July’s Meadow Full Moon, 2014


July’s moon is known as the Meadow Moon or the Blessing Moon. It is a good moon to do divination, dream work and meditation. This is also a good moon to do some reflection on how you are living a blessed life. It is always good when we can see how blessed we are for ourselves and let the Universe know the things you are grateful for. When we start shifting our attitude and thought patterns to one ruled by gratitude, it allows our mind to picture a brighter future filled with more blessings and happiness.


This moon is also known as the Full Buck Moon because during this month is when the new antlers of buck deer is pushed out, coated in velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, because there are many thunderstorms during this time.

If you like to do work keeping in mind which zodiac sign is ruling the moon then you need to know that the full moon will start in the sign of Capricorn and it will transition into Aquarius around 10 pm. This will cause the moon to go briefly void of course between 8:57 pm and 10:07 pm. If you plan to do your works prior to the void of course while it is still ruled by the sign of Capricorn you can consider doing works to help your career. At this time healing rituals for the bones, teeth, knees and skin is being favored. If you work after 10 pm when the moon is now ruled by Aquarius the energies are more geared to doing work that focuses on freedom, creative expression, friendships, extra-sensory abilities and breaking bad habits. The healing rituals that are favored during this time are the ones done for calves, ankles or blood.

At the end, you will decide what kind of work will suit you best. As for me, I think I will take this time to do a 3 card spread and see what message the goddess has for me this evening. Then I will make a list of things that I am grateful for. I will find stones to represent each of those items in my list and then I will charge the stones with love and gratitude. Finally I will give them as an offering to the river by my home. Feel free to tailor this simple ritual to whatever suits you.

Whatever your endeavors for this evening are, always remember to come from a place of love and gratitude. Those 2 energies are powerful and will aid your work immensely. Don’t forget to charge under the full moon any stones, artifacts or blessed water you may have. If you don’t have any maybe you can make some this evening. Have fun and enjoy this evening.

Full Moon Blessings to you all!



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