Tea Leaf Fortune Cards 08-20-2014

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this week!

Last week in my Facebook page I asked which deck you liked best and a lot of you chose the Tea Leaf Fortune cards however I had never done a reading in my Facebook page with them. So today’s spread was drawn with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn. This deck has 200 cards so I decided to draw 3 cards for the week. The first one is the astral house and the other 2 relate to it. Let’s see what message they bring for you! Choose the top, middle or bottom row!

Top Row – Marriage, Mule, Angel

This spread wants to bring your awareness to the relationship you have with your loved one. The second card is the Mule and it says that you need to sit down and evaluate things very carefully. At times we may lose those things that matter most to us because we are just to stubborn to change or because we choose to not be flexible. At times we need to focus in the end goal and that goal is to be happy together and you should not sweat the small stuff. Don’t be so rigid that it impacts negatively your relationship. I am not saying to be a push over but what I am saying is to pick and choose your battles wisely. The Angel card came forth to let you know that spiritual guidance is there available to you when dealing with our loved ones. Know that you are in a safe and protected environment and that it is ok to open your heart.


Middle Row – Success, Barrel, Horse

This spread is asking you how you feel about the overall success of your life in general terms. How successful do you feel? Then it is followed by the Barrel which directly asks you, do you feel like something is missing? Perhaps love, money or goals? This important because if we don’t have a clear picture of what we want or where we want to be, we start to just wonder aimlessly through our lives, never accomplishing much. These cards are coming forward to let you know this is the time to sit down and analyze where we are and where we want to be. This is the time to create new goals for yourself and do course correction where it is needed to ensure your success. The last card of the spread is the Horse which means that it might take a personal journey to find these things out. You might consider going to a quiet place in nature to get away from it all so that you can find the clarity of the mind. Or if you do employ shamanic practices in your life then maybe this is the time to go within and do some journey-work to obtain guidance.


Bottom Row – Love, Bow, Kangaroo

This spread comes to remind you that you are loved. You need to open your heart to not only the love of others but to your own love. You need to pay attention to your Heart Chakra. The next card is Bow which is serving as a reminder that those around you, not only love you but they hold you in high regards. They see the value in you, so make sure that you see the value in yourself as well. The last card in this spread is the Kangaroo which is letting you know that there will be a moment during this week in which it might be a little bit emotionally draining but if you know this ahead of time then you can be ready. Don’t let it get to you, and when the situation arises remember to come from a place of love.



Call Upon the Horse!

Lady in White and Horse Picture

The horse is a noble animal. He is kind, intelligent and has been associated with fertility and sexuality. He is also a symbol of freedom, power, beauty, grace, strength and nobility. In the Chinese zodiac horse people are friendly, adventurous and passionate. In Greek mythology, the winged horse Pegasus was the source of inspiration and poetry. The horse also played an important role in the Hindu story of Ramayana where the King Dasa-ratha sets a magnificent horse free to obtain the favor of the gods which granted him 4 sons who were the avatar of Vishnu who is the preserver of life. It was also linked to Varuna and as such it is synonym to the cosmos.

The Celts associated the horse with war and its attributes of victory, conquering and longevity. He was also associated with valor which they hailed as the animal belonging to the Sun god, and the goddess Epona is also associated with the horse. Just like the Celts the Greco-Romans also associated the horse with victory of war, honor, domination and virility. In the Greco-Roman myth the horse is said to be created by Poseidon (Neptune) and is devoted to Hades (Pluto) and Ares (Mars). Romans also believed the Horse to be a symbol of the continuity of life, and would sacrifice a horse to the god Mars every October, keeping its tail through the winter as a sign of fertility and rebirth.


In the Native American cultures the horse is seen as a symbol that combines the grounded power of the earth with the whispers of wisdom found in the spirit winds (air). It has long been honored as a helper, messenger, and harbinger of spirit knowledge. Shamans sometimes refer our drums as the horses that take us in to non-ordinary reality. The horse was one of the first animals that I connected with when I started in my shamanic path. I still remember so clearly how it profoundly moved me when I hugged him, it felt as I have always known him. He was brought to me by  my teacher. The love was there instantly. It was like reconnecting with a family member who you haven’t seen in a very long while. I rode him many times during my visits to the realms. The picture of the horse below, looks very similar to my spirit horse.


If you are on a journey and you interact with a horse it could mean that you are about to start a new unexpected journey which will move very quickly once you have started it. It is also a time to claim your freedom physically and emotionally from negative aspects in your life. You may be experiencing some difficult times in which you needs it stamina and strength to get you through it. He is here to let you know that this is the time to call on your inner warrior balanced with sensitive, patience and compassion. It can also be reminding you that teamwork is important that when working together there is nothing we can’t  accomplish.



Call upon the Horse when…

… you feel held back by external circumstances or outdated beliefs and you want to break free.

… you are feeling like a victim and blaming others for your situation because you don’t feel empowered and in control.

… you have an urge to travel and explore new places but have doubts or fears.

… your energy is low and you need a boost in your strength or stamina.

… you know it is time to deepen your spiritual practice but don’t know how to do it.

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