Call Upon the Jaguar!

Alter of The Kings by D Miller

This majestic cat  symbolizes wholeness, divinity and rebirth. In the continent of America nearly all of the native people and its shamans considered the jaguar  to wield special magic. The shamans would utilize jaguars magical abilities to heal the sick and serve vengeance against their enemies. There was a reason why Mayan’s warriors would don jaguar masks and pelts. The black-panther was specially venerated and known to have powerful magic. I have to say that jaguars are like the shamans of the big cat family. They, like some of their human shaman counterparts partake in the consumption of hallucinogens. I am sure they do it for different reasons but nonetheless the actions are the same. Jaguars seek and consume the caapi root which not only is a powerful hallucinogenic but it also contains powerful MAOIS which are chemicals used in the treatment of depression. This caapi root allows their senses to become heightened and obviously it allows for them to relax.


When doing journey-work if the jaguar shows up it could mean that you need to evaluate what you have been doing and what program you are working under and let go of that which no longer serves you and by taking this action you will reclaim your power. It could also mean that you are about to start enjoying the fruits of your labor. If you are still in the planning stages, keep things to yourself so that they will gain power, momentum and your intention will become even clearer. Whatever the situation might be, Jaguar is a good ally to have on your side when you are trying to manifest.


If the jaguar you see during journey-work is black then this is the perfect time to face your fears in your personal and spiritual growth. Stop worrying about everything and know that you are doing everything you can and trust that your higher-self is leading the way.


Call upon the Jaguar when…

… there is an opportunity in front of you that feels right, but you are not sure to act on it for one reason or another.

…you have fears, doubt or hesitation about claiming your power and standing fully in it.

… you are in a situation that requires you to be assertive, clear and direct with your communication.

…you are experiencing night fear and scary dreams and you want to feel protected.

…when you are doing retribution work.



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