What a Magical Full Moon Weekend


Took this picture from my backyard.

This weekend was so magical! I really had  a fantastic time. I like to work during the evening hours and since Sunday night the Full moon was going void of course at 5 pm and it wasn’t going to enter Pisces until 8 am I decided to connect and work on Saturday night as well as Monday. Since the moon is technically considered full for 3 days this would work perfectly.

On Saturday I did a scared bath ritual. Below is a picture of my basking in the glow if the full moon from my tub. Yes, those are my feet :). Started by cleaning the tub and removed all of the toys. I have a 3 yo son and I still bath him so all of his bath toys were in it. Then I lighted 2 candles one green and one red. The green candle was lit with the intent to invigorate my the Heart Chakra and to draw in the abundance of our mother Ki (Sumerian Earth Mother) and to honor her. The red one was to facilitate the connection to the divine feminine and to draw in love, fertility and sexual energy.  My next step was to create the bath salt I would use for the scared bath ritual. I like the smell of Gardenias and since they have such great energy to work with, it was my choice for this ritual. Gardenias are known for bringing peace, protection, love, trust, healing, attracting good spirits and excellent for Moon rituals and magic. Once my bath salt was created i poured it in my warm bath. I opened the blinds in my bathroom which allowed me to directly see the moon and receive her glow and energies.

Once ready to commence I disrobed and I brushed my hair and stood in front of my tub looking at the water and invoking the Goddess. I stood there allowing my body and the now sacred waters bask in her loving energy. Once I saw in my minds eye that the water as well as myself were glowing I entered the sacred waters and started to chant. I then started my ritual playlist. The first chant that I sang was this Moon Chant by Marie Bruce, the lyrics can be found here. The following chant was Mother of Darkness by Alice Di Micele, the lyrics can be found here. The next one chanted was Ladies Spin by Lindie Lila, the lyrics can be found here. Then I chanted the Goddess Chant by Inkubus Sukkubus, the lyrics can be found here. By this point I am totally connected and full of energy and I am getting ready to merge. Before I do so I chant Moon Sister Moon by Moving Breath, the lyrics can be found here. As someone who employs shamanic practices in her spiritual works, I was now ready to merge with the goddess and while merged I proceeded to chant I am the Goddess by Lisa Thiel, the lyrics can be found here. Once I was done receiving my personal message from her I un-merged and gave my love and gratitude. Then I just relaxed in my bath looking at a beautiful moon. Sometimes there is nothing better than chanting, connecting and relaxing with the Feminine Divine. Rituals don’t always have to be elaborate, the important thing and what makes them the most magical is for it to be full of love, gratitude and doing the things that you enjoy the most!


Bathing in the glow of the Full Moon!


On Monday I decided to release and send out all the energy from my healing cauldron to those who requested to be included. I had a fantastic early evening with 2 of my friends. We went to a Wine and Paint studio we all had a great a time! We all got our creative juices flowing. Here are some pictures from our get together.


My painting and I!


My sisters in the craft!

 On my way back home it started to rain. We were expecting thunderstorms this evening. I for one love working with storm energy. I find that it is a great catalyst for change. Once home, I took my Healing Cauldron walked to my deck to start my works. This cauldron was filled with everyone’s petitions and a mix of herbs which was crafted specifically for healing with one of my sisters in the craft. Once I set this cauldron on fire the smell was wonderful! The colors ranged from blue, green and bright yellow. The cauldron filled me with me great happiness and wonderful healing energy, it was just absolutely wonderful! I focused in sending everybody their appropriate energies. I had been charging this cauldron since New Moon so it was more than ready.  Once the fire was out and only the smoke was emanating from it, it was a site to see. The smoke went high up in the sky. I took a few pictures of the fire and smoke which you can see below.


The Healing Cauldron has been lit.


Do you see anything in the smoke?


Lovely embers

Once the ritual was completed I looked up and there through the storm clouds was the full moon. It was just precious. I took a couple of pictures that I have shared with you in this blog. I hope you all had a fantastic and magical weekend feel  free to leave comments on how you connected this weekend with the Divine or just to say hello! 🙂


This is my view of the moon while performing the healing cauldron.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa Selby
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 17:28:09

    Sounds amazing. I have an 11 month old and cosleep so I didn’t do much. I just meditated and absorbed the moon’s energy through my bedroom window.



    • Monica Tyler
      Aug 12, 2014 @ 17:42:01

      That is a wonderful way Melissa of connecting with the Divine. When we have small children it is hard to take time away to share a circle with others. So we need to keep it simple but still honoring and keeping special that time scared!



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