Goddess Guidance June 13-20, 2014

This is a new series of blogs that I will be doing hopefully every Venus Day (Fridays). All you have to do to participate is to select a card from the picture below and then read below for the message that Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!

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Listen to her message with an open heart and know that she will aid you during this time. Take time this week to connect with her and see what other messages or lessons she may have for you.


Card #1 – Vesta

Vesta is the Roman goddess of the Home and Hearth. She stepped forward this week to help you make your dwelling feel more like home.This goddess heralds messages of changes for the better in your home. Whether people are moving in or out, or whether you are moving or remodeling. She brings warmth and harmony to your home.  At times with our busy lives we forget that our home is our refuge and when we step into it, it should evoke in us the feelings of warmth, love and happiness. If it is not then this the perfect time to an energetic cleaning of your home. Bring some fresh flowers in to your home, add some luscious scents or sounds. Put in a little extra effort in to making your home the perfect oasis for you and your family. Honor Vesta this week by lighting a candle on her honor and whenever you need to bring about positive changes in to your home remember that you can always call upon her.


Card #2 – Oonagh

Oonagh is a Celtic goddess who is married to Fionnbharr the leader of the Irish Tuatha Dé Danaans. She will help you with your transitions in creative and magical ways. Oonagh ‘s message to you today is to listen to your heart and see what actions can you take to further your relationships and causes. She reminds you that nurturing a cause or a relationship is a long-term commitment and one that can’t be rushed. This commitment comes from a place of deep  love and concern. The time and effort spent in them are not a waste as it is feeding your soul and heart in many ways. Do what’s important to you and do not apologize for it, give it your 100%. Just remember that when you are driven by your true life’s purpose, there is no need to hurry, worry or feel that you have to force things to happen. Everything will fall into place as it should because you are following your bliss, your joy. Take your time and enjoy the walk as what matters is not the destination but how you get there. To honor Oonagh maybe you can donate some of your precious time doing some community service or just do a random act of love for someone.


Card #3 – Aeracura

Aeracura is a Celtic and Germanic goddess who multitasks as an Earth Mother deity, a fairy queen and as a bridge between earthly life and the hereafter. She is here to tell you to be patient with yourself. She is here to nurture you, as you are a bud about to blossom. With this in mind, nurture your body, eat well and spend lots of time in nature. This is the perfect time to learn something new! Add to your skills or just add more knowledge to a subject that intrigues you. Maybe take up gardening  whatever it is take your time to gather new ideas and expose yourself to new things that will allow you to have your own epiphanies in your life! To honor Aeracura spend time in nature (bare footed for better connection) or bring fresh-cut flowers into your home or create a floral blend of essential oils inspired by her.

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Rose Moon 2014


This month, the Full Moon falls on Friday the 13th. Friday being the day of the goddess and 13 the number of moon cycles in a year. All symbols of the divine feminine. This full moon is in Capricorn and though the energies of Capricorn lend themselves to do works in the matters of organization, ambition, recognition, career and political matters. I am focusing my intention to connect with Capricorn’s association with the element of  earth. However if you have a need in the areas previously mentioned, this moon might be very useful for you.

rose moon

This moon is known as the Rose Moon because at this time in the year when roses are in full bloom, which you might have already noticed. My roses are in the process for being full bloom but they are not quite there yet. 🙂 During this time there are a lot of weddings, hand-fastings and romance. As we draw closer to Midsummer the fairies are also feasting and having a great time! So this is a time of great joy and beauty not only in nature but also in our lives.


This moon is the perfect  time to do spell-work around the theme of Love. You can choose to create an Ally Bag of Stones or Mojo Bag to bring forth love in every possible way. Not just the romantic one but in loving lasting friendships and stronger loving familial bonds. There is also a love that is often overlooked and  that is self-love. This is a good opportunity to do work around self-love, connecting and activating the Heart Chakra. On this Friday the 13th there will be 3 Venus hours, (5:14 am-6:30 am), (2:06 pm – 3:22 pm) and (9:54 pm – 10:38 pm) I would suggest to use any of these 3 time slots to work your magick, just to give it extra energy. Remember intent is everything and lets respect free will! Let your higher-self and the Universe bring to you what is best for you, they know best!

Love Ally Bag of Stones (my personal combination)

  • Rose Quartz – which promotes peace, happiness, fidelity, romance and it brings love to where ever it is.
  • Mookite –  bestows a positive attitude towards life and a desire to intensely experience relationships.
  • Rhodonite – allows you to let go of past emotional burdens, so that you may enjoy the new love when it comes.
  • Rhodocrosite – which brings love, eroticism and sexuality into the mix!

To this bag you can choose to add some herbs like:

  • Rose petals
  • Yarrow
  • Lavender


If ritual baths is your cup of tea (like it is for me) you can make your own Love Bath Salts. You can make an oil blend from a well-known recipe or you may have your own (also recipes are guidelines, just use what you have). Then add 20 drops of this to the bath salt base. If you so choose you can also add to the bath water the stones from your Ally Bag to increase the energies. I find that baths are an incredible way to connect with Source and to connect your own sacred Divine Feminine. There is nothing like a window open, bringing in the rays of the full moon. The room smells wonderful, it is softly lit by pink candles that have been dressed with the love oil and just easing in to the bath it is just a wonderful physical experience! Want to add more energy share your bath with someone you love…

Love Oil 

  • 7 drops of Rose Oil
  • 3 drops of Jasmine Oil
  • 3 drops of Patchouli Oil
  • 7 drops of Dragon’s Blood Oil
  • 2 oz of Base Oil

Bath Salt Base

  • 1/4 Baking Soda (to help distribute the oil)
  • 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup of Seas Salt
  • 10-20 drops of Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend (Dark Moon or Gemini Oil or your own personal creation!)
  • A few drops of food coloring if you like (optional)
  • Dried herbs of your choosing (optional)

Whatever you decide to do on this Full Moon I hope you enjoy it to the max! As long as you take a moment to honor the day and the energies within it, that is all it really matters! The rest, is just the frosting on the cake! Many blessings and enjoy the Rose Moon of June!

Call upon the Eagle!


The eagle is associated with power, creation, illumination and exploration. Almost every culture that has had contact with the eagle it has held it in very high regards. Native people have worshiped and work closely with the bird which they refer to as the Great Spirit, the creator of all things. Though eagles are commonly associated with the masculine; there is a goddess called the Eagle Woman. She is a life-giving and death wielding goddess.  She embodies all that an eagle represents; spirit, valor, majesty, renewal, accuracy of sight, spiritual aim and the ability to soar to new heights. The Eagle Woman shows us that we have the ability to break out of old stereotypes and find a new definition for ourselves that is true to who we are and who we can become.

eagle woman

If you are on a journey and you interact with an eagle and you have had a time of strife in which you have gained a great deal of stamina and resilience then it means that it is finally over and that you will be heading towards a new positive beginning and direction. Following the encounter is a great time for spiritual awakenings (so don’t forget to meditate) and to become creatively inspired by spirit, so remain open to its guidance. It also serves as a reminder that we must rise above and see life and our journey in this world from a broader perspective so that you may gain new insights and continue movement forward.

Call upon the Eagle when…

  • You have lost the big picture and feel bogged down by the details.
  • You have reaches some spiritual insights and need help in integrating them into your life.
  • You are facing massive life changes and a period o struggle or difficulty nears.
  • You feel completely caught up with the mundane part of life and can’t see the way out of it.


The bald eagle will aid you in walking between the material and the spirit world. It will help you dive into your inner depths to gain clarity and spiritual insights. I want to thank Rita Leighton for allowing me to use her beautiful picture of the bald eagle.


The golden eagle will inspire you to visit a sacred site. It will help you identify your passion and give you the courage and the means to express it.

Venus Day Goddess – Athena


As a Venus Day tradition, I like to ready myself for the weekend and upcoming week by drawing a card from one of my Goddess decks. Today I drew a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. The goddess that stepped forward was the Grecian Goddess Athena.  Athena is a warrior goddess; she does battle with wits rather than brute strength. Her power animals are the white owls and black pigeon (yin and yang?)


Athena, comes as a reminder that you should and foremost always trust your inner wisdom and intuition. That you should stop second guessing yourself, as you already know what is the right course of action. She is here to give strength and courage to take action without further delays.

I am so grateful that she stepped forward this week. I have to make some personal decisions in the next couple of days and well, if I said I wasn’t second guessing myself it would be an understatement.  Sometimes we do need that little push of the Universe letting us know that we are on the right track. It would wonderful if this physical mind would just surrender itself unconditionally to my higher-self, as she knows the direction of my journey and the best way to get me there. Trust thyself is the message for the week!

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