Call Upon the Quail!

California Quail - Eleazar Saenz

California Quail by Eleazar Saenz

About a month ago my family and I were pretty sick. We caught a pretty bad cold. It was closer to the end of summer nevertheless it was an uncommon time for all of us to be sick. As I normally do I did shamanic healing to myself and the family to facilitate a speedy recovery. I also asked family and friends if they were so inclined to send us healing energy as well.

As soon as I get to the underworld who in the animal ally to greet me? It is Quail. I had never worked with this particular animal ally so he was a very much welcomed new face. We sat by the river and just had some time together. I petted him and he would send my way waves of love and warmth. I was feeling better already. I gave my thanks and showed him gratitude for his healing and I came back home.

two_quail - Lynnette Shelley

Two Quail by Lynnette Shelley

When I decided to do the animal Guide of the week I picked Quail and I wanted to learn more about him and this is why I am writing this post about him.

If you are journeying and you happen to encounter a Quail it means that you need to eat healthy for the next week or so. I thought this was funny since it goes hand on hand with healing for me. In order for our bodies to heal it needs to have good nourishment so this was a reminder to ensure that I cooked really god nourishing meals for the nest week or so. Encountering a Quail can also herald the message you are about to discover a greater sense of who you are and develop a stronger understanding of your soul’s destiny and purpose. Or it can also means that you are starting a new creative endeavor that will make you feel like you are spread too thin but it will expand your sense of who you are.

Call upon the Quail when…

… you are in need of physical healing.

… you want to know what your soul name is and ho wit is spoken.

… you receive any kind of gift that nurtures and nourished you and you want to express your gratitude.


Personal Experiences

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer


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