Call Upon the Cuckoo!


Photograph by Wikimedia Commons

The cuckoo bird is one of those iconic animals that we all know from older cartoons but we really don’t know much about then not even what they actually look like. Birds are usually a symbol of liberation, a link between the upper (spiritual) and lower (earthly) worlds. They also associated with the elements of earth, air and sound. Many birds are linked to the gods. Whether they are used to bring their messages or they are your connection to them. In the case of the cuckoo bird one aspect of life that is very closely associated with it, is time.


Photograph by Gary Heller

If you are in a journey and you see and hear the call of a cuckoo it means that you need to pay close attention to that what is being said and not said. It might also mean that you need to be cautious of what you say and to whom you say it to specially if it is hearsay. It may herald the message that your life may take an unexpected turn that will align you better with your life’s purpose. It is also telling you that you need to trust that everything will happen in its own due time, no need to just patiently await.


Photograph by William Lee

Call upon the Cuckoo when…

… you need to know when the right time is to pull the trigger on a decision or project.

… you need help in being able to listen closes to what is being said between the lines.

… you need to activate your Throat Chakra.

… you have had a negative experience with someone and you need the strength and clarity to deal with it.

… you are resurrecting an old hobby, sport or other recreational activity that you used to enjoy.



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