Call Upon the Rabbit!


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Call Upon the Rabbit!

In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is the most giving and lucky sign of them all! People born under this sign are considered to be very powerful. In many cultures the rabbit is associated with the Moon and the Divine Feminine energy. The rabbit is a symbol for power, abundance, fertility, survival, seasons and the cycle of life.


Celtic Hare by Joanne at Celtic Wildwood

If you are in a journey and you encounter a rabbit it means that you might soon experience forward movement by leaps and bounds. You may find that you go through a period of quietness and stillness then you are moving a mile a minute. This might also be a call to express yourself creatively, connect with your creative side and find a new way of self-expression. Rabbits are also connected with fertility so it might be bring the message that this may be the right time to bring a new life into the family. If you have been experiencing health issues or concerns and you encounter a rabbit in your journey it might be there to tell you to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet or to try a vegetarian diet for a while. Rabbit medicine is very positive; it shows us how to attract love, abundance, health, and how to create a warm home. It teaches us to cope and overcome fear by using our own wits, receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages, quick thinking and strengthening our intuition. Rabbit represents humility, being quiet and soft and not self-asserting.


Figurine made by Demiurgus Dreams

Call upon the Rabbit when…

… you need to trust your instincts to lead you to safety from a dangerous situation.

… you want to have a baby and you have some challenges to overcome.

… the progress of a project is moving slow and you need to speed things up.

… you feel like you need a boost in your creativity or you need help in finding new ways to be more creative.

… you want to learn to cope with fear and learn how to transform it into a positive experience from which you can thrive from.


Art by Ravenari on Deviant Art



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