Healing Cauldron for the 2015 Storm Moon

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! As times in the past I will be doing a Healing Cauldron ceremony on during the Storm Moon on March 5th. I am opening this ritual to those of you who are in need of healing and would like to be added to the Healing Cauldron. If you would like to be included please comment below and let me know what kind of healing you would like to be sent your way.

Many Blessings to you all!


I love this chant specially when I am performing healing ceremonies.

Air Moves Us by Reclaiming and Friends


Yuletide Blessings To You!


Tomorrow will be Yule! A Sabbath which brought hope of new beginnings to our ancestors. When they were reminded that once again, the sun will rise and longer days are to come. Many of us celebrate this joyous Sabbath in many different ways, but one thing remains the same, and it is the joy that we share with each other and the hope of a new year filled with promise.

Yule is here and now we must take some time to honor all of the experiences and lessons that we have  learned this past year. For me personally, this year have been very challenging and at the same time I have experienced spiritual growth and for that, I am thankful and I feel blessed. As the Sun is reborn again, Venus is at her highest position in the heavens calling us to commune with her during this special time. As she goes retrograde for the next 40 days, it gives us the proper time for inward and outward reflection on where we have been, where we are and where we want to be. During this time of reflection we can also figure out how we can be of better service those around us and our role in our families and communities. She is granting us the time to make proper plans for this upcoming year and with Saturn’s presence we feel compelled to let go of what no longer serves us. In other words this is the perfect time to come up with our New Year Resolutions! 🙂 There is no better time than now to honor our Great Mother as well as our Great Father for all the blessings they bring into our lives.


As the Oak King regains control of the seasons once again and the days grow longer and warmer, he brings with him the hope of new life that we all need during our dark times. Things will get better and abundance will return once again to the land. May you be merry on this special day and may the magic of this day lasts you the whole year through!

This is the perfect time to make and charge a Peace and Harmony Herb blend as well as Happy Family blend for future spell work. My personal blend recipes are below, in case you want to craft them. If you don’t have all of the herbs it is ok, just use what you have. While you are blending the herbs together have a clear intent of what attributes you want to activate and bring forth into the blend and the goal of the blend itself.

Peace and Harmony Herbal Blend – the intent is to bring peace and harmony to a situation, place or person

  • Marjoram – Love and happiness
  • Lavender – Love, happiness and peace
  • St. John’s Wort – Happiness, love and protection
  • Violet – Love and peace
  • Vervain – Love and Peace
  • Blue lace Agate – Peace, happiness and love (I always like to add a stone)

Happy Family Herb Blend – the intent is to bring abundance, joy, healing, love and passion to the family

  • Allspice- Abundance, luck, healing
  • Angelica – Child protection, peace in home, faith in marriage, protection and strength for women (let’s face it, we are usually the ones that are holding everything together)
  • Lavender – Love, Protection, happiness, peace
  • Marjoram – Protection, love, happiness, health, money and relieves depression
  • Nutmeg – Luck, attracts money and fidelity.
  • Vervain – Love, protection, peace,healing
  • High John – Love, success and happiness
  • Gold Lodestone stone – to attract love, protection and prosperity (I always like to add a stone or two)
  • Pink Quartz – unconditional love and love in the family

Wishing you a very merry Yule and may the new year bring you blessings abound!

Aspects of Yule

Time of deepest darkness
The God is born anew
Seedling in the frozen earth
Awaiting springtime dew.

The ground, an icy wasteland,
Though neighbors hearts are warm
We share our goods with everyone
So no one comes to harm.

Snow lies on her shoulders
Frosted mantle for her hair
Winter’s Queen is giving birth
The Goddess, always there

The sun is growing brighter.
It happens every year
Promising return of light
For sod and oak and deer

Stag King, his mighty antlers
Rising from a drift
Leaps for the hunter’s arrow
Just as strong and swift

He knows his time has ended
He is heading to the plain
Where joy caresses memory
Like softly summer rain

New fawn takes his first step,
The buck he will become.
After the time of knowing
A new year has begun.

By: Zephir Lioness


Honoring Those Who Came Before Us on Samhain Night

Samhain is here!!! The weather is not very nice today so I won’t be taking my children trick or treating this year but they will still dress up and pass out candy to those who will venture the ugly weather.

How have you gotten your Ancestor altar ready? Here is a picture of mine.

October 2013 067

On my Ancestor altar I honor those members of our family that have passed. I also place items that may have been belonged to them. Below is a picture of my maternal grandmother Carmen and grandfather Portalatin. I am still working on getting pictures of my paternal ones Senencia and Herminio. It is hard to get them because I never got to meet them in his lifetime and I am just now establishing a relationship with my biological father.

October 2013 068

On this frame there are more pictures because in my husband’s side of the family more members have passed. There is a picture of his mother Jeannine, her sister Bonnie and their parents Blanche and Joe. I was fortunate enough to meet Aunt Bonnie and Grandpa Joe, they were lovely people that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

October 2013 051

These pair of grandparents were inherited by my husband from Grandpa Joe and have become the focal point.

October 2013 070

On Samhain the family sits down and we (my husband and I) share some of our fondest memories of them with our children. We light candles throughout the month of October and even a few days after Samhain to honor them and we let them know that they are always welcomed in our home. Once I set up their memorial over the hearth the candles , the frames and the hearth are anointed with my own blend of Ancestor Oil.

Ancestor Oil Recipe

  • 4ml Almond Base Oil – to call forth their ancestral wisdom
  • 1ml Sesame Base Oil – to open the channels of communications
  • 1 drop Chamomile EO – to call forth love, protection, peace and purification
  • 2 drops Tahitian Gardenia – to call forth peace, love, protection and to attract the good spirits
  • 2 drops Rose EO  – to call forth love, peace, harmony
  • 3 drops Rosemary EO – to call forth peace, protection and remembrance for those who have passed
  • 1 drop Wormwood EO – to call forth protection, love and call out to their spirits
  • 3 Needles of Yew (herb) –  to call forth love, compassion and it is used for death rituals
  • 5 Needles of Rosemary (herb) – to call forth peace, protection and remembrance for those who have passed

***Please always research the materials used in this recipe for possible allergies and/or health risks***

How do you honor your ancestors? What little niche in your home do you dedicate to them?

How Journeywork Helped me Connect With my Ancestors

The first journey I had contact with an ancestor was one that I took about 2 months ago. My intent for the journey was an exploratory one and so I had asked my teacher to take me to a place I had never been to and so he did.  The journey started the usual way. I got on my horse and I rode him down in to the earth. I came out in a beautiful dark forest scenery which was a place in the underworld where I normally start out my adventures. To my right was a slow-moving river, black as the blackest night. There were no stars or moon out however it felt warm and balmy.  He held me by the hand and pulled me in to the river and so we swam. We started to swim deep down, the water felt very comfortable and I was enjoying myself very much. As we continued to swim down I saw that we were swimming towards a cave. We approached it and came out of the water to a dry and empty cave which was well-lit. Once there I saw only a rocker and a beautiful old lady working on something that I couldn’t see very well. She was quite, focusing on what she was doing. Her small hands busy, her hair was long and silvery. She was thin and petite. She saw me and my teacher approaching her and she looked up, acknowledge our presence but went back to whatever she was working on. I had an overwhelming feeling that it was family. So I asked my teacher if she was family to which he replied yes. Then I asked from which family tree she was and he said she was my maternal grandmother’s grandmother. I heard the call and so we started to journey back home. Once back in this ordinary world I had many questions that I wanted answers to.


In my ordinary life I was in the planning stages of making a rattle. As I mentally worked on this project, I would hear instructions on how to make it and the things that this rattle should and shouldn’t have. I kept hearing to add a pink quartz bead in it and I kept resisting doing so. I didn’t quite understand the importance of it but I had made up my mind that this item didn’t really needed to be part of it. Later that month I participated in a guided meditation in which the goal was to connect and with an ancestor. At that moment I obviously knew exactly where I was going. Once the drums started I knew that I had to go back to that cave and so there I was and there she was. Patiently she was still working on whatever she was working on which I was not yet able to quite see. I tried talking to her but she would just ignore me and then I asked my teacher why wouldn’t she talk to me. He replied why don’t you just sit down next to her. All of a sudden a second rocker appears and so I sit. Then I realized that now my hands are also busy doing something. I look at her and I asked what are we working on since I was still unable to see clearly what it was. She then replies, we are working on your rattle. She then tells me that the reason I need to add the rose quartz bead, is that it is to stand as a symbol and connection to her. She said that she is helping make this rattle. She explained the reason she was so adamant about adding the rose quartz bead is because she wants the love she has for me to be present and represented that way in the rattle. I told her that I was very thankful for all her help in making this rattle and that I will certainly add the rose quartz bead. I felt the warmth of her heart and mind blend together with mine in what felt like an embraced though we were still sitting down working. I heard the call and it was time for me to return. Once I started to actually work on the rattle I kept hearing her guiding me through the process. She was amused at the fact at how weird sewing with hide felt to me. I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet and work with my ancestor. This is a picture of my grandmother on her rocking chair. As I shared with her grandmother it made me remember her as well.


On this third journey my intent was to visit my grandfather which I was not very close to but I had sensed his presence in an area of the underworld that I had visited before. It was truly emotionally healing to see him. He was so happy to see me and he was so young-looking. He was so proud of all the vegetables and plants he had in his garden. He was just so genuinely happy to be there in this little cottage with lots of gardens around to tend. He even showed me a beautiful pumpkin, it was quite big! I asked him how he was and he answered that he was good and that he wanted to introduce me to his mom. I was shocked as I never expected this and I never had the pleasure of meeting her. I apologized for not coming sooner to see him and I apologized for not being as close to him as I should have had. He apologized for some of the mistakes that he had made but he reiterated how much he loved me and others in the family and how truly happy he was that I was there visiting. I asked about my grandmother. He said that she was not there. His expression was sad and pensive. He said that she had come back (I guess he meant that she was in the ordinary world again). It was not clear but I saw an image of her dancing, not sure what it meant, it could have been a memory. I heard the call and so I gave him and his mother a big hug and told him how happy I was to be there and that I would come again. I left feeling a much stronger bond between us. This is a picture of my grandfather and my grandmother when they were young.

Abuelita y Abuelo

I am so thankful that journey-work has provided me with the ability to interact and establish a stronger connection with my ancestors. I am also so happy and excited at the fact that ancestors come and help us without us really even asking for their help. They do so because they love us and they want to facilitate whatever they can during our journey in this lifetime. Have you journeyed and met ancestors this way as well? How was your experience?

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