The Wisdom of Trees Spread 07-21-14

I got a new deck last week and I have been itching to use it. So though I don’t normally post a spread on a Monday I have decided to do a spread today! So here we go! Today’s spread was drawn from the Wisdom of Trees Oracle Deck by Jane Struthers with the intent to receive a message that will uplift you at this moment in time.  In order to participate all you have to do is choose a card from the picture below then scroll down to see which card it is and the message it contained for you. Enjoy!


Card #1 Acacia

The Acacia tree brings you the message that you are well protected in your journey. Whatever, new endeavors or beginnings you are about to embark on, know and trust that Source is supporting you and keeping you safe. It is here to let you know that you can walk your path with total confidence. So do not be afraid to start that new venture or leave behind something that no longer serves you because you have Source in your corner.

Card #2  Eastern Cottonwood

The Eastern Cottonwood brings you the message that you are connected to everyone and everything. There is no separation between you and all other creation. It is telling to learn to connect with all things either living or inert. Learn to see their value, understand them, honor them and appreciate them. This tree is telling you that you need to change your perspective to a global one. You matter and what you do matters because it does not only affect you but everyone and everything around you. It is reminding you to see the big picture.

Card #3 Cedar of Lebanon

The Cedar of Lebanon was reversed and these cards are meant to be read in reverse. This tree brings you the message that though you may feel confused at times by all the options you have before you, you need to keep in mind that there is no perfect scenario. You need to stop second guessing yourself and do not allow yourself to be persuaded by others. You need to take control and make the decision that best suits you. Follow your inner voice and trust your intuition. Know that your higher self will lead you in the right direction. Don’t let short term gains or fixes interfere with your long term goals.



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