Call Upon the Badger!


The badger is a symbol of fierceness, determination and strong will. It is also associate it with the element of earth so it is a very grounding animal. It can help us get rooted when we find ourselves having difficulty grounding. Badgers are fierce-less they stop at nothing to get what they want.There make no compromise about the things they want. They are excellent warriors as they will not be intimidated and they will stand their ground. Whatever task they start the will see it to its completion. According to Native Americans if you saw badger tracks it was of good fortune because it brought the message that all things are possible when we tap into our inner creative powers.


If you are on a journey and you interact with a badger it is time to stop your procrastination and get to work. It might also mean that it is time to defend your beliefs and principles and meet any challenge or criticism head on. Stop depending on others and take matters into your own hands be self-reliant.


Call upon the Badger when…

… you need help to ground yourself.

… you have a goal and you feel like giving up.

… you feel harassed and abused and need the courage to stand up for your-self.

…you know what you want but you are afraid to go after it.

… you need to speak your truth and you are failing to do so.



What do you think?

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