Call Upon the Salmon!

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Salmon are an extremely important animal to both the lifestyle and the spirituality of many Native American cultures, especially the tribes of the Northwest Coast and the Columbia River. The salmon holds a special position of honor and respect among these native tribes. There are many taboos and tribal rules regarding salmon, to avoid offending their spirit a special Salmon Dances and First Salmon Ceremonies are celebrated at the beginning of salmon fishing season throughout the Pacific Northwest region. In Native American tradition salmon are a symbol of determination, renewal, and prosperity. Some tribes have Salmon as their clan animal and it is often used as a totem pole crest. Some of the tribes with Salmon Clans include the Tlingit and Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) tribes.


A Scottish tale is woven around salmon. While out hunting, the king saw a man (the Queen’s lover) wearing a ring that he had given the Queen of Cadzow. He stealthily removed it while the man was asleep and threw it into the River Clyde. Later he demanded the ring from his wife. The king imprisoned her, promising to release her only if she could produce the ring. In desperation the Queen asked St Kentigern (a.k.a. St Mungo), for help. He called upon one of his monks to catch a salmon in the river. The fish’s belly was slit open, and there was the ring! Kentigern is the patron saint of Glasgow, and a salmon appears in the city’s coat-of-arms.

The Celts associated the salmon with wisdom. In Irish myth the salmon of knowledge swam in the Well of Segais, and ate the magical hazel nuts that fell into the water. There was a prophecy that Finegas would catch and eat it, thereby gaining all knowledge. However his apprentice Fionn roasted the salmon and burnt his thumb while turning it. Fionn put his thumb in his mouth to cool it, and so received the salmon’s power. From that point on he only had to chew his thumb to gain knowledge of the future.


If you would like to read more salmon related mythologies and folklore please visit this site.

When you are in the realms and you see or encounter a salmon it means that in spite of any challenges or discouragement, persevere toward your goal and you will reach it. This is the time for you to trust your own intuition and inner knowing because it will lead you in the right direction. Avoid the influence of anyone who might have their own agendas for you. It may also bring the message that you may experience some sort of loss such as  a relationship or a move, yet this will precede a new beginning. Salmon lets you know that through self-willing sacrifices, you will experience a rebirth onto a new you.


Call upon the salmon when…

… You feel lost and unsure of what your direction your life is taking and need someone to help you navigate through it.

… You are seeking to find a sense of purpose and meaning in your life, particularly at the beginning of a new stage of life.

… You are uncertain as to whether or not you can trust someone’s outside influence in determining major any decisions you are undertaking.

… You are trying to understand the life lessons you have to gain from any particular experiences, whether those experience seem positive or negative.

Call upon the Lion!


The lion has been and still is a powerful symbol of strength and courage. Because of his head having the golden color and the full mane all round we have also associated it with the sun which is a symbol of heroism, the source of life and energy! In Buddhism the lion symbolizes courage, nobility and good luck. In medieval times the lion was a symbol for healing and could protect you during travels.


If you encounter a lion during your journey-work it is a reminder that you need to keep your dignity no matter what you are faced with. You are more powerful and stronger than what you think and there is nothing that you can’t handle. If you are facing a decision make sure that yo discern carefully before acting and that you follow your heart rather that what you think you should do.


Call upon the Lion when…

… You feel stressed or beaten down by a situation and need to infuse yourself with power to overcome it.

…Your dignity and integrity has been called into questions and you want to regain your self-respect.

… You have been called to be in a position of leadership or authority.

… You have taken on a project that makes you feel overwhelmed and though you may have the intelligence, skills and tools needed, you are lacking the confidence.


Call upon the lioness when you need to work in a group with other fierce leaders and when you need to take on the responsibility for the family.

Midsummer Blessings!

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Today we celebrate the longest day of the year and the start of a new cycle in nature. As of tomorrow the days will once again grow shorter and eventually lead us in to winter. When nature goes through its cycles and changes so do we. In order for us to bring in the harvest in the fall, from all those seeds filled with intentions that we planted in the spring we must rid the weeds and pests that might damage our crop.


So I think today is a great day to use the transformative and cleansing fires of the Midsummer Sun to burn away all those things that no longer serve you so that you have space to bring in what does. A simple Midsummer ritual that you can perform today is to step outside barefooted connect with Mother earth and raise your face to the sun. Let the sun bathe you in his rays. Feel the warmth, the energy that he brings into your being. Visualize every cell in your body re-energizing and filling with its glow. See and feel how you are now glowing with a golden light. Then sit down under a tree and ask your higher self, the Universe, teacher or guides to help you meditate and identify a feeling, resentment or obstacle that is keeping you from being able to move forward and reach your goal. Once you have identified this ready yourself to do journey-work. Travel in to the Underworld and state the reason for your visit. Ask for a spirit to step forward on your behalf to help you do what you came here to do. As you are there you can take a walk and when you come upon a block on your path. I want you to light a torch with the golden rays of the sun and burn the brush down. See the brush turn into ashes and you can dispose of the ashes however you see fit. Now see the goal that you want to accomplish clear before you on your now clear path. Take a deep breath filled with gratitude as now you will be able to walk the path with more ease. Ask your journey teacher if they have a message for you. Once it is delivered, make your way back into this reality. Show your gratitude by giving an offering to the land where you work was done.

Mediate Under sun

After you have completed your spiritual work this day, have fun and enjoy the day with your family and love ones. My wish for you is, for you to have a powerful day and one that propels you forward in your own spiritual journey. Many blessings to you!

Goddess Guidance June 20-27th, 2014

It’s Venus Day! All you have to do to participate is to select a card from the picture below and then read below for the message that Goddess holds for you. Feel free to comment, enjoy!

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The Goddess has been revealed. Listen to her message with an open heart and know that she will aid you during this time. Take time this week to connect with her and see what other messages or lessons she may have for you.

Card #1 – Sulis

Sulis is a Celtic sun goddess who oversees bodies of water. She stepped forward this week to let you know that it is time for you to cleanse yourself and get rid off that energetic gunk you are carrying around. The best way she suggests it to do a scared ritual bath for cleansing and healing. This doesn’t have to be too elaborate you can draw a bath add some salts maybe choose a couple of crystals that may want to join you, light a candle and get it in. Put your mind at ease and release those negatives feelings, resentments. Let go of the sadness and the pain that you may be holding on to. Go for a walk by a body of water to meditate and connect with her. You will find healing and rejuvenation there. She is waiting for you with open arms. To honor her you may fill a challis with water and charge it in the sunlight, you can either offer it at the end of the day to nature (plants, bodies of water) or you can drink it so that you infuse yourself with her Divine energy.

Card #2 – Mawu

Mawu is a West African moon goddess who’s believed to have created all life with her husband sun god Liza. She helps those who call upon her to learn how to live in harmony with nature. She ensures that our needs are abundantly supplied without harming the planet. She heralds the message of being more mindful on how you use mother earth’s resources. Get involved in helping the environment heal. Do your part, whether it is to do more recycling, reusing, re-purposing, helping clean-up a natural area or simply do a mother healing ceremony. But it is time to take care of Mother Earth, the way she takes care of you! You can honor her this week by feeding birds, maybe spreading some flowering plant seeds by the side of road or just by walking barefooted on the ground. Or you can just take some time out of your busy day to chant and connect with her. Here is one of my favorite chants, The Earth is my Mother enjoy!

Card #3 – Mother Mary

Mother Mary is a Christian goddess. She is the goddess of faith, healing and children. She is the mother of Christ. She works closely with anyone who is a child advocate, teacher or healer. She is devoted to making this world a safer and happy place for them. The message that she brings, is the message of keeping the faith alive. Don’t give up on yourself or others. Let go of the worry and have faith that the Universe is guiding you to where you need to be and where you want to go. Just be open to the Divine guidance. A way that you can honor her this week, is by doing something special for children in need or just spend more time with your children and show them how much you love them!

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