Storm Full Moon 2015


This full moon goes void of course very quickly, so better keep your ritual short and sweet. The full moon enters Virgo at 12:06 pm CST and goes Void of Course at 12:36 pm CST until Friday at 7:52 pm CST. This will be the last full moon of Winter. The energies of balance, rebirth and renewals are upon us! We will turn the wheel of the year once again during this Spring Equinox. We will say good bye to the Winter and we will welcome with open arms and heart, Spring!

This moon is known by many names, some of the additional ones are the Crow Moon, Sap Moon or the Worm Moon. It is known as the Crow Moon because during this time we start to see the crows being more active thanks to the fact that it is thawing out and there is more food available. Talking about food it is also known as the Worm Moon (named by the Algonquin Tribes) because during this time the worms start making it’s appearances and therefore birds like the crow have food once again and we start seeing the signs of Spring. It is also known as the Sap Moon because during this time maple tree’s are tapped to collect their wonderful sap!


Virgo is very practical, it is known for facilitating integration, synthesis and digestion of events and emotions.The fact that the moon will be void of course for so long it actually give us ample time to sit down and take a look within to see what are out true motives for doing the things we do. It gives us the time to take inventory and make course correction where is needed. This moon will bring a lot of clarity so that you are now able to see things that you couldn’t see before. During this moon, Venus is in Astrea which also lends its energies to do works that aid emotional healing. This paired up with the clarity can actually be the perfect combinations of energies to be able to get over that person that we have let go. We can see things more clearly and we can actually heal and move on. So for all those transitioning out of a long term relationship this is the perfect time to completely cut ties and heal.

Magically speaking once again with have great energies that allows use to do a lot different kinds of works during. If you are focusing your efforts in doing a healing ceremony (like myself) keep it short and sweet be practical. đŸ™‚ Because of the nature of this moon being void of course for so long and introspection is a great way to utilize this time I think working with gem elixirs is the way to go instead of soaking in a bath. There is something about taking something within while going within. So I will be recommending a few gem elixirs to aid your works!


If you decide to focus on the healing of emotional wounds or healing from a break up. The best elixir you can take during this time of introspection and the days to follow is a liberation and forgiveness gem elixir.

Gem Elixir for Liberation and Forgiveness

  • 1 Bottle of Voss Water (or distilled/spring very low mineral content water <200 mg/L ideal or 500 mg/L)
  • Mookite – gives you a positive attitude towards life, brings inner peace and help process experiences.
  • Obsidian (Snowflake) – for dissolution of the ties of the old wounds, it relieves anxiety, tension and shock.
  • Rhodonite – allows you to forgive and to let go of emotional burdens and emotional damage.


Snowflake Obsidian




This is a strongly effective elixir and it is suitable to be used long term. You can use direct method safely for its creation (placing the stones directly inside the water). The dosage is 4-8 oz at a time. You can drink this in the morning and throughout the day.

If you are focusing this time of introspection to look for a solution to a problem, to evaluate the direction of your life or a relationship and/or reassessing your goals. You might want to use a gem elixir that brings you clarity and truthfulness to you. This way you can fully make use of the clarity that this moon will bring and you can amplify its effect.

Gem Elixir for Clarity and Truthfulness

  • 1 Bottle of Voss Water (or distilled/spring very low mineral content water <200 mg/L ideal or 500 mg/L)
  • Clear Quartz – brings clarity, awareness, understanding and good perception.
  • Sodalite – brings awareness and aids you to find your personal truth and loyalty to oneself.
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz



This is a strongly effective elixir. You can use direct method safely for its creation (placing the stones directly inside the water). The dosage is 4-8 oz at a time. You can drink this in the morning and throughout the day.

So, whatever works you decide to do during this full moon may it be bring you blessings, healing and happiness for you!


  • Various Astrological Forecasts for the day (Anne Ortelee, Kelly Hunter and Astrolore- Laurie)
  • Gem Water by Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel

Blood Full Moon Brings Balance and Sheds Light on the Unseen

There is a lot going on astrologically with this month’s full moon. However traditionally this moon is here to serve as a reminder that winter is just around the corner and that we are now in the dark half of the year. At this time the veil between the ordinary and non-ordinary worlds is at it is thinnest and so we should not let the opportunity to communicate and commune with our ancestors pass us by. This is a great time to work on divination, journey-work and psychic communications with the spirits in the non-ordinary world.

This moon is experiencing an eclipse and we have the sign of Aries in the Moon and in the Sun we have Libra. So the theme that we see across the board is balance and reexamination. We all seek balance in our lives and most of the time for us to feel successful in life we need to  have balance. So tonight is a great opportunity to do works to help bring more balance to your life in those areas that you are currently struggling with. So take sometime to think what needs more balance in your life?

During the full moon we usually take inventory of the successes we have had or the things that have come into manifestation and we give thanks and we usually now start works that pertain to ridding ourselves of that which no longer serve us. Well with the eclipse’s influence we will gain a new perspective, so that which might have been eluding us and may have been hindering our ability to succeed will come to light. So this is a good time to make course corrections and to see what issues maybe keeping us from achieving what we want and get rid of them once and for all. Thanks to the eclipse those forces that might have been in the shadows influencing us will now come to light. As the night progresses and the moon no longer is in the shadow, we will also no longer be in the shadows and will come out full of power and knowledge to help us succeed in our endeavors.

May the shadow and the bright light of this Blood Moon bring blessings to you!

Bloom Moon Blessings

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