Storm Full Moon 2015


This full moon goes void of course very quickly, so better keep your ritual short and sweet. The full moon enters Virgo at 12:06 pm CST and goes Void of Course at 12:36 pm CST until Friday at 7:52 pm CST. This will be the last full moon of Winter. The energies of balance, rebirth and renewals are upon us! We will turn the wheel of the year once again during this Spring Equinox. We will say good bye to the Winter and we will welcome with open arms and heart, Spring!

This moon is known by many names, some of the additional ones are the Crow Moon, Sap Moon or the Worm Moon. It is known as the Crow Moon because during this time we start to see the crows being more active thanks to the fact that it is thawing out and there is more food available. Talking about food it is also known as the Worm Moon (named by the Algonquin Tribes) because during this time the worms start making it’s appearances and therefore birds like the crow have food once again and we start seeing the signs of Spring. It is also known as the Sap Moon because during this time maple tree’s are tapped to collect their wonderful sap!


Virgo is very practical, it is known for facilitating integration, synthesis and digestion of events and emotions.The fact that the moon will be void of course for so long it actually give us ample time to sit down and take a look within to see what are out true motives for doing the things we do. It gives us the time to take inventory and make course correction where is needed. This moon will bring a lot of clarity so that you are now able to see things that you couldn’t see before. During this moon, Venus is in Astrea which also lends its energies to do works that aid emotional healing. This paired up with the clarity can actually be the perfect combinations of energies to be able to get over that person that we have let go. We can see things more clearly and we can actually heal and move on. So for all those transitioning out of a long term relationship this is the perfect time to completely cut ties and heal.

Magically speaking once again with have great energies that allows use to do a lot different kinds of works during. If you are focusing your efforts in doing a healing ceremony (like myself) keep it short and sweet be practical. 🙂 Because of the nature of this moon being void of course for so long and introspection is a great way to utilize this time I think working with gem elixirs is the way to go instead of soaking in a bath. There is something about taking something within while going within. So I will be recommending a few gem elixirs to aid your works!


If you decide to focus on the healing of emotional wounds or healing from a break up. The best elixir you can take during this time of introspection and the days to follow is a liberation and forgiveness gem elixir.

Gem Elixir for Liberation and Forgiveness

  • 1 Bottle of Voss Water (or distilled/spring very low mineral content water <200 mg/L ideal or 500 mg/L)
  • Mookite – gives you a positive attitude towards life, brings inner peace and help process experiences.
  • Obsidian (Snowflake) – for dissolution of the ties of the old wounds, it relieves anxiety, tension and shock.
  • Rhodonite – allows you to forgive and to let go of emotional burdens and emotional damage.


Snowflake Obsidian




This is a strongly effective elixir and it is suitable to be used long term. You can use direct method safely for its creation (placing the stones directly inside the water). The dosage is 4-8 oz at a time. You can drink this in the morning and throughout the day.

If you are focusing this time of introspection to look for a solution to a problem, to evaluate the direction of your life or a relationship and/or reassessing your goals. You might want to use a gem elixir that brings you clarity and truthfulness to you. This way you can fully make use of the clarity that this moon will bring and you can amplify its effect.

Gem Elixir for Clarity and Truthfulness

  • 1 Bottle of Voss Water (or distilled/spring very low mineral content water <200 mg/L ideal or 500 mg/L)
  • Clear Quartz – brings clarity, awareness, understanding and good perception.
  • Sodalite – brings awareness and aids you to find your personal truth and loyalty to oneself.
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz



This is a strongly effective elixir. You can use direct method safely for its creation (placing the stones directly inside the water). The dosage is 4-8 oz at a time. You can drink this in the morning and throughout the day.

So, whatever works you decide to do during this full moon may it be bring you blessings, healing and happiness for you!


  • Various Astrological Forecasts for the day (Anne Ortelee, Kelly Hunter and Astrolore- Laurie)
  • Gem Water by Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel

Long Nights’ Full Moon 2014



This full moon is commonly known as the Long Nights full moon because it is the time of the year in which the nights are the longest. As we grow closer to the Winter solstice and the the night will once again grow shorter. During this time of darkness it is a good time to evaluate the past year and leave the dark times behind you. There is a very simple ritual that you can perform to ofcu on purification and trust of what is to come. I found it in the Witches’ Datebook 2014 and it is by James Kambos and it goes as follows:

“Cover your altar with a white cloth, representing a future shrouded in mystery. Honor the Moon by lighting one white candle. Before the candle, lay one pine branch. Meditate about this past year and what your hopes are for the next year. In an act of purification, brush yourself with the pine branch from head to toe and say:

During this, the darkest time of the year,

Long Nights Moon keep me safe and free from fear.

I trust in the future, I trust fate,

I trust in the Divine Spirit and whatever awaits.”

candle cover corrected

Picture by Katherine Bernitt

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer of the celestial bodies. Chiron is having a big impact during this full moon and so it brings with it great energy that we can use to do works to release emotional and address outstanding healing issues. This full moon is in Gemini which means that generally works that are related to communication, self -expression, the way we connect to the community, Throat Chakra balancing and travel are good to do during this time. You can also focus this moon for physical healing ritual for ailments of the shoulder, arms, hands or lungs.

As for me and my works, since Gemini is influenced by Chiron I think I will focus my intentions on healing my emotional self, maybe I will do a shamanic journey to get a ritual that I can perform to better my relationship with the community I am part of and to seek healing for any emotional hurts that I have been burying deep down below that involves others within my community. Our world is changing and it is at a fragile crucial state. We need to be agents of change and we need to bring tolerance, love and compassion into our works and our communities. The better the emotional, mental and physical state we are personally in, the better we can serve and support our community.

Many blessings to you and happy magical workings!



  • Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2014
  • Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac
  • Community Conscious Magazine December 2014 Issue

Frost Moon in Taurus 2014


Frost Moon 2014

I hope you get to take some time on November 6th and celebrate the Magic of the Frost Moon. The full moon in November is called this way because typically by the time we start seeing the first signs of frost. In some of the early Celtic societies, November was considered the beginning of the new year, since it followed Samhain and they called this moon the Mourning Moon because they took the time to ponder on all the things that they now leave behind and the winter that is at their door. The time of hardships and survival is upon them and they mourn leaving behind the abundance they experienced in the past few months. This month’s full moon is in the sign of Taurus so it is the best time to work magic for love, real estate and any thing of material concerns. It is also the beginning of our new year this is a good time to shed your bad habits and toxic relationships, and get a fresh start. Work on developing and strengthening your connection with the Divine as well.

With the many options I have to do magical works with I think I will focus on material concerns this time around. During my ritual I will first honor and connect with the Crone Goddess through a journey. Then I will probably do a draw 3 card spread from my favorite deck and meditate in the message given. Then I will create a medicine bag to strengthen and stabilize my family’s abundance during this winter time. So whatever you do tomorrow night just make sure you take the time to honor and connect with the Divine.

Samhain Goddess The Crone by Arewn Grace

Samhain Goddess: The Crone by Arwens Grace (Angela Jayne Barnett)

Harvest Moon in Pisces 2014

harvest-moon (1)

The harvest moon historically have the themes of abundance and to celebrate the hearth and the home. This is the time they would start stock piling food for the winter which is close at hand. Usually this moon would provide with enough light that you can work a little later than normal while you harvest the fields. This is a moon in the sign of Pisces which is the healer of the zodiac, so performing healing magic during the full moon is a good way to send out wonderful energy to those who needed it. Pisces moon also lends good energies to do dream-work, to expand psychic abilities and practice your creative arts through music, painting, dancing and chanting.

Full Moon Pisces

Personally on this glorious full moon I will be raising energy through dance and chant to send out to all those souls who have asked to be added to my Healing Cauldron this month. I am so looking forward to tonight since I am getting together with a few ladies. We will be connecting this evening with the divine feminine by walking a labyrinth, chanting and dancing under the full moonlight! I am hoping that we are able to fit in a short guided journey to gather insight to further our spiritual growth.

images (1)

I am also very excited about a new book (that my friend Debi suggested) which I have recently added to my ever growing collection. It is titled 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco, in it you explore a goddess everyday of the year. It gives you a little bit of background about the goddess and how you can connect or honor her. Today’s goddess is Lan Caihe in the Buddhist tradition she is patron goddess of florists and gardeners. Her symbols are flowers and the flute and she is associated with nature and longevity. She is usually depicted with red shoes to establish her connection to the earth (root chakra) and is portrayed walking while playing the flute or carrying a basket full of flowers. I hope that our activities this evening of walking the labyrinth just as Lan Caihe walked the villages, chanting and dancing invites Lan Caihe to play her flute and revel with us, blessings us and sharing with us her energy.


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