Venus Day Goddess – Athena


As a Venus Day tradition, I like to ready myself for the weekend and upcoming week by drawing a card from one of my Goddess decks. Today I drew a card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. The goddess that stepped forward was the Grecian Goddess Athena.  Athena is a warrior goddess; she does battle with wits rather than brute strength. Her power animals are the white owls and black pigeon (yin and yang?)


Athena, comes as a reminder that you should and foremost always trust your inner wisdom and intuition. That you should stop second guessing yourself, as you already know what is the right course of action. She is here to give strength and courage to take action without further delays.

I am so grateful that she stepped forward this week. I have to make some personal decisions in the next couple of days and well, if I said I wasn’t second guessing myself it would be an understatement.  Sometimes we do need that little push of the Universe letting us know that we are on the right track. It would wonderful if this physical mind would just surrender itself unconditionally to my higher-self, as she knows the direction of my journey and the best way to get me there. Trust thyself is the message for the week!


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