Psychic Tarot and Oracle Card Mid-Week Spread 07-16-14

This is my midweek spread. This week I decided to draw guidance from the Psychic Tarot and Oracle Cards by John Holland. In order to participate all you have to do is choose a card from the picture below then scroll down to see which card it is and the message it contained for you. Enjoy!


Every week when I do these spread at times I see trends. Last week there was a lot of cleansing and grounding. This week there is a lot of paying attention to our energetic centers and bringing things into balance.

Card #1 Throat Chakra

This card comes forward to bring your awareness to the Throat Chakra. This Chakra functions to facilitate communication and creativity. It telling you that is the times to speak your truth but don’t forget to come from a place of love. Use your heart Chakra to inspire the words that come out so that you can truly express yourself in a positive way. You also need to explore new creative ways of self-expression in which you can bring into manifestation your emotions, feelings and desires. At the end of the day, what does it matter what we feel if we don’t express it. Expression is vital to our connection with others and creativity makes our heart sing. So take time this week to bring your throat Chakra into balance and remove any blockages that you may have.

Card #2 Heart Chakra

This card comes forward to bring awareness to your Heart Chakra. This Chakra functions to facilitate the expression of compassion and love to yourself and others. This is the time to really take a good look at how our heart center is working. Are we being compassionate? Are we genuinely loving and accepting ourselves and others for who they are. This is the perfect time to give forgiveness to those who have wronged you including yourself. Not for their sake but for yours. This is the time to show your love and affection to those around you and really let them know how you feel about them. This is the time to remind ourselves to come from a place of love when we are reacting under the influence of anger or hurt. It is easy to love when there we are happy and loved. It is a total different story to do so when you are in anger or when you hurt. You must let go of those negative feelings and emotions that are not allowing your heart chakra to spin freely and let the love of the Universe flow freely through you. Fill your heart with unconditional love and gratitude and you will see how much happier and healthier you will be.

Card #3 Temptation

This card comes to you as a warning that your material desires and pleasures may not in balance. This is the time to take a closer look and identify self-limiting behaviors and to see if we are exercising self-control. Take the time to become aware of when you may be exhibiting addictive behaviors. This imbalance usually occurs when we consciously or unconsciously pull away from our connection to the Divine and spiritual matters. We start to nourish our soul through material and mundane things. This is the time to remind ourselves of what is truly important in life and to realize that you have the power within you, to free yourself from any unwanted behavior. It is the time to break free and reconnect with a truly nourishing deep connection with the Divine. It is not the easy but you can do it, you will gain strength and character as you overcome this challenge.



Rose Moon 2014


This month, the Full Moon falls on Friday the 13th. Friday being the day of the goddess and 13 the number of moon cycles in a year. All symbols of the divine feminine. This full moon is in Capricorn and though the energies of Capricorn lend themselves to do works in the matters of organization, ambition, recognition, career and political matters. I am focusing my intention to connect with Capricorn’s association with the element of  earth. However if you have a need in the areas previously mentioned, this moon might be very useful for you.

rose moon

This moon is known as the Rose Moon because at this time in the year when roses are in full bloom, which you might have already noticed. My roses are in the process for being full bloom but they are not quite there yet. 🙂 During this time there are a lot of weddings, hand-fastings and romance. As we draw closer to Midsummer the fairies are also feasting and having a great time! So this is a time of great joy and beauty not only in nature but also in our lives.


This moon is the perfect  time to do spell-work around the theme of Love. You can choose to create an Ally Bag of Stones or Mojo Bag to bring forth love in every possible way. Not just the romantic one but in loving lasting friendships and stronger loving familial bonds. There is also a love that is often overlooked and  that is self-love. This is a good opportunity to do work around self-love, connecting and activating the Heart Chakra. On this Friday the 13th there will be 3 Venus hours, (5:14 am-6:30 am), (2:06 pm – 3:22 pm) and (9:54 pm – 10:38 pm) I would suggest to use any of these 3 time slots to work your magick, just to give it extra energy. Remember intent is everything and lets respect free will! Let your higher-self and the Universe bring to you what is best for you, they know best!

Love Ally Bag of Stones (my personal combination)

  • Rose Quartz – which promotes peace, happiness, fidelity, romance and it brings love to where ever it is.
  • Mookite –  bestows a positive attitude towards life and a desire to intensely experience relationships.
  • Rhodonite – allows you to let go of past emotional burdens, so that you may enjoy the new love when it comes.
  • Rhodocrosite – which brings love, eroticism and sexuality into the mix!

To this bag you can choose to add some herbs like:

  • Rose petals
  • Yarrow
  • Lavender


If ritual baths is your cup of tea (like it is for me) you can make your own Love Bath Salts. You can make an oil blend from a well-known recipe or you may have your own (also recipes are guidelines, just use what you have). Then add 20 drops of this to the bath salt base. If you so choose you can also add to the bath water the stones from your Ally Bag to increase the energies. I find that baths are an incredible way to connect with Source and to connect your own sacred Divine Feminine. There is nothing like a window open, bringing in the rays of the full moon. The room smells wonderful, it is softly lit by pink candles that have been dressed with the love oil and just easing in to the bath it is just a wonderful physical experience! Want to add more energy share your bath with someone you love…

Love Oil 

  • 7 drops of Rose Oil
  • 3 drops of Jasmine Oil
  • 3 drops of Patchouli Oil
  • 7 drops of Dragon’s Blood Oil
  • 2 oz of Base Oil

Bath Salt Base

  • 1/4 Baking Soda (to help distribute the oil)
  • 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup of Seas Salt
  • 10-20 drops of Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend (Dark Moon or Gemini Oil or your own personal creation!)
  • A few drops of food coloring if you like (optional)
  • Dried herbs of your choosing (optional)

Whatever you decide to do on this Full Moon I hope you enjoy it to the max! As long as you take a moment to honor the day and the energies within it, that is all it really matters! The rest, is just the frosting on the cake! Many blessings and enjoy the Rose Moon of June!

Chakralicious! Heart, Rising from the Ashes


Heart Guardian Journey

This journey was the hardest for me to do. I went in and I was a top of a plateau. It was a beautiful scene, it was serene. I felt like I was very high and I can see the bottom below however I was still touching the land not floating. Then I heard a cry and when I look up I see this beautiful phoenix flying above and he swoops down by me. As I was mesmerized by it, I all of sudden find myself having monkey brain. I saw flashes of different images, which I have no recollection of them at all. Then there was nothingness… I was gone, not sure for how long but I was gone. I was woken up by my spiritual teacher, he said “come on there is work to be done”. As he said this, the bird majestically approached me and I can truly get a sense of how huge his wing span was. He was flapping his wings in front of me. I felt the breeze and the moving of my hair and I see he has an egg in his talons. I extended my arms out and he places it in my hands with great care. I started to hear in the background the guided meditation asking me to come back and so I did.



Basic Information and Insights

The Heart Chakra is ruled by the element of Air. It’s affirmation is “I am filled with unconditional love” and it’s mantra is OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA. The Heart Chakra deals with balance, love and self-acceptance. For me the sumerian deities associated with this Chakra are Inanna the goddess of love and war and Ninlil the Lady of the Air, consort to the great God of Air Enlil.

Once back, I started to think about what the egg symbolizes to me and what it symbolizes is a new beginning. Like the phoenix that rises from its ashes and rises yet again as a new creature unlike the first one, it is just showing me the cycle of life, death and rebirth, which in simple terms, it is the cycle of beginnings and endings. And this thought led me to think of my darling Goddess Inanna which embodies herself, with her Decent into the Underworld, this very cycle. As I am writing this, the song from Lisa Thiel’s Song to Inanna is playing in my head. Now as I apply this to the matters of my heart, I understand that for every love lost and new one comes and sometimes we must not just work to be better people but we need to completely start anew. There are  times in our lives that we love ourselves unconditionally, and some others in which we loath who we are. At times we starve our own selves from love and we seek for it in the wrong places instead of within ourselves. I am very guilty of such of act against myself. I am my harshest critic. I am so unforgiving and unwilling to move on from the mistakes that I have made. I think the phoenix is here to remind me that I can put an end to my own suffering and start anew.  A brand new creature unlike the previous one with the whole world before her and infinite possibilities. It also brings forth the realization that I do have to love myself unconditionally Always not sometimes. That I have to truly accept myself for who I am, not for who I wish I could be. That I need to forgive myself for giving others the power to destroy my self-love, my self-worth and reclaim it as my own. I alone must be the judge, always remembering to come from a place of love, and no just any love but unconditional love.


I struggled a lot to write this particular blog. I kept wondering why am I so afraid to just open myself and have the experience. The reason why is because there is a lot of hurt. Hurt from things of the past, hurt from previous life times in which I struggled with self-acceptance and suffered for being who I was. I know that still, this very day, I still struggle with the fact that my father felt that I was unworthy of his love. I struggle with the fact of how I have disappointed my mother in so many ways by not having the same values or beliefs as she does, or by not living my life the way she wanted me to or how she wanted me to. By not achieving some important goals in my life due to my own mistakes. I don’t like hurt and exploring and diving into this Chakra did just that. It showed me my scars and in a way, it poked them and forced me to reevaluate certain beliefs and emotions. After all this time, after all the work I have done, it still hurts and I guess it will always hurt to a certain extent. Just like when I think of good things, it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. It is part of life and this existence. It is part of how we learn about this reality and about ourselves. I just have to accept it, forgive myself and move on. I have to embrace all of me! I need to keep healing, keep loving and keep feeling. I need to be like a phoenix, I need to arise from my own ashes.



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