Goddess Guidance 04-10-15

Wow! It has been at least 4 months since I had the chance to sit down and do one of these spreads! All those soul retrieval case studies that I have done has kept me quite busy.

Now it is time for me to try to reestablish my old routine of doing these readings as some have approached me and asked for them. Spring is finally here and the new cycle has begun. We are shedding all that no longer serve us that was death with during the dead time of winter or what I like to call the time of introspection and relaxation! In the meantime everyone is getting ready to spent copious amount of hours in nature and under the warming sun!

This spread was drawn with this thought in mind. So relax and take a moment to yourself this week. All you have to do to participate is to select a card or cards from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue that are pictured below and then scroll below to reveal the message the Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


Goddess Guidance 04-10-15 Monica Tyler, Gypsy Moon’s Caravan

Card #1 Cordelia, Go Outside – “You have been indoors too long. Go Outside and get some fresh air.”

Tell me if this isn’t the perfect card for this time of the year. Though in some location it may still feel a little brisk just venture out and let our Father Sun touch your beautiful face and let him embrace you in his warm rays. Go out to nature and see Mother Earth come back to life! See the flowers just peeking through. Take the time to rejoice in the view of all the buds the trees have just waiting to open up and shower us with their bounty of color. Cordelia is the Celtic fairy goddess which watches over the flora over the Spring and Summer months. She is associated with Beltane when we welcome the summer season and Beltane is just around the corner! Enjoy the sun and enjoy the grass beneath your feet and let go of all the old energy that was built up during the winter time. She is here inviting you to once again to come and enjoy nature and receive all her wonder healing. Go out for a hike or pack up a picnic and share it with your loved ones. If you would like to connect or honor her you can release flowers in a body of water, or you can make an offering to the fairies. You can also choose to close your eyes under a grove of trees and connect with any nature spirits that have just awoken from the winter slumber or maybe you can go and see if you can photograph nature spirits with their permission of course. That is one of my favorite things to do. These are some of the nature spirits that I have had the pleasure of taking pictures of.

Anient Spirit

Ancient Tree Spirit, Monica Tyler Oct-12 Gypsy Moon’s Caravan

The Mole

The Mole, Monica Tyler Oct-12 Gypsy Moon’s Caravan

The Sentinel

The Sentinel Tree Spirit, Monica Tyler Oct-12 Gypsy Moon’s Caravan

Card #2 Isolt, Undying Love – “The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

Isolt is a Celtic goddess trapped in a tragic love between King Mark of Cornwall and Sir Tristan. Because of her own experiences with relationships and love, Isolt brings her energies to help in matters of relationships of love, including familial, romantic and friendships. She comes forward to let you know this is the time to heal your heart. To focus on the good and the love shared as oppose to the hurt that it may have caused.  Meditate to her and see what wisdom she may have for you in the matter at hand. Light a pink or green candle in her honor and meditate using either a rose quartz over your heart or any green stone to activate your heart chakra center. Isolt is associated with white items and the divine white light so keep this in mind when you are looking to honor her this week.

Card #3 Pele “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?.”

Pele is a Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, she is very strong and at time misunderstood. Her direct relation with the element of fire brings all those elemental qualities to her. Fire purifies, it helps us release the old so that new can come and ignites the passions within us. Without fire nothing could change as it is a catalyst for change in every aspect of our lives. Pele is coming to you to remind you what your real wants are and to establish new venues of creativity for you. To inspire you to go after what you really want. Take the time to commune with her and ask for guidance, whether is tis that you need motivation and excitement in your life or to just help you find your true passion. This is the time to set forth on new endeavors as new beginning are abound Burn the old so it can renew. She is a total goddess of transformation and renewal. Think about in all the ways that she can influence and help you during this time. If you want to honor her you can set your cauldron ablaze with your desires in it so that she can infuse them with passion and creativity. You can offer her red flowers or light a red candle in her honor.


Goddess Guidance 04-10-15 Monica Tyler, Gypsy Moon’s Caravan


Blood Full Moon Brings Balance and Sheds Light on the Unseen

There is a lot going on astrologically with this month’s full moon. However traditionally this moon is here to serve as a reminder that winter is just around the corner and that we are now in the dark half of the year. At this time the veil between the ordinary and non-ordinary worlds is at it is thinnest and so we should not let the opportunity to communicate and commune with our ancestors pass us by. This is a great time to work on divination, journey-work and psychic communications with the spirits in the non-ordinary world.

This moon is experiencing an eclipse and we have the sign of Aries in the Moon and in the Sun we have Libra. So the theme that we see across the board is balance and reexamination. We all seek balance in our lives and most of the time for us to feel successful in life we need to  have balance. So tonight is a great opportunity to do works to help bring more balance to your life in those areas that you are currently struggling with. So take sometime to think what needs more balance in your life?

During the full moon we usually take inventory of the successes we have had or the things that have come into manifestation and we give thanks and we usually now start works that pertain to ridding ourselves of that which no longer serve us. Well with the eclipse’s influence we will gain a new perspective, so that which might have been eluding us and may have been hindering our ability to succeed will come to light. So this is a good time to make course corrections and to see what issues maybe keeping us from achieving what we want and get rid of them once and for all. Thanks to the eclipse those forces that might have been in the shadows influencing us will now come to light. As the night progresses and the moon no longer is in the shadow, we will also no longer be in the shadows and will come out full of power and knowledge to help us succeed in our endeavors.

May the shadow and the bright light of this Blood Moon bring blessings to you!

Bloom Moon Blessings

Feeling crafty!

Today when I woke up I heard my magical essential oils calling my name! So I got my household to do’s out of the way and went happily downstairs to get my crafting done!

I got my work area organized, I pulled out my oils and vials and got my BoS. My Book of Shadows is where I keep all my valuable information about herbs, oils, stones that I own and my crafting recipes, now I am ready to go! The first blend that I worked on was a Divination Oil, sometimes when you are going to do a reading it is nice to dab your 3rd Eye with an oil that will enhance your performance by opening you more to receive the messages.

The way I craft in making my own blends is to first look for the qualities that I am looking for in the oils that I currently own (that way I don’t keep buying new ones 🙂 which my hubby is very thankful for. So this is the list of oils that I own that have the qualities that I was looking for:

  • 7 drops  Blood Orange – divination
  • 1 drop    Clove Oil – divination
  • 1 drop    Ginger – power
  • 2 drops  Rose – psychic power, love divination
  • 1 drop    Wormwood – psychic power, calling spirits
  • 3 drops  Sandalwood – protection, spirituality, tension reliever

Now I that I had my oils identified I let my creativity loose. I lined my oils in front of me and I started to craft away! I created my base oil from 3 different base oils, Almond for wisdom, grapeseed for mental powers and Sesame to open my 3rd Eye. I got about 1.5 ml of each then I blended them together.

I started with Blood Orange I placed 3 drops visualizing a successful connection, then I added the Clove Oil with the same intent but the smell was strong so one drop was more than enough! I added Ginger oil visualizing the mixture glowing with power. I added 2 drops of Rose Oil because it smells good but it also has 2 qualities that I wanted to tap in to, so I visualized both combined, me being psychically opened to messages specially when they are in regards t o love. Wormwood Oil has a very strong woodsy scent and though I wanted to call upon 2 qualities one drop was more than enough for me. I visualized being psychically opened and good helpful spirits coming to my aid. Then I added Sandalwood with the intent to call in protection during the reading, bring spirituality and relive any tension that may be present during the reading. So I mixed it and gave it a good smell and it wasn’t quite right so I felt that more blood Orange was needed so I added 4 more drops and then the scent was just right!

My intuition said to add some herbs to the Divination Oil which I chose Mugwort to add more psychic power and protection and Yarrow’s psychic powers and exorcism qualities (so no negative energies stick around). When I craft I like to have a balance of elemental forces and the act of divination alone is of air quality, I am an air sign so the oils and herbs that I chose were all a combination of the absent elements, fire, water and earth.

I repeated the same process one additional time as I crafted a Dream Oil. I love to sleep not only because my body needs to get a good rest but also because that is a time in which I am able to connect with spirit and even visit other worlds. So I wanted to create an oil that I can wear prior to going to sleep that will aid me in my nocturnal journeys! However you don’t want to journey every night, then you won’t be getting enough rest.

Here is my recipe in case you want to try it out for yourself.

Prophetic Dream Oil

  • Almond Base
  • 3 drops of Jasmine – prophetic dreams
  • 1 drop of Rose Oil – stress and tension reliever
  • 4 drops of Lavender – prophetic dreams
  • 1 drop of Rosemary – to drive away nightmares
  • Pinch of Mugwort – prophetic dreams, psychic powers and astral projection
  • Pinch of Vervain – protection, sleep and peace
  • Bud of Jasmine – prophetic dreams
  • Pinch of Angelica – Prophetic dreams, protection and visions

Remember when you craft your oil blends to visualize which quality you want to call upon.

Well I have to go and get dinner done. I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Let me know if you made these oils and how they have worked for you!

Blessed Be )O(


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