Becoming Venus – 2014-2015 Cycle


Back in December I heard the call of our ancient mother Inanna. She came to me and proposed that we get to know each other better. She planted in my heart the desire to have a stronger and better connection with the feminine divine. For a week I wondered how I would be able to do this or better yet where to start. So I did what I am accustomed to do, which is let my higher self know what I want, then let my desire be known to the Universe and let them work things out. Not even a week after that I logged in to my Facebook account and saw an invitation to a workshop about the Venus the Cycle which applied the account of Inanna’s Decent into the Underworld. I immediately knew this is what I must do so I accepted the invitation and was looking forward to our first the meeting.

Our first meeting came and it was everything I expected and more, I soon began to realized that what I had signed up for was not just a class on how the Venus Cycle and Inanna’s Decent correlate but that we would actually embark in the journey ourselves. We were going to become Venus, we were going to go through the gates and the experiences that Inanna encountered while in the underworld. So I will be writing some blogs about my experiences and feelings through out this journey. The cycle commenced on January 11th which coincidentally was the day that my shaman drum circle met for the first time. It was a great day! Wonderful people attended the circle and I really felt a wonderful energy.

We still had two weeks prior to the cycle starting so as homework we decided to take a special time on the Fridays preceding January 11th to meditate, connect with her in a more intentional way. The first time I connected with her was while I was driving (I know dangerous but what can I say I get in the zone quite easily), I saw a woman who looks like Mother Mary (which it was interesting because I have never had any interest or connection to her during my christian years) sitting beside a river beckoning me to join her. Unfortunately since I was driving, that was not the right time to continue along with the journey. So I made a note of it and decided to go back to it as soon as I had the open time to just do some journey-work. Throughout the days while doing some of my tasks, the vision of her kept popping into my mind and so I knew that she wanted to connect rather sooner than later. Once I was done with all my mundane tasks I took a moment and let go and visited with her.

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As I entered the Underworld it was dark night however the stars were shinning brightly in the sky. The river was absolutely beautiful, reflecting that gorgeous night sky. It was moving fast but it was calm. She was sitting to my left and she beckoned me from the distance to come over and sit beside her on the rock. As I approached her, I felt the dew on the grass and as I grew near she extended her hand and I took it. She pulled me in and just held me in a hug just overlooking the water. Not a word was said. Just sitting in silence contemplating the beautiful scenery. Feeling utterly loved, accepted and it felt like a maternal connection. I have to say I felt her warmth throughout my body. I felt so at ease, so just wonderfully connected. There were no words said but I felt understood. I was overwhelmed by a love that really felt unconditional. As time progressed I knew it was time for me to leave. I got up gave her a hug a kiss and told her that I would be back and she motioned her head in a way that said I’ll be waiting. I felt recharged, I felt as I could take on the world.

As I came back I started to wonder who she was. I had the chance to ask her but I didn’t. I felt so comfortable and the time we spent together felt so intimate that it didn’t even cross my mind to ask! Now I was kicking myself ass. So what does my heart knows to be true about her, I know she is full of love, she can appreciate beauty, she values silence and perfect maternal love emanates from her. She is ever forgiving and understanding and you get the sense that she not only accepts you for who you are but loves you in that manner as well. I consider myself lucky to have had a wonderful mother but like many of us they too are having their own journey and I didn’t quite felt loved in such a manner by her. I always feel judged and I find myself feeling like I am a disappointment to her in many ways. We have very different views of the world around us and our lives couldn’t be any more different. I know that I have committed mistakes in our relationship but I do love her very much and I want her to be happy. As I write all this, I am beginning to understand why this aspect of her would decide to present itself to me. It is probably the easiest and fastest way she could find  to enter my heart, she was I guess everything I really needed at that moment in time.

On the start of the cycle, January 11th I journeyed with the intent of connecting with Inanna herself. I  asked my teacher if he would take me to her and so he did. Once in her presence she greeted me like my closest of female friends would. She was young and full of life. She was certainly in her maiden aspect, full of vitality. There were others there present as well. Everyone was talking and sharing with each other. It felt almost like I was at a party. We talked very casual about my personal goals during this Venus cycle and then we danced, danced and danced some more! We were having such a great time! My teacher came for me as it was time for me to return and so I bid her farewell. During my visit with her I felt happy, carefree and as if I had just spent a day with my best friends. It was truly a very joyful experience.


On January 17th I woke up in a mood of self-care. I looked at the mirror and noticed that I needed to give myself some TLC! As a mother of 4 children and being that is the middle of winter I have let myself go. I had this desire in my heart to make myself feel beautiful and irresistible. I did my regular mom and wife morning duties and then I was off to my bedroom. I looked up my YouTube chant playlist and turned it up. I entered the shower and before I realized it, I am chanting up a storm! I come out, I meticulously take care of long hair and start grooming myself. A few hours later my husband comes in and he looks at me with a spark on his eyes and tells me how beautiful I look and that I looked like a goddess. I laughed as I gave him a big kiss and then the thought crossed my mind. I am becoming Venus! I then login in to my FB and see that today was the day that Venus is once again visible as the Morning Star. Then a little voice in me said now wonder I had such an urge and on top of that it was Friday, Her day! I took at that moment some time to connect with her and let her know that I appreciate it and valued the way she connected with me on this day. I am so looking forward to this journey that I have embarked on with Her and my fellow spiritual friends. I am very interested in seeing how my spiritual life is changed and how much better my relationship with the Divine Feminine will be once this cycle ends in 19 months.


Yuletide Blessings To You!


Tomorrow will be Yule! A Sabbath which brought hope of new beginnings to our ancestors. When they were reminded that once again, the sun will rise and longer days are to come. Many of us celebrate this joyous Sabbath in many different ways, but one thing remains the same, and it is the joy that we share with each other and the hope of a new year filled with promise.

Yule is here and now we must take some time to honor all of the experiences and lessons that we have  learned this past year. For me personally, this year have been very challenging and at the same time I have experienced spiritual growth and for that, I am thankful and I feel blessed. As the Sun is reborn again, Venus is at her highest position in the heavens calling us to commune with her during this special time. As she goes retrograde for the next 40 days, it gives us the proper time for inward and outward reflection on where we have been, where we are and where we want to be. During this time of reflection we can also figure out how we can be of better service those around us and our role in our families and communities. She is granting us the time to make proper plans for this upcoming year and with Saturn’s presence we feel compelled to let go of what no longer serves us. In other words this is the perfect time to come up with our New Year Resolutions! 🙂 There is no better time than now to honor our Great Mother as well as our Great Father for all the blessings they bring into our lives.


As the Oak King regains control of the seasons once again and the days grow longer and warmer, he brings with him the hope of new life that we all need during our dark times. Things will get better and abundance will return once again to the land. May you be merry on this special day and may the magic of this day lasts you the whole year through!

This is the perfect time to make and charge a Peace and Harmony Herb blend as well as Happy Family blend for future spell work. My personal blend recipes are below, in case you want to craft them. If you don’t have all of the herbs it is ok, just use what you have. While you are blending the herbs together have a clear intent of what attributes you want to activate and bring forth into the blend and the goal of the blend itself.

Peace and Harmony Herbal Blend – the intent is to bring peace and harmony to a situation, place or person

  • Marjoram – Love and happiness
  • Lavender – Love, happiness and peace
  • St. John’s Wort – Happiness, love and protection
  • Violet – Love and peace
  • Vervain – Love and Peace
  • Blue lace Agate – Peace, happiness and love (I always like to add a stone)

Happy Family Herb Blend – the intent is to bring abundance, joy, healing, love and passion to the family

  • Allspice- Abundance, luck, healing
  • Angelica – Child protection, peace in home, faith in marriage, protection and strength for women (let’s face it, we are usually the ones that are holding everything together)
  • Lavender – Love, Protection, happiness, peace
  • Marjoram – Protection, love, happiness, health, money and relieves depression
  • Nutmeg – Luck, attracts money and fidelity.
  • Vervain – Love, protection, peace,healing
  • High John – Love, success and happiness
  • Gold Lodestone stone – to attract love, protection and prosperity (I always like to add a stone or two)
  • Pink Quartz – unconditional love and love in the family

Wishing you a very merry Yule and may the new year bring you blessings abound!

Aspects of Yule

Time of deepest darkness
The God is born anew
Seedling in the frozen earth
Awaiting springtime dew.

The ground, an icy wasteland,
Though neighbors hearts are warm
We share our goods with everyone
So no one comes to harm.

Snow lies on her shoulders
Frosted mantle for her hair
Winter’s Queen is giving birth
The Goddess, always there

The sun is growing brighter.
It happens every year
Promising return of light
For sod and oak and deer

Stag King, his mighty antlers
Rising from a drift
Leaps for the hunter’s arrow
Just as strong and swift

He knows his time has ended
He is heading to the plain
Where joy caresses memory
Like softly summer rain

New fawn takes his first step,
The buck he will become.
After the time of knowing
A new year has begun.

By: Zephir Lioness


The Card of the Day is Solar Plexus Chakra!

Today it is a nice gray day out which is influencing me to be a little lazy! I have been working so hard in getting everything ready for the new school year that I have had very little time for myself. Today I have a list of errands that I need to run however I am feeling the desire of letting them wait just one more day! 🙂 So I sat at my desk with psychic deck at hand and asked my guides, guardians and the Universe to share with me a message that I should keep in mind. My intent was to draw one card and the card that I drew was the Solar Plexus Chakra card.


For those who are not familiar with this Chakra it is located between the sternum and naval (I usually identify it where I feel my butterflies). It’s color is yellow in color and its Sanskrit name is “Manipura” which means “Lustrous Gem”. It is ruled by the element of fire and it’s ruling planets are Mercury, Mars and the Sun. The signs related are Leo, Aries and Gemini. Some stones that you can use to invigorate this Chakra are Rhodocrosite, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Calcite. The key words to this card is “I CAN” this Chakra rules your personal power and wisdom.

I know exactly why this card was my message of the day. As of September 1st  I am embarking on my journey of helping others and as a good air sign that I am, I tend to over think things. I always can come up with a reason on why I am not ready, though I feel a great urge (and push from my higher self)  to  help others. Many people have found my help useful and many have encourage me to go down this path but why, oh why do I keep questioning how capable I am? The reason is because I over think things. I keep thinking one more workshop, one more book… But the truth is that I am ready, I am ready to start getting the experience of helping others. After all what value does it have for me to acquire so much knowledge if I am not going to share it with others or allow others to benefit for it as well.

So this is what I have to say to the Universe! Watch out here I come! I am going to roll up my sleeves and help those that want or need my help. I am going to start acquiring the practical knowledge. I be honest, I am scared to embark on something so important to me. I am scared to put myself out there but how can I live my life and not do so? One of my first official steps was to get the support of my husband and family which was not difficult at all. My husband was the one who I attribute of re directing me back to my path. I remember him encouraging me to take a basic psychic class at Kindred Spirits. When he picked me up he said that I was glowing of happiness! and I was. It felt as if I had found once again something that I had lost. From there on I have just been growing more and more. The next big important step was to notify my Aunt Anna about my decision to walk this path. In my family in every generation there has been one that has been called to do the work and no one of my generation had claimed the path. So when I called her on the phone (she lives in NYC) and told her what my intentions were and the path which I have committed myself to walk, she was so very happy! I was beside myself to receive her blessing and acceptance. It meant the world to me to hear my aunt be so happy that of my generation, I was the lucky one to hold torch. She has always been an inspiration to me and others, and I am blessed to have her support. Now if my mom could only be so happy and open! She is a devote 7th Day Adventist and though she is accepting of the craft she has difficulty with accepting my different views and believes.

So what is this card telling me? It is telling me to be strong and to know that I CAN be of service to others! So what does message mean to you? In what aspect of your life does the I CAN attitude be applied to? What and how have you been doubting yourself? Are you judging yourself too harshly? Are you limiting yourself? I Say go forth! Follow your passion! Live the life you want and may you find happiness and fulfillment in it. If you want to share some of your “I CAN” moments with me, feel free to leave a comment!


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