Happy New Year!


May the Divine bring you blessings in this upcoming year!
May it bring you Strength to face any hardships you may face this year.
May it bring you Courage to take the road less traveled and take risks to bring about positive changes.
May it bring you Health so that you are able to live and enjoy nature and those around you to the fullest.
May it bring you Love so that you can share a smile, give understanding and forgiveness.
May it bring you Abundance so that you may give to those who are less fortunate.
May it bring you Joy so that you can shine bright and be the beacon of happiness to those around you.
May it bring you the Passions of Creativity so that you can express yourself and inspire others to do the same.
~Monica Tyler

I would like to  take a moment to say thank you to all of you for reading my little blurbs here and there. I have been very busy these past 3 months and that is why I haven’t been able to be as active as I would like to be but I am looking forward to this new year and all the wonderful possibilities it brings. I do hope that you have a wonderful new year!


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