Call Upon the Chameleon!



The chameleon is such an interesting reptile. It blends with it surroundings so well that if you are not paying very close attention to the surroundings one maybe close by and you won’t even know it. Chameleon’s color changes symbolize the inconstancy of life and the uncertainty of fortune, while its eyes see both the past and the future, giving its totem people the power of clairvoyance.  You can learn to defend yourself by using the mind and intellect and taking the time to think things through. The chameleon will show how to strike when necessary with discernment and patience paired up with your intuition. The chameleon shows adaptability to its environment and surroundings so it is a great ally to have in times of transition and change.


Painting by Raina Gentry

As it being native to the continent of Africa the chameleon have myths associated with it. The Bantu cultures of Africa associate the chameleon with the origin of death. It goes something like this. Their highest god sent the chameleon to announce to men that they would never die. The chameleon went on his mission, but he walked slowly and stopped along the way to eat. Some time after the chameleon had left, a lizard went to announce to men that they would die. Being much quicker than the chameleon, the lizard arrived first, thus establishing the mortal nature of man. As a consequence of this myth, both chameleons and lizards are often considered bad omens in Bantu cultures. Depending on local traditions, there are different explanations for the “double message” of the chameleon and lizard. In some cases, god sends both the chameleon and the lizard, with their respective omens, intentionally committing mankind’s destiny to the outcome of their race. In some other cases, the lizard eavesdrops the orders god gives to the chameleon, and chooses to bring the opposite message out of envy. In other cultures, after having sent the chameleon, god changes his mind as a consequence of the bad behavior of mankind. Missionaries have often adapted the myth of the chameleon to evangelize Bantu Africans; the chameleon, who brings the good news of eternal life to mankind, is thus equated to Jesus Christ.


If you encounter a chameleon in your journey-work it may mean that this is the time to stay in the background be patient and not show your true colors. Be careful to not get ahead of yourself, instead take the time to really consider all options to prior making an important choice. The chameleon also brings the message to blend in and observe the world around. Take the time to study your surroundings so that when you do decide to take action you can do so in safety.


Call upon the chameleon when…

… you need to be alert and see things from all different angles.

… you are in a situation in which you need to blend in and not be noticed.

… you want to make an important choice based on relevant information from the past as well as taking in consideration the hunch about the future.

… you feel like you are acting hastily and need help in taking it slow so that you can make better choices.



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