visited before. It was truly emotionally healing to see him. He was so happy to see me and he was so young-looking. He was so proud of all the vegetables and plants he had in his garden. He was just so genuinely happy to be there in this little cottage with lots of gardens around to tend. He even showed me a beautiful pumpkin, it was quite big! I asked him how he was and he answered that he was good and that he wanted to introduce me to his mom. I was shocked as I never expected this and I never had the pleasure of meeting her. I apologized for not coming sooner to see him and I apologized for not being as close to him as I should have had. He apologized for some of the mistakes that he had made but he reiterated how much he loved me and others in the family and how truly happy he was that I was there visiting. I asked about my grandmother. He said that she was not there. His expression was sad and pensive. He said that she had come back (I guess he meant that she was in the ordinary world again). It was not clear but I saw an image of her dancing, not sure what it meant, it could have been a memory. I heard the call and so I gave him and his mother a big hug and told him how happy I was to be there and that I would come again. I left feeling a much stronger bond between us. This is a picture of my grandfather and my grandmother when they were young.

Abuelita y Abuelo

I am so thankful that journey-work has provided me with the ability to interact and establish a stronger connection with my ancestors. I am also so happy and excited at the fact that ancestors come and help us without us really even asking for their help. They do so because they love us and they want to facilitate whatever they can during our journey in this lifetime. Have you journeyed and met ancestors this way as well? How was your experience?

Thank you Beaver!

I would like to take this moment to say thank you in this ordinary world to Beaver! When Beaver came into my life I didn’t know that there would be new direction that my life was going to take, but all I did know, was that now, I had Beaver to share my journey with. I welcomed him in April 2013 and I was very intrigued about his presence. Anyone that knows me can tell you that the first thing that I would have done was to look him up in a resource book like Animal Speak or Animal Spirit Guides to research what are normal circumstances in which Beaver is called upon to help. This time around I felt no such compulsion. Instead I embarked in a total acceptance of his presence and I just wanted to establish a friendship with him.


Every time I journeyed it was so nice to see him there smiling and ready to be my wing man! We never spoke though he did have fun together. One thing I can tell you is that he really enjoys dancing. One memorable event was when he came into this reality to say hello and share a walk with us. My family and I went for a walk by the Fox River when my husband very excitedly said to the children “Look! There is a beaver swimming by us in the river!” I couldn’t  believe it! We have been there to many walks and we had never encountered one before, but on that day this wonderful young beaver decided to join us in our walk. It was so nice to connect with him in this reality.

I went about my days in contemplation and just living my life as a mother, as a wife and then a new realization came to me. I realized and accepted the fact that I wanted to help others. Every workshop taken, every book that I have read was preparing me to be able to be of service to others.  So in no time at all, I made my lists of things to do and things I need to get this new venture of the ground. Any moment that I had open and available I spent working on my new venture. I be honest I couldn’t believe how much time and energy it actually took, but what surprised me the most, was how much help and support I was given by my family and friends. I certainly could not have done it without them and specially without Beaver.

Now in retrospect I see how Beaver was the perfect power animal for me during this time (even though I didn’t know at the time, that I was going to start this new venture). I never felt overwhelmed with the task at hand and I never doubted that I would reach my goal. Looking back I see all those qualities in Beaver. He is steadfast and hardworking. He will get done what he needs to get done, no matter how many set backs he might encounter, he will just go ahead and continue on. He is a family man, he works hard but he always takes time out, to spend with his family in his lodge. My family is my number one priority, so he helped me keep that balance between my family, friends and work. He made it seamless for me. It didn’t feel like a task at all.  Some times I pictured him coming home to his family and telling them about his day.


So what have I learned? I learned that Beaver is who you want by your side when you have work or goals to achieve while making sure that your family and community does not get neglected. For the Beaver doesn’t give up in adversity because their work is truly about survival and he is a creature that is part of a great community. He will lend his determination and industrious nature to you, so you can see your task at hand completed. So hail and well met to Mr. Beaver for he will always be welcomed in my life and thank you for all the great insights and strength you have given me in the past few months. I am a lucky gal to have a friend like you!

Have you had Beaver in your life’s journey? How did he helped you? Feel free to share below I would love to know!


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