Things to Keep in Mind When Establishing a New Relationship with a Spirit Ally


As a shaman you encounter many spirit allies during your journeys. Some just stop to say hello and deliver a message, and some want to establish a working friendship with you. When spirit wants to work with you is a great honor but there are things that you do need to keep in mind when you are establishing a new partnership with a spirit ally. These have helped me during my own shamanic experiences and I teach them to my trainees. I figured they can help you in your own shamanic practice:

  • This is an equal partnership you are both an energetic being. Yes, you are currently limited because of the physical experience you are having at this moment and yes, they are wiser and more enlightened than you but don’t forget that you are also an being of light and you have innate power and you can be a channel for the power of the Universe and the Divine.
  • Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with, use your judgment and inner wisdom when I doubt. You are part of a society that have rules and laws that you must follow. You are accountable for what you do in this life and physical experience. If you are not comfortable with something they are asking for you to do then ask for a different way. Also remember that relationships are based on trust.
  • Have respect and show your gratitude during your interactions. Every time spirit lends a helping hand, make sure that you let them know how grateful you are for their assistance. Remember they are beings too and they do have feelings. This doesn’t mean that you have to worship them.
  • If you don’t understand something ask! You are interacting with them because you are trying to learn more about yourself and the world around you. So do ask questions when you do not understand something. If an answer is not available at that time go back and journey at a later time seeking an answer to your question. At times we are not ready for certain information to be reveals to us and that is fine, but don’t forget that you can ask that at a later time. This is why journaling is important that way you can revisit and see if you need to journey again to gain more knowledge.
  • Talk to them like a friend. Consult with them about your problems and concerns. They will provide you with a different perspective which can be very beneficial for you. You can also be given the solution to the problem you have been seeking.
  • Understand that you are in control. You can always set parameters for communication. If you are a highly intuitive and your Clair abilities are well developed you can set the rules for communication outside non-ordinary reality. You can also choose with whom and when you interact with when in non-ordinary reality. You do have free will.
  • Do not give your power away. This means don’t become over dependent on your interactions with spirit. You have your own inner wisdom, intuition and higher-self that you can rely on for your day to day living. You don’t have to consult with them for every decision you make. They are your friends and yes they are there to guide you but they are not there to live your life for you. You need to understand that you are responsible for yourself; this is your journey in this world. You need to be accountable for the decisions and actions taken. You are the creator and architect of your life.
  • Do journeys which the only purpose is to share with them and get to know them better.



Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Spiritual Teacher

There comes a time in your spiritual journey in which you want to seek for more knowledge or guidance and you look for the assistance of a spiritual teacher. So taking the time to properly evaluate such teacher is important. Here are some things that you should always keep in the fore front.

A true spiritual teacher wants to passionately share their knowledge with you. They want to inspire and guide you to personal empowerment. Enlightenment and personal empowerment comes from going within  and finding your own answers through soul search, dream work, journey work, meditation. It is a very personal and unique journey, there are no two alike. When you evaluate your spiritual teacher ask yourself; Are they healthy? Are they happy? Are they in good shape – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Are they grounded and centered? However always remember that they are human and they are not perfect and they are also in their own spiritual journey. That doesn’t mean that they may not have something of value to share with you. These are just things to keep in mind.

Watch out for those who want to control your actions, are judgmental or for those who expect for you to ask their permission before making major decisions. Your life is your own to live, your spiritual journey is your own and a true spiritual teacher has no interest in controlling such journey. Every experience that you have, serve as a lesson which you can use for your own spiritual growth. Beware of those teachers that share many of their own personal stories but they teach you very little on how to things on your own. Those who tease you by revealing pieces of information but never give you enough information that you can use to further your spiritual growth while wanting you to come back for more.

 These are by no means the only things you should keep in mind but they serve as a starting point. At the end, you take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. There are no two spiritual practices that are the same. We all flavor our spiritual journey and practice with our own experiences and personal realizations. You learn, you live and you adjust. That is all you can do.



Goddess Guidance 10-03-14

This week when I sat to do the spread I saw a vision that showed me the cards paired up with the Tea Leaf Cards and so I listened and this week I have paired them up. I can’t wait to see which Goddesses have stepped forward today! If you would like to participate all you have to do is select a card or cards from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue that are pictured below and then scroll below to reveal the message the Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


Goddess Guidance 10-03-14

Card #1 Brigit, Don’t Back Down – “Stand up for what you believe is right.” and Fan “Romance, celebration, party”

Brigit is a Celtic triple goddess which means that she represents the three aspects of woman, the maiden, the mother and the crone. She is a fiery goddess who protects those who call upon her and it is said that she is the female counterpart to the Archangel Michael’s energy. She is celebrated during Imbolc.  She ushers in Spring and with it the increase of the daylight. This week she is paired up with the Tea Leaf card “of Fan” which brings her focus in to the realm of romantic relationships. She is telling you that you need to have a clear picture of what you want and need and then you need to stand up for it. Don’t settle for anything less. You know what it is right and you know when someone is taking advantage of you. Stand up for yourself. How many times do we trace the line on the sand just to see someone cross it with complete and utter disregard? This is the time to say enough is enough and set the rules. If you have less than what you want or need, you only have yourself to blame. The power is in your hands, use it! If you want to honor Brigit you can do so by lighting a candle inside the cauldron which is her symbol.

Card #2 Maat, Fairness – “This situation will be handled in a fair and just manner.” and Dog “Advice from a friend”

Maat is an Egyptian Goddess of justice, all things fair and integrity. She protects us in business as well as in personal matters ensuring that we are treated fairly and honorably. Call upon her aid when signing a contract, dealing with a dispute or when you feel guilty or remorseful. This week she is paired with the Tea Leaf card of “Dog” which is reminding you to keep an open mind and listen, especially when a friend is lending their advice or giving you a resolution to the problem at hand. This goddess is going to facilitate a favorable outcome with a harmonious end to the dispute. She is here to help you put into perspective what is really important and to help you understand that what is fair is when the outcome benefits and is for the highest good of all parties involve. It is not about you getting your way but it is about you being treated fairly and reaching a compromise that satisfies everyone involved. If you would like to honor her place a feather in your altar or you can dedicate a feather to her.

Card #3 Nemetona, Sacred Space – “Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine.” and Dolphin “Financial gain, usually coming from something you did in the past.”

Nemetona is a Celtic goddess of sacred places her names means “sacred grove”. She watches over all of the ceremonial scared sites which were located in a grove of trees. She can assist you in the creation of your own personal sacred space as well as assisting you with a medicine wheel or labyrinth. This week she is paired up with the Tea Leaf card of “Dolphin”. Nemetona is telling that you need to create a scared space in your home. It doesn’t have to be big or have all the frills, it can be very small. It can be as simple as placing a crystal inside a potted plant or setting a picture on your hearth with a candle by its side. When you have a scared spot in your home it becomes easier to take the time to honor and connect with the Divine. When we start connecting on a daily basis with the Divine our focus shifts to a more spiritual one and less in the material world and that is when the magic happens. You will then see abundance coming to you. When spirituality is the center of your life, everything else falls into place and financial gain will be attained. If you would like to honor her visit a grove of trees or a Hawthorn and give an offering from the heart. Her symbol is the Hawthorn so you may want to add to your altar a leaf or thorn from the Hawthorn tree.


Goddess Guidance 10-03-14

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