Happy Father’s Day!

Today let’s not forget to honor and show your love to the father’s in our lives. The men that embody the scared male divine. He who sows the seeds of new life in our sacred wombs. He who with strong hands and sweat on his brow work tirelessly to provide his loved ones with protection and sustenance. Today honor the scared male divinity of the Hunter, who will soon enough become the Sage who will lead by example and will share his wisdom with those who are willing to listen.


Cernunnos Nature God by Leanna Rose TenEycke

I want to express my love and gratitude to the Hunter in my life Kevin. Thank you for seeding my womb and helping me raise 4 wonderful children. Thank you for always showering your family with love and understanding. I will forever be grateful for the safe shelter we call our loving home and for the abundance of wholesome food on our table.



Power Animal Retrieval Winners

Hello Everyone!

As you all may remember early this month I had a giveaway of a Power Animal Retrieval. The winners of this months giveaway are:

  1. Jamie Thurston Cochran
  2. Siret Torres
  3. Vicki Gibson

Many blessings to you for participating and when you can email me at Monica@gypsymoons.com to set up our session.



Animal Messages 08-27-14

This is the midweek spread it was drawn with the intent to receive a spiritual message that will provide us with insight. I decided this week to do it with the Animal Messages cards by Susie Green, let’s see what the message is! Center yourself and pick the card/cards that you are most attracted to and comment below if you like! If you would like participate in the readings when they occur you can Like and Follow us in Facebook and you will see the posts live as they occur.


Animal Messages Spread http://www.gypsymoons.com


Card #1 Tortoise “When changes are made for the sake of change itself, resist”

This card is telling to really think things through. Stop just going with the flow. Don’t make changes just because, you change for a purpose. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. It is reminding you, that you have the power and control and to not give your power away. If there is no need for change then resist it. It is ok to stand your ground. 😉 Don’t concern yourself with the perceptions of others in this case just follow your own path, be truthful to yourself and listen to your intuition.

Card #2 Lion “Banish loneliness by reaching out to special friends”

This card is reminding you to connect with those who you love and who you have not connected with in a while. It is time to fill your cup of love with those friends or family members that uplift you, make you happy and that you love dearly. Make the time to spend quality time with that special someone during this weekend. You will be very happy that you did. At the end of the day they are the ones that matter most in our lives.

Card #3 Baboon “In love and declarations of passion heartfelt communication is the key”

This card is here to tell you to stop beating around the bush and be upfront and honest about how you feel. This is the time to let that special someone know, how much they truly mean to you.  It is time to take action. Whether it is making the first move in a new relationship or spicing things up in the current one. Do not allow for life to get in the way. That special someone should know at all times, what special part of your heart they have. Don’t hide your emotions and don’t allow others to be unsure of your intentions/feelings because that would only lead to misunderstandings and sadness. Just be forward and direct!


Animal Messages Spread http://www.gypsymoons.com

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