Call Upon the Scarab!


To the Egyptians the scarab symbolized the powers that ruled the celestial bodies. Just like a dung beetle they thought a scarab moved the Sun across the sky and so the scarab was forever linked to the Sun. As the Sun sets (dies to the world) and rises (he is reborn) the scarabs takes on the attribute to be a symbol for resurrection, rebirth and renewal. This symbolism carried through their death rites as charms and amulets of scarabs were entombed with the dead to facilitate their rebirth in the other world. Scarabs became a symbol for new life and vitality as they observed new beetles emerging spontaneously from the earth (as egg filled dung ball was buried there).


Call upon the Scarab:

  • When you are starting or ending a chapter in your spiritual journey. He will facilitate the start of a new cycle in your spiritual development.
  • When you want to access wisdom from a past life or when you are going to be doing past life work.
  • When your body, mind or soul needs renewal or healing.



May’s Flower Full Moon in Scorpio (but it is Void of Course)


It has been a quite a while since I last wrote a blog about what magick works we should be doing! But I found this Full Moon special enough to warrant one. Tomorrow’s full moon starts in Scorpio and then goes void of course around 2:16pm CDT on May 14th and it arrives in Sagittarius around 12:44 am CDT on May 15th. For those who do not know what void of course means, it is the time when the moon is in transition from being in one zodiac sign into another. As we all know, it is never wise to perform important magical works during void of course and we also know that we shouldn’t make any important life or business decisions during this time. So you are asking yourself well what can I do? Void of course is a great time to do meditation, journey-work, spiritual, prayers, yoga, play, parties, psychotherapy and sleep. It is also a good time to reveal indiscretions with fewer repercussions. People will be more likely to overlook and forget it easier. If you are in a creative rut this might be a time to try once again because creativity takes unplanned directions, detours, and improvisations. So this energy might veer you in a different direction that may help you move along and away from your block.


May’s Full Moon is known as the Flower Moon or the Milk Moon because the flowers are in bloom and the cows have been moved to better pasture and they are now yielding much better quality milk. Traditionally during May’s full moon we would focus on magick that has to do with love, creativity, passion, fertility and abundance. Given the fact that the moon has been under the influence of Scorpio which is great to do magick in regards to sexual matters, power, psychic growth, secrets and fundamental transformations there is a lot that we can choose to focus on.


For me, I will choose to focus in doing shamanic work! This will be a great time to learn shamanic practices and implement them in your spiritual path, if you have not done so already. This full moon’s energy will lend herself to allow you to have great meaningful experiences in non-ordinary reality. This is the right time to meet with your teacher, strengthen your bond and ask for guidance. You can also decide to focus on having a conversation with your higher-self and evaluate what you have accomplished and where you would like to see yourself moving towards. Doing the scouting work so when the new moon is here you have plan ready to put into action.

This is also a good time to clear out the air (though keep in mind that there might be some miscommunication) but it is worth having the tough conversation now, as it will be forgotten easier. I have read in various places that some political figures use this time to give bad news to the community or nation as to minimize the negative impact. What ever you choose to do tomorrow night I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you to move forward in your spiritual journey, many blessings!

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