Goddess Guidance 8-29-14

It’s Venus Day! All you have to do, to participate is to select a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck pictured below and then read below for the message that Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!


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This week if you couldn’t make up your mind on which card to pick I can understand for the energy of all three goddess brings great wisdom and benefits in to our lives. If you read all the cards in that order it truly holds a wonderful message!

Card #1 Lakshmi “Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine.”

Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess and the embodiment of abundance. She is connected to the element of water, the Lotus flower and elephants. She works hand in hand with Ganesh the “Great remover of obstacles”. Both together they can help you overcome any fears you may have and facilitate the blossoming of abundance in your life. Her message is to rest assured that your needs will always be met. Take time to center yourself and really understand and accept this truth. Fill your heart with gratitude and plant the seeds of positive thoughts and intentions for your life. If you like to connect with her in a deeper level you can visit a body of water and release a lotus flower or dab your third eye with a lotus essential oil and call upon her.

Card #2 Sige “Take some quite time alone to rest, meditate, and contemplate.”

Sige is a Gnostic goddess she is considered to be the great void or silence from which all creation sprang forth. She reminds us that words create duality and that in silence we find our true selves. Silence, quite, stillness gives birth to wisdom just as the Gnostics believe that she was the mother of the goddess of wisdom, Sophia. She teaches us that we came from the void and in order for us to function well and find peace and harmony in this reality we must also take the time to reconnect with this void/silence regularly. Her message can’t be more clear or straight forward. This is the time to meditate and to go within for guidance or just for relaxation. Only when we take time for ourselves do we get to know ourselves better and deal with and overcome mental or emotional blocks that we may have. It is time to stop procrastinating and really connect with spirit. In the stillness of the mind is when we can listen and acquire wisdom with great clarity from the Universe, ancestors, spirits and our higher-self.

Card #3 Yemaya “Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

Yemaya is an Orisha goddess from the Yoruba religion. She is the ruler of the seas and the essence of motherhood. She is a formidable protector. She brings you the message of courage. Have the courage of continuing on your next stage of your journey. How can we move on if we are not willing to leave the room we are in? How many times do we ask for things but we don’t go through the doors we must, in order to get there?  During this time you are experiencing the favor of the Universe and it is opening doors for you, to facilitate and bring into fruition that which you have been seeking and that new chapter in your life. If you would like to honor Yemaya add some seashell on your altar this week. Connect with the element of water if you are not near an ocean but if you are close then visit it and give her an offering from the heart.


http://www.GypsyMoons.com Goddess Guidance Spread


Animal Messages 08-27-14

This is the midweek spread it was drawn with the intent to receive a spiritual message that will provide us with insight. I decided this week to do it with the Animal Messages cards by Susie Green, let’s see what the message is! Center yourself and pick the card/cards that you are most attracted to and comment below if you like! If you would like participate in the readings when they occur you can Like and Follow us in Facebook and you will see the posts live as they occur.


Animal Messages Spread http://www.gypsymoons.com


Card #1 Tortoise “When changes are made for the sake of change itself, resist”

This card is telling to really think things through. Stop just going with the flow. Don’t make changes just because, you change for a purpose. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. It is reminding you, that you have the power and control and to not give your power away. If there is no need for change then resist it. It is ok to stand your ground. 😉 Don’t concern yourself with the perceptions of others in this case just follow your own path, be truthful to yourself and listen to your intuition.

Card #2 Lion “Banish loneliness by reaching out to special friends”

This card is reminding you to connect with those who you love and who you have not connected with in a while. It is time to fill your cup of love with those friends or family members that uplift you, make you happy and that you love dearly. Make the time to spend quality time with that special someone during this weekend. You will be very happy that you did. At the end of the day they are the ones that matter most in our lives.

Card #3 Baboon “In love and declarations of passion heartfelt communication is the key”

This card is here to tell you to stop beating around the bush and be upfront and honest about how you feel. This is the time to let that special someone know, how much they truly mean to you.  It is time to take action. Whether it is making the first move in a new relationship or spicing things up in the current one. Do not allow for life to get in the way. That special someone should know at all times, what special part of your heart they have. Don’t hide your emotions and don’t allow others to be unsure of your intentions/feelings because that would only lead to misunderstandings and sadness. Just be forward and direct!


Animal Messages Spread http://www.gypsymoons.com

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards 08-20-2014

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this week!

Last week in my Facebook page I asked which deck you liked best and a lot of you chose the Tea Leaf Fortune cards however I had never done a reading in my Facebook page with them. So today’s spread was drawn with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn. This deck has 200 cards so I decided to draw 3 cards for the week. The first one is the astral house and the other 2 relate to it. Let’s see what message they bring for you! Choose the top, middle or bottom row!

Top Row – Marriage, Mule, Angel

This spread wants to bring your awareness to the relationship you have with your loved one. The second card is the Mule and it says that you need to sit down and evaluate things very carefully. At times we may lose those things that matter most to us because we are just to stubborn to change or because we choose to not be flexible. At times we need to focus in the end goal and that goal is to be happy together and you should not sweat the small stuff. Don’t be so rigid that it impacts negatively your relationship. I am not saying to be a push over but what I am saying is to pick and choose your battles wisely. The Angel card came forth to let you know that spiritual guidance is there available to you when dealing with our loved ones. Know that you are in a safe and protected environment and that it is ok to open your heart.


Middle Row – Success, Barrel, Horse

This spread is asking you how you feel about the overall success of your life in general terms. How successful do you feel? Then it is followed by the Barrel which directly asks you, do you feel like something is missing? Perhaps love, money or goals? This important because if we don’t have a clear picture of what we want or where we want to be, we start to just wonder aimlessly through our lives, never accomplishing much. These cards are coming forward to let you know this is the time to sit down and analyze where we are and where we want to be. This is the time to create new goals for yourself and do course correction where it is needed to ensure your success. The last card of the spread is the Horse which means that it might take a personal journey to find these things out. You might consider going to a quiet place in nature to get away from it all so that you can find the clarity of the mind. Or if you do employ shamanic practices in your life then maybe this is the time to go within and do some journey-work to obtain guidance.


Bottom Row – Love, Bow, Kangaroo

This spread comes to remind you that you are loved. You need to open your heart to not only the love of others but to your own love. You need to pay attention to your Heart Chakra. The next card is Bow which is serving as a reminder that those around you, not only love you but they hold you in high regards. They see the value in you, so make sure that you see the value in yourself as well. The last card in this spread is the Kangaroo which is letting you know that there will be a moment during this week in which it might be a little bit emotionally draining but if you know this ahead of time then you can be ready. Don’t let it get to you, and when the situation arises remember to come from a place of love.


Call Upon the Chameleon!



The chameleon is such an interesting reptile. It blends with it surroundings so well that if you are not paying very close attention to the surroundings one maybe close by and you won’t even know it. Chameleon’s color changes symbolize the inconstancy of life and the uncertainty of fortune, while its eyes see both the past and the future, giving its totem people the power of clairvoyance.  You can learn to defend yourself by using the mind and intellect and taking the time to think things through. The chameleon will show how to strike when necessary with discernment and patience paired up with your intuition. The chameleon shows adaptability to its environment and surroundings so it is a great ally to have in times of transition and change.


Painting by Raina Gentry

As it being native to the continent of Africa the chameleon have myths associated with it. The Bantu cultures of Africa associate the chameleon with the origin of death. It goes something like this. Their highest god sent the chameleon to announce to men that they would never die. The chameleon went on his mission, but he walked slowly and stopped along the way to eat. Some time after the chameleon had left, a lizard went to announce to men that they would die. Being much quicker than the chameleon, the lizard arrived first, thus establishing the mortal nature of man. As a consequence of this myth, both chameleons and lizards are often considered bad omens in Bantu cultures. Depending on local traditions, there are different explanations for the “double message” of the chameleon and lizard. In some cases, god sends both the chameleon and the lizard, with their respective omens, intentionally committing mankind’s destiny to the outcome of their race. In some other cases, the lizard eavesdrops the orders god gives to the chameleon, and chooses to bring the opposite message out of envy. In other cultures, after having sent the chameleon, god changes his mind as a consequence of the bad behavior of mankind. Missionaries have often adapted the myth of the chameleon to evangelize Bantu Africans; the chameleon, who brings the good news of eternal life to mankind, is thus equated to Jesus Christ.


If you encounter a chameleon in your journey-work it may mean that this is the time to stay in the background be patient and not show your true colors. Be careful to not get ahead of yourself, instead take the time to really consider all options to prior making an important choice. The chameleon also brings the message to blend in and observe the world around. Take the time to study your surroundings so that when you do decide to take action you can do so in safety.


Call upon the chameleon when…

… you need to be alert and see things from all different angles.

… you are in a situation in which you need to blend in and not be noticed.

… you want to make an important choice based on relevant information from the past as well as taking in consideration the hunch about the future.

… you feel like you are acting hastily and need help in taking it slow so that you can make better choices.


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