Midweek Spread with Chakra Insight Oracle Cards 11/05/14

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Midweek Spread 11/05/14 Gypsymoons.com

It has been a while since I did a midweek spread but I just got this new deck called the Chakra Insight Oracle Card by Caryn Sangster last week and well I wanted to start using it! So you know the drill choose the card that you feel most attracted to. Then Scroll down to see what message it brings to you!

Card #1 Inner Child, Playfulness, Lightheartedness, Innocence and Wonder

This card is part of the Solar Plexus Chakra group of cards. It comes forward to remind you to connect with that inner child. To open yourself to the innocence and wonder you can experience in this world. Not everything is doom and gloom but you need to be open to experience it. Look at her she is leaping through the air with arms open looking at the butterflies and rainbows, allowing herself to be happy. You need to take time to connect with your inner child, to bring back that playfulness and lightheartedness that people in love with. You know it is within you, you just need to let loose, be spontaneous and have a fun time!

Card #2 Seeing, Perspective, Truth, Knowledge and Clarity

This card is part of the Third Eye Chakra group of cards. This card is calling you to open your eyes, heart and mind to see the truth and the big picture. We live our lives seeing things the way we want to see them however that may not be the real truth. This is the time to seek that knowledge and bring clarity to your thoughts. Look for the positive in all people and situations and see the beauty of life reveal itself to you. Take a look at yourself and the world around you and see the reality that you are creating. Is it good? or do we need to do a course correction? Take the time to meditate and spend time in self-reflection. This is the time to let go of self-limiting ideas and to allow the real truth come forth.

Card #3 Honesty, Truth, Transparency, Sincerity and Communication

This card is part of the Throat Chakra group of cards. This card is calling you to be honest with yourself and others. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be transparent let others see right through you. Let them see who you truly are. The world needs to know you. Speak your truth, if there are things that have been left unsaid, take the time now to express them. Stand up for what you believe and for what is right. Find your own voice among many. Know that it is going ok and that you will be loved and accepted by the Divine. Don’t let fear be your guide, but allow honesty to guide you. The more you live your personal truth, the more clearly the Divine can move and work through you. There is something to be said about the expression “The Truth Shall Set You Free!” It will give you the freedom to be unapologetic who you are.

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Midweek Spread 11/05/14 GypsyMoons.com


Goddess Guidance 10-24-14

It feels like I haven’t done a spread in forever! But I am back now and getting into my normal routine! Today is Venus Day so let’s see which Goddess has stepped forward on your behalf for this week! I got a new deck this week it is the Chakra Insight Oracle cards from Caryn Sangster and so I wanted to use them in conjunction with the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. To participate all you to do is select a card or cards from the spread and then scroll below to reveal the message the Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!

Goddess Guidance 10-24 001

Goddess Guidance 10/24/14 http://www.GypsyMoons.com

The messages have been revealed. Listen to them with an open heart and know that the Divine Feminine will aid you during this time. Take time this week to connect with her and see what other messages or lessons she may have for you.

Card #1 Lakshmi “Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.”

Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess and the embodiment of abundance. She is connected to the element of water, the Lotus flower and elephants. She works hand in hand with Ganesh the “Great remover of obstacles”. Both together they can help you overcome any fears you may have and facilitate the blossoming of abundance in your life. Her message is to let you know that your needs will always be met. Take time to center yourself and really understand and accept this truth. The Third Eye Chakra came out in tandem with Lakshmi, which is telling you to trust your inner intuition and let it guide your way. Trust that you are connected to the Divine and you will make the right choices as long as you listen to your inner wisdom.  Fill your heart with gratitude and plant the seeds of positive thoughts and intentions for your life and let your higher-self lead the way. If you like to give her an offering place some rice, coins and basil on your altar’s offering bowl.

Card #2 Isolt, Undying Love – “The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

Isolt is a Celtic goddess trapped in a tragic love between King Mark of Cornwall and Sir Tristan. Because of her own experiences with relationships and love, Isolt brings her energies to help in matters of relationships of love, including familial, romantic and friendships. She comes forward to let us know this is the time to heal our heart. The fact that this goddess came forward with the Inner Child Chakra card it is telling you that you need to find, embrace and let that inner child shine through. When we live our lives coming from a place of playfulness, innocence and full of wonder everyday becomes a pleasure to be lived.  Connecting with our inner child as well as Isolt it brings healing to the heart. Know that you are an eternal being having a physical experience and take the time to let to feel awe and wonder once again. Light a pink or green candle in her honor and meditate using either a rose quartz over your heart or any green stone to activate your heart chakra center. Isolt is associated with white items and the divine white light so keep this in mind when you are looking to honor her this week.

Card #3 – Mawu, Mother Earth – “You are called upon to help with environmentalism.”

Mawu is a West African moon goddess who’s believed to have created all life with her husband sun god Liza. She helps those who call upon her to learn how to live in harmony with nature. She ensures that our needs are abundantly supplied without harming the planet. She heralds the message of being more mindful on how you use mother earth’s resources. Get involved in helping the environment heal. Do your part in your everyday life and participate in a mother earth healing ceremony. I find fascinating how this goddess came forward with the Divine Consciousness Chakra card, she is reiterating to you that you and Earth are interconnected; we are all part of that Oneness, part of the Divine.  We have to stop living for the me, we have to start seeing that if we do not take care of nature we are not taking care of ourselves. We are as much part of her as she is part of us. It is time to take the matter into our own hands and be the change we want to see. Take care of Mother Earth, the way she takes care of you! You can honor her this week by feeding birds, maybe spreading some flowering plant seeds by the side of road or just by walking barefooted on the ground. Or you can just take some time out of your busy day to journey to her and ask her how you can honor her and help her heal from all the damage we have caused.

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Goddess Guidance 10/24/14 http://www.GypsyMoons.com

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