Call Upon the Scarab!


To the Egyptians the scarab symbolized the powers that ruled the celestial bodies. Just like a dung beetle they thought a scarab moved the Sun across the sky and so the scarab was forever linked to the Sun. As the Sun sets (dies to the world) and rises (he is reborn) the scarabs takes on the attribute to be a symbol for resurrection, rebirth and renewal. This symbolism carried through their death rites as charms and amulets of scarabs were entombed with the dead to facilitate their rebirth in the other world. Scarabs became a symbol for new life and vitality as they observed new beetles emerging spontaneously from the earth (as egg filled dung ball was buried there).


Call upon the Scarab:

  • When you are starting or ending a chapter in your spiritual journey. He will facilitate the start of a new cycle in your spiritual development.
  • When you want to access wisdom from a past life or when you are going to be doing past life work.
  • When your body, mind or soul needs renewal or healing.



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