Goddess Guidance 12-12-14

Yule is almost here and with it a new cycle begins. In the meantime everyone is getting ready for their festivities. This spread was drawn with this thought in mind. So relax and take a moment to yourself this week. All you have to do to participate is to select a card or cards from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue that are pictured below and then scroll below to reveal the message the Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


Goddess Guidance 12-12-14 GypsyMoons.com

Set of Cards # 1 Mother Mary, Expect a Miracle – “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.” and Insight – “Understanding, Awakening, Awareness, Self-Evaluation”

Mother Mary is a Christian goddess. She is the goddess of faith, healing and children. She is the mother of Christ. She works closely with child advocates, teachers, care givers or healers. Her symbol is the Rosary and she is associated with the Sun. The message that she brings, is to have that peace of mind that you know that you prayers has been heard and will be answered. Have that faith and the knowing within your heart that no matter the direction the answer goes it is for your highest good. Let go of the worries and enjoy the present. Mother Mary is paired with the Chakra card Insight which means that the answer you will receive will bring to you a new awareness about yourself and you will gain understating about those involved. An offering you can give Mother Mary is doing a random act of kindness this week. You can choose to wear yellow or gold items to bring her energy to you or you can dedicate or make your own prayers beads.

Set of Cards # 2 Green Tara – “Ask others (including me) to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself.” and Guidance – “Support, Love, Signs, Direction”

The Green Tara is a Hindu and Buddhist Goddess and her name means Star in ancient Sanskrit which is also her symbol. She is represented in many colors to denote her personality and her aspects. In this case we are talking about her green aspect which is known for being a speedy helper who can help you in emergency situations and helps you gain rapid understanding of situations and relationships around you. She empowers you, so you can save yourself. The Green Tara is paired with the Guidance card which is all about seeking support, guidance and direction. These two cards work so very well together. They are both calling to call upon the Divine for help. That you do not have to do it alone. That it is ok to look for help and guidance during your time of need or when you feel weak. It is ok to ask there for that loving support so that we may carry-on on our life’s journey. Remember you are not alone and there are people and the Divine who are more than willing to provide you with the help that you may need, do not feel guilty or ashamed for asking their assistance. If you would like to connect with the Green Tara you can star gaze and connect with the stars. You can make stars and place them around your home or sacred space.

Set of Cards #3 Sedna “You are supplied today and all of your tomorrows.” and Gut Instincts – “Intuition, Knowing, Sensing and Trust”

Sedna is an Inuit Eskimo and Alaskan goddess of the Sea who provides sustenance for the body and the soul. She is intimately connected to the inhabitants of the oceans given the fact that they are part of her. The myth has it that she lost the tips of her fingers in a boating accident and they became the whales, seals and other seas creatures. She is another goddess of abundance. Sedna is paired up with Gut Instincts which is telling that you need to know deep within yourself and trust that you will be ok. Live in the moment and do not worry about what the future holds. Know that you will be taken care of and your needs will always be met so enjoy the blessings that you have today. Continue to follow your own intuition and make the choices that are aligned with your highest good and the goals have. A fun way that you can connect with Sedna is by getting a pet fish (if you have a salt water tank) or dedicating a fish to her and every time you feed the fish you can do it as an act of offering and gratitude. Then in times of need you can whisper to them so Sedna can hear you. Another simple way can be to place in your scared space a few seashells and a bowl with water and sea salt.


Goddess Guidance 12-12-14 GypsyMoons.com


Long Night’s Full Moon – The Last One of 2013


Tonight is the last full moon of the year and what a special one it is! During this full moon we will be experiencing very interesting planetary influences. This moon, will be opening roads for us to receive much wisdom straight from the black hole at the center of our Universe. This new-found wisdom, will help us better understand our definitions of reality and what is possible. Uranus, is still in fiery Aries, so he is igniting in us, new fires that will turn into new beginnings. We are ready now to make the necessary changes that we have been planning for so long.

As we all know, full moons is a time to work on your personal spiritual growth or in the development of our intuition and/or psychic skills. It is also a good time to strengthen or establish our relationship with deity. So giving the fact, that in this evening we will be in prime cosmic location to download new information, I would definitely use this time to do journey-work to my teacher or my deity, with the intent to get new insights or helpful information to continue my spiritual development and any advice for the upcoming weeks. Also it could be a great time to ask them any questions you might have about what reality is. If you have not found a teacher or deity to work with this might be the perfect time to do so.

If you own a crystal skull, tonight is a prime day to charge it or upload new information to it, since there is so much information being streamed to us. Then you can access that information in future crystal skull meditations. I would also charge any stones that are regularly used for meditation, journey-work or healing.

With the new insights obtained during this evening you will be in a better position to evaluate your plan of action and set your goals for this new upcoming year. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of tonight’s full moon and if you have the chance go for a walk and let Her bright shinning light your way. Full moon’s blessings to you all!

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