Personal Update – Follow Up on Soul Retrieval Case Studies


In October of 2014 I was lucky and blessed enough to be able to attend Sandra Ingerman’s Soul Retrieval workshop. There I got meet some wonderful people. The wonderful part of this workshop is that you not only learn a new technique but you also experience the process and the healing it brings into your own life.

In order for me to complete the learning process I had to complete some case studies on the newly learned skill which is what has kept me so busy these past 4 months. During this time I have been dedicating all available time to performing soul retrievals. I have finally completed the big bulk of them and I am excited to say that I have already submitted my case studies for Sandra Ingerman’s review.

I am happy to say that she was pleased with my work and now I am listed in her Practitioner List. Sandra suggest for anyone looking for a shamanic teacher or practitioner to read this message. If you are interested in the topic of soul retrieval she recommends for you to read the following books  Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self and Welcome Home: Following’s Your Soul’s Journey. I have read both and they are excellent resources.


I want to send my gratitude and love to all of those wonderful people who chose to be part of  my case study and allowed me to be part of their life’s journey. Each and every case was unique and I learned so much from them. I also want to give my love and gratitude to the helping spirits and teachers who helps me along the way.

This is the original post made looking for volunteers.


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