Goddess Guidance July 18th-24th, 2014

Today is the Goddess Day and it is only befitting that we look to her for guidance. Let’s see which Goddess comes forward to bring you guidance and support for this upcoming week! In order to participate all you have to do is choose a card from the picture below then scroll down to see which card it is and the message it contained for you. Please feel free to comment below and share with me if you connected with any of the messages! Enjoy!


Card #1 Sulis

Sulis is a Celtic sun goddess who oversees bodies of water. She stepped forward this week to let you know that it is time for you to cleanse yourself and get rid off that energetic gunk you are carrying around. There are many ways you can choose to do this but since she rules over the element of water I would suggest utilizing this element during the ritual. One way that you can use water to let go of the sadness and the pain that you may be holding on to is by taking some falling leaves and writing on them the feelings, emotions, memories you would like to release. Go to a nearby source of running water and let the leaves go as you focus your intent to let go. If you do not have a creek or river that you can use for this purpose you can always just flush them away. Do not forget to give and offering or love and gratitude. Take some time this week to connect with her by meditating by water, in water, with water because you will find healing and rejuvenation there. She is waiting for you with open arms. To honor her you may fill a chalice with water and charge it in the sunlight (since she is a sun goddess), you can either offer it at the end of the day to nearby plants, bodies of water or you can drink it so that you infuse yourself with her Divine energy.

Card#2 Hathor

Hathor is an Egyptian goddess represented by the head of a cow to symbolize the sacred animal’s life-giving milk and mothering. She is a benevolent sky and sun goddess that helps in all aspects of procreation, like conception, birthing and raising. She is a great guide to teach you how to nurture yourself and your loved ones. She brings you the message that it is ok to receive. It comes very easy for us to give love and nurture others. But we tend to have negative feelings about receiving back what we give. Many times we want to be loved, nurtured or healed but we resist receiving what we long for and need.  This is the time to overfill your cup, to learn to accept lovely gestures done by your loved ones as well as strangers. When love, healing, nurture comes your way be open and say “Thank you” and show the Universe the gratitude you feel for your blessings. Our cup needs to be full, so that in that way, we are better apt to give to others. Hathor also brings the message that you need to be more receptive to receive messages from Source. Our guides, angels, benevolent spirits want to help us in our journey, but if we are not paying attention or set aside some time in the day to allow for this communication to take place then they are not able to impart their guidance and wisdom to us. Honor Hathor by giving an offering of milk to nature. Take time this week to be more open and receptive so that you may have a one on one with Hathor and get to know her and her energy better.

Card #3 Maeve

Meave is celtic goddess that celebrates and honors her divine feminine. She is not afraid to be in touch with her sexuality. She is also rules the pains that are related to our feminine cycles as those of our menses and birthing. It was said that she gave labor pains to a whole army which was trying to invade her lands and ceased battling while on her moon. Call upon her when you are in need to alleviated pain caused due to our femininity. Maeve brings the message to we need to accept and learn how to work with our cycles. Cycles are found everywhere we look. We see them in nature, we see them in our bodies and we also see it in our emotional and mental states. We just have to be aware of them and then learn to harness the power that comes from them. For me I am very well in tuned with the Earth’s and the Moon’s cycles, I used them to aid in my works. Now I am learning to be in tuned with the cycles of Venus. The next one that is attracting me to learn about and get connected with is Mercury’s cycle. What cycles are you in tuned with? How do they affect your life? The decisions you make or don’t make? Maeve is here to bring into the forefront that this is the time to learn more about yourself through cycles and to remind you that whatever is happening right now this too shall pass, as the cycle continues on, you will change, evolve and gain wisdom. Pay attention to the cycles in your life so that you can use them to enrich it. Honor Maeve by meditating on a new cycle that you have learned or identified and ask for her guidance on how you can incorporate this new-found knowledge in your life.



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